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By Oncoming

Rose's POV

Thank you

Up, up,
to outer space,
Keeping safe,
the human race,

Babbling off,
at ninety miles an hour,
Through time and space
and all that power,

When over the brown eyes,
the storm clouds gather,
Protective in anger,
I'm all that matters,

Hopping mad,
that alien streak,
That touch of your hand,
across my cheek,

Taking me up,
touching the stars,
Higher and higher,
the universe is ours,

Meet the aliens,
running for our lives,
My hand cupped in yours,
together we strive,

Nice wide smile,
and brilliant hair,
Hug after hug,
so glad you're there,

All these things,
and so much more,
Taking me away,
from the gentle bore,

Thank you for taking me,
up above too,
You showed me much out there,
that's why I love you.