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I'm having a Harry Potter craze right now I just want to remind Harry Potter fans that I know you cant perform the animagus spell on an infant but I thought that i would change it for this fic. The characters are all based on real people and this Fic is dedicated to them. The Fic may have incorrect facts and please dont over criticise too much, I'm not J.K rowling.

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OC x Snape pairing.

This story is dedictaed to the friends i cherrish the most and who i will always keep in my heart,

Michelle and Tanuja, I'll never forget you.

Chapter 1-

The Life That Lies Before.

The moon shone brightly that night, even though it was midnight the clouds were more visable then ever. The street lamps lit up Juniper court like a firefly in a dark box. House number sixteen stood still and tall, the red tiles glowing like fire as the moon grew brighter due to the movement of the clouds. A young girl lay in her bed, not knowing the fate that would await her in the new by future. She slept a dreamless sleep that night, tossing and turning in her heavy cotton blankets. Her thick brown hair covered her sleeping face, which was moulded into a deep scowl, she would be waking in as little as 5 hours to leave for school. Jessica may look like an ordinary but if you within her you would find amazing powers beyond an other girl.

A Large owl flew over 17 Kemlscott court and circled it's roof top, it flew underneath the verandah and dropped a small envelope onto the straw door mat. The letter read on the front.

To Miss Jessica Jade Williams,

17 Kelmscott court, Mandurah,

Perth, Western Australia.

Jessica awoke to the sound of her beeping alarm clock. Jessica Jade Williams was a 14 year old girl born in Perth, Western Australia. Her mother was a muggle from Singapore and her father was a Full blood wizard from Yorkshire, England. It was such a coincidence that only one of their 5 daughters was a witch, it was the youngest daughter. Jessica stood about 5 ft 5 tall, had a perticularly long torso and shorter legs, her long dark brown hair reached her middle back and her brown eyes came from both her mother and father's sides. She first discovered that she was a witch when her father saw her teleporting the cake from the dinner table to the mini table on her baby chair. She was an animagi, her animal form is a large chocolate coated collie. Her Mother went to change her nappy and had quite a shock when a puppy has replaced his daughter. Her father never told his wife that he had performed a spell on her because he to was an animagus and wanted to show her the world of magic, which her mother wouldnt allow.

"Yeah Yeah I'm up..." She moaned, turning over to her left side dozing off again.

Padded footsteps were heard coming from the hall and loud knock on the door. "JESSIE!! Get up!!" a course voice screamed from the other side.

She rolled lazily out of bed and gave her bedside table a kick to stop the clock beeping. She stood up from the floor and tied up her chocolate coloured hair into a ponytail.

"Another Long day.." She yawned and started to cover her empty bed with her sheets. After about 5 minutes of cleaning she left her room and entered the large kitchen, her mother was preparing breakfast whilst her elder sister was sitting at the dining table reading an old magazine, the old walkman blaring into her ears.

"Good morning," Jessica's mum said quietly, placing a plate of bacon and eggs infront of her. Jessica mumbled a thanks then helped herself to two pieces of toast and stuffed some egg into her mouth.

"You got a letter this morning Jess," Her mum said quietly.

"For real ? Give it here then!" She said whilst chewing her food.

Her older sister looked at the letter that was in Jessica's hand, she could see onto the back of the letter, "Hogwarts School, Whats that ?" She asked.

"Whats Hogwarts!? It's only one of the best wizarding school in the world!" Jess replied opening the letter eagerly. Her sister rolled her eyes and continued to flick through her magazine.

"Oh My god.." Jessica whispered, with that she fell off her chair and onto the cold tiles.

"Jessie?!" Her mum asked, shaking her daughter's body furiously.

Her sister Michelle grabbed the letter that was still in her hand and read it, "Out cold mum, can i have her bacon ?"

"Jesus christ Jess you look horrible.." A girl said as Jessica made her way into the classroom.

"I had a bad fall.." she moaned, sitting down and rubbing her head.

"Did you get a letter this morning?" Another girl whispered to Jessica.

"YES!" Jessica jolted up.


Jessica looked back at the girl, She had short mousy brown hair, a small,dainty nose and light freckles on her soft cheeks. She was Michelle Matulovic, a fellow student. Her mother was a witch named Sarah Matulovic, she worked within the Australian ministry of magic, as head secretary. Her father was also a wizard, apparently he was a big fan of quidditch and could watch a good game for hours at end.

"How did you know Mich?"

"I got one to.. My mum jumped for joy, I thought she was going to faint or cry, How did your family react??"

"Uh.. Well about that-"

"Hey losers!"

Michelle and Jessica turned around to see a girl standing above them. The girl was short and thin, her skin was the colour of dark olives, and she had a small beauty spot above the left side of her upper lip, her short maroon hair was tied into two little piggy tails, her fringe pinned back, her name was Tanuja Van Aarssen. Both her parents were full blooded wizards and travelled to Australia when the new wizard school in Perth opened. She was a year younger then Michelle and Jessica but due to the fact her Mother and father had home schooled her at an early age, the school thought she was well enough equiped with a first year's worth of knowledge.

"Hey Freak, how was your morning ?" Jess replied.

"It was okay, did you guys get a letter this morning ??" she asked curiously.

"Sure thing, Didn't really read the details, My dad was to busy hogging it saying he would "Cherrish this moment forever" Michelle confessed looking at the floor.

"Yeah Same.. I was out like a light when i read who it was from," Jess added.

"Its all good, I brought mine with me!" Tanuja smiled.

The two girls huddled around the letter which Tanuja was holding.

Dear Miss Van Aarssen,

I am pleased to say that you have been invited to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry In London, England. You Will be starting a new term on September 24th this year. We will supply a travel caridge for your transportation from Australia to England. I Hope you will be joining us for another year at our school. Please send back a letter answering your reply to the topic by June 17th. Thankyou so much for your cooperation.


Minerva McGonagall,

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

All was silent as the three girls read the words over and over in their minds "You are invited to attend".

"Oh Dear lord of everything that is sweet and holy" Murmmered Michelle.

"Do You think we will be able to fit in ?" Tanuja asked.

"Probably, shouldn't be that hard." Michelle reassured.

Jessica read the letter quietly to herself again.

"Pack your bags girls, were moving away.." Jessica smiled.

The sun glared over the town of Little Whinging. A white owl flew over the rooftops of the area and dropped and small letter on the doormat of the house Number 4 Privet Drive. Harry Potter stared lifelessly out of his bedroom window and sighed. His uncle screamed from downstairs, something about birds and mail.

"POTTER!!" Vernon screamed.

Harry rolled his eyes and jumped off his bed to see what his Uncle was going off about. He opened his door to find a steamy man on the other side. His arms were folded, resting on his enlarged stomach. His eye brows slanted down towards his round blue eyes. He rubbed his non-existant neck, to relive himself of an ache,

"That stupid bird brought you a letter." He grumbled and shoved the small envelope into Harry's hand.

"Thanks." Harry muttered.

"Now you listen boy.." Uncle Vernon growled, "I dont want that stupid bird drawing too much attention to this house..Im already getting neighbours asking why we have an owl flying around."

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied.

Vernon grunted and started to make his way slowly down the stairs. Harry examined the letter, it was from Hogwarts, it was probably just a list of the items that he needed to bring to School this year. It would be his fourth year at Hogwarts, 14 years old, he could still remember the very first day he arrived in Hogwarts, it was Hagrid that broke the news to him that he was a wizard and so were his parents. Harry walked to his bed to open his window, to let Hedwig in. It was perfect timing because Hedwig could be seen flying closer towards his room. Harry decided to entertain himself by reading his Hogwarts letter, he skimmed through the contents and found some news that was different.

"All students have been informed that there will be a number of Wizard and Witch international exchange students will be attending our school this year. There wil be a sorting hat prepared for them to divide them into the proper houses. Please help to make these students feel comfortable."

'Exchange students?' Harry thought to himself, 'From where I wonder?'

"Better start packing then, Its going to be a long year."

Jessica shoved the last bit of clothing into her suitcase. "There all done!" she smiled, the day before her, Michelle and Michelle's father went shopping in the wizardry shopping hall and bought everything needed on the book list.

"Maybe i'll go for one more walk before I have to leave,"

She looked to the corner of the room were her new owl perched, he was a rather large barn owl, with shiny black and grey feathers, she named him "Yami" which meant Black or darkness. the owner of the pet shop said she was lucky, and that Yami was the other black barn owl anyone would find in miles or in Australia atleast.

"I'll be back soon Yami, just going for a walk, want to go for a fly ?" she asked him.

The owl looked at her and shook its head. She left the room and headed out of the house. "Mum i'm going for a walk, I'll be back soon!" she yelled out.

She opened the front door and put on her cons, she started to walk down the driveway when she thought out loud, "Shouldn't have bothered to put my sneakers on."

She started to jog down the driveway and with the blink of an eye the girl had changed from a human to a chubby brown collie, the collie looked back at the house and then proceeded to run off.


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