The High Elf Family Of Old, Renewed

Chapter 9

By: Artic_uno_13

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August 1st

Potter mansion

Dinner time

"So how did it go?" Harry asked her when she flopped down in a comfy chair in the library.

Liz arched her eyebrow and looked pointedly to the massive stack of folders, binders, parchment rolls and several books.

"Let's just say Dumbledore owes us a little over a billion galleons."

"That much!" Harry exclaimed.


The three weeks after that passed quickly with Liz flying all over the world to inspect their companies and building the law-suit against Dumbledore, and Harry?

Harry was interviewing new house-elves for the staff and had hired a construction company to help rebuild and/or repair both the manor and surrounding buildings.

He had also hired a few gardeners among which Jonathan Bryce. The son of the man that had died at Voldemort's hands.

Jonathan had brought his wife, son and two girls with him to live on the estate and mrs. Bryce or Emma helped Winky with the kitchen duties.

He hadn't found any other families close by that were willing to come work for him because they had their own farms and/or stores.

But then disaster struck.

A terrifying storm broke loose on one the night of august 22nd.

Lightning struck all around the valley and several ranches were struck and burned down, Harry took action immediately and send out the house-elves with horses and carts to go help the families that were now homeless.

A few hours later two families arrived with their total livelihood.

"There were four ranches struck, what of the other two families??" Harry asked Chan when he came in to tell him everyone had arrived.

A sad shake from the elves head confirmed their fate.

Harry pounded his hand into the table in anger, making the two small McConner girls flinch.

Only the McConners and the Landeers had survived.

The McConners were a family of four, Jones and Annabelle together with their 1 ½ year old twin girls Diana and Anna.

The Landeers also were with four, however the children were older.

Mica and Sarah and their 10 year old twins Matthew and Dana.

"Chan please get Arwen and Elrond for these families." Harry asked tiredly from the elf.

Especially the parents had a lot of bruises and burns.

"Dobby, please get St. Mungo's on the floo for assistance."

Then he looked around the tired group and asked one of the 10 year olds, "Dana was it? Could I see that please?" he asked the girl that was crying over a burnt and battered bear.

She gave it still snivelling, he whipped his wand out from his sleeve and whispered "Reparo" before handing the bear back to the girl, she gratefully took it and curled up around it in front of the fire before falling asleep.

The mother, Sarah, gave him a gratefull look before going back to shushing the little girl Diana.

Sarah and Annabelle had teamed up to get the two babies quiet and into the cribs Winky had popped in for the small children.

Julia was all ready busy in the kitchen to make something to eat for the tired and hurt families.

Not even 30 minutes later the floo flared and Liz fell in with a small scream.

"OOF! Now this is why I HATE floo-travel!" she exclaimed before propping herself up on her elbows.

"HUH! Harry what are all those people doing here? Is the storm that bad here?"

"Yes it is, their homes burned down, how did it go in Tokyo by the way?"

"I added another twenty million to our list and twelve parchments and four videos."

"How is it going on the staff list?" she then asked.

"well we've got one family living here now, the husband, Bryce is the gardener, his wife Emma is helping in the kitchen and their three children are just fooling around either with the horses or with the roses. Thomas is the one with the roses."

"Hmm, that's still a little short isn't it? How about some new elves?"

"I hired Chan's sister Linna and her best friend Priss. Julia is still looking for another two."

"well at least that's something." She looked thoughtful then asked "I assume the healers are on their way?"

"I sent for Elrond and St. Mungo's."

"Good, have rooms been prepared?"

"No not yet."

"Is Emma awake?"

"Yes she's preparing some bedding for the babies in one of the guestrooms."

"Good, I'll be going up now have Priss was it? Take over my task for the evening. Heaven Queen needs to be fed."

"Linna all ready took care of the animals and Priss is all ready helping Emma."

"All right, good night everyone, I'll see you in the morning and hopefully in better spirits." She said to the group before walking up the stairs.

She quickly helped Priss and Emma make the beds in the guestrooms and beds for the baby's, before she retired to her bed Julia only making a quick appearance to take her clothes and cloak for cleaning.

That night the house slept fitfully because of the storm luckily it died down a bit around 4 in the morning.

However by that time the weather was no longer the thing disturbing Harry's sleep and thusly Liz's sleep.

Now it was a vision from Voldemort.

"Where is HE!" he bellowed to his followers.

No answer came forth and Voldemort stalked out while bellowing "FIND HIM! IF THE OLD COOT FINDS HIM FIRST WE'RE DOOMED!"

"I want Harry here by years end or we could just as well kill ourselves!!" he hissed back over his shoulder.

Then different scenes started to play through their dreams

First a boy with blond spikes shouting against a silver haired man.

Then the scene changed to a blond girl with pointed ears sitting on the steps in front of a king and queen and four of five princesses. A fire ball blasted in aimed at the blond haired princess with streamers and a moon tiara then the girl sprang forward and caught the blast straight in her chest, the guards retaliated by beheading the culprit after the princesses had been removed.

After that it became more and more confusing, each time a girl was the main person, her colourings always different but her soul song was always the same.