The high elf family of old, renewed!

Chapter One

By: Artic_uno_13

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry potter.

"Are you sure this is wise? Placing astral projections of sort in her locket?"

"Well, who is going to tell her of her true heritage when she turns 17 otherwise? We may not be there then and you know it."

"True but still…"

"Oh don't worry. We'll tell her through this and she'll tell her brother when he turns 17."

"Yeah, but this is unprecedented, there are so many things that could go wrong. I would hate to lose you, hun."

"Don't worry so much, I am after all the youngest charms mistress ever. There is a reason for that." The woman replied before giving her husband a soft kiss on the cheek.

It turned out she was right.

October 31 they were found and massacred.

The whole world thought Lily and James Potter had died together with their 5-year old girls, defending their 3-year old son Harry, however the girl Elisabeth had survived as well, but Dumbledore took her away because she couldn't stay with Harry together at their aunt's and uncle's, she was too powerful for a muggle neighbourhood.

She was placed at one of the many magical orphanages in London, with another girl named Eleanor, who refused to tell what happened at her house two days before she had been found crying and bleeding in front of a destroyed farm house.

The owner of that orphanage was Mr. Douglas and his wife Francine ran the paperwork and kept track of the children's grades at the local school. Almost all the children were witches and wizards with the odd squib here and there.

When a child was struggling with a certain course then Douglas or Doug as he wanted the children to call him would help them.

As Liz aged Doug noticed that her hair would become a shade lighter with each year that passed and her ears became more pointed.

By the time she was almost 18 she looked very beautiful and exotic.

Doug decided to get her something nice for her 18th birthday. She was after all meeting with a friend of the Family every year on July 31; he decided to make him impressed.

He took her to a very exclusive store for women. After all he had saved up a lot of the money he was given to care for her, she had everything she needed and some things that she wanted but she didn't want expensive stuff because the other children couldn't get expensive so a lot of the money wasn't spend.

He gave her free-roam of the store to pick out a dress she liked; soon she came running back and dragged him over to a dress that was on display in a class case.

It was a very nice dress (for the picture go to my site) and when Dough looked at the card he saw he could even buy it for her and get the matching shoes.

He called over a shop clerk and had Liz try it on; it looked as if it was made for her.

"Very nice. Now the only thing that's off is the hair." Doug commented making her glow.

"Sir, if I may we have some jewellery that goes with the dress, the price that's shown there is for the complete set."

"Well then, my good woman, get them and we'll get this little princess prettied up for her birthday." He said.

"Hey! I'm not little, Doug, I'm 17!"

When the woman returned with them they helped Liz put them on and then she looked like a real princess.

"It's perfect! Wait till Galadriel and Celeborn see me now!" Liz exclaimed joyfully, always wanting to impress them even though she didn't know what they were yet.

Then Dough's phone rang.

"Excuse me. Hello?"

Liz could hear Francine on the other side of the line and heard something about a locket being misplaced and supposed to be given a few months ago to some-one.

"Oh I see, I know whose locket it is. Keep it ready for me when we return, we're almost done here anyway." Doug said before putting his phone away.

"Come on, let's go and pay. We have to be ready to go soon. And we need to convince my wife to help you in the morning with this."

Doug followed the woman to pay and a different clerk came to help Liz take the jewellery off and pack up the dress neatly.

The next day Liz rose bright and early and careful not to wake her roommates took the three boxes and slipped into the bathroom.

She showered, and dried her hair.

Then she slipped the dress on and put the jewellery she could do on her own on. Then she twisted her hair neatly and fancy so it looked nice with the dress.

When she was done Miss Francine came in.

"So, ready for the big day?" she asked while taking the left over jewellery and helping Liz with them.

"Yes, but I am nervous. Celeborn and Galadriel are always so stately like they are Royalty or something."

"They are special indeed." Francine said "there, all done. Now hurry up and go down. The Limo should be here in about 10 minutes."

"Yes, Miss Francine!" Liz said while she was already running out the door.

Francine chuckled and went back to bed for another hour or so.

When the Limo had arrived Doug came running down the steps and fastened a delicate gold chain with a heart shaped locket around her neck.

"Wear it proudly, Elisabeth and show them you are a Potter." Doug said before whispering "it was your mothers" and when Liz opened her mouth to ask something, he was all ready gone.

The driver then shook her out of her shock when he asked if she was coming.

Liz hurriedly got in and then away she was.