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A Song Just For You.

Chapter 5-

A Song Just For You.

After her long adventure, Jessica returned to the common room to see if her friends were awake. To her suprise they weren't, the common room was as empty when she left it.

She sat down in one of the sofas and stared up at the ceiling, it was red, with paintings of gold and green flowers drifting from one side of the room to the other.

Footsteps could be heard entering the room, they walked into Jessica's view. It was Harry, dressed and ready to head for breakfast.

"Good Morning," Jessica smiled, her white teeth showing.

"Morning.." Harry mummbled, removing his spectacles to rub his eyes, "Your up early.."

"Yeah, I couldnt sleep.." Jessica replied, stretching her arms and legs, "Ron up ?"

"What do you think ?" Harry smiled, plopping down on the seat closest to the fire.

"Better wake him, students are going to be waking up for breakfast soon,"

"Hmm.. He'll get up when he hears people talking about food,"

Jessica and Harry didnt talk, because he was half asleep and she was thinking about a certain dark Proffessor.

"What do we have first ?" Jessica asked curiously.

"Umm.. Charms then potions, I think," Harry replied, he let out a small yawn.

"Oh god, I cant face him again after what happened this morning.. He probably thinks that I'm going to try and Molster him again.."

"Oh okay,"

Before the two knew it, Ron stumbled down the stairs and into the room, "Morning Ron," the two said in unison.

"Good morning..." he yawned, he was still in his pajamas, a white singlet and red knitted pants, probably made by his mother.

"Nice clothes Ron..' Harry said with a tired smile.

"Shut up.."

Breakfast started with a bang! No seriously it did, Seamus was trying trying to turn his water into rum again, his goblet exploded, smelly, red liquid spilling everywhere, which made Neville spill his tomatoes on toast all over Dean.

Ron placed large amounts of food onto his plait, it piled up like a a smelly sock pile.

"Ronald, dont you think thats a bit much ?" Hermione asked, comparing her small plate to his large one.

"What ? I'm starving, I havent eat in ages!"

"You were stuffing your face with Fudge in the common room when you woke up!" She replied, annoyance in her tone.

Jessica glanced at her two quarrelling friends, it was strange but even though they fought alot they seemed to be like such a great couple, she giggled at the thought, the pair looked at her smiling face.

"Whats so funny ?" Ron asked, swallowing the chewed up food in his mouth.

"I was just thinking.." she replied, looking down at her plate.

"Thinking about what ??" Hermione asked.

"That you two make such a cute pair, you fight like a married couple," Jessica grinned.

Ron dropped his fork, which clattered against the ceramic plate.

"What did you just say ??" Ron asked, Hermione's eyebrows were so far up her forehead they could blend into her messy hair.

"You to are very cute together,"

Harry's mouth was wide openand his eye were on her, Jessica noticed and gave him a shove, "Whats wrong ?"

"I cant believe you just said that..." he replied, wiping a small drop of drool that was running down his chin.

"Oh come on, it wasnt that bad!!" she replied, rolling her eyes.

Harry gave the girl a stern look and carried on eating, "Öh okay!" she turned her head to look back at Ron and Hermione, who's faces were still covered with annoyed scowls,"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I didnt mean it,".

Hermione nodded and Ron didnt say anything at all, the poor boy was probably embarrassed. Jessica looked at Tanuja who was in an engaging conversation with Parvati and Ginny Weasley, Tanuja and Ginny were really getting along well, it kind of made her jealous that she was spending more time with Ginny then her but in then again, she was spending alot of time with Hermione, Ron and Harry.

"Hermione I was wondering what your specailty is ?"

Hermione glanced up from her book, one of her brows sticking up, "Specialty?"

"You mean you dont know what a Magical Specialty is ?" Jessica asked, confused.

Hermione shook her head, giving Jessica a questioning look, Jessica soon noticed Ron and Harry were looking at her curiously.

"Well, a magic specialty is a special subject that relates to your um.. speciality like art or writing, even sports. Its a class only you and a few other students are likely to attend, you dont have that in Hogwarts?"

The three students shook their heads, amazed at the new fact they had just learnt.

"What's your specialty ?"Hermione asked.

"Oh, Music," she replied, cutting up a sausage.

"What kind of music ?" Ron asked, leaning forward in his seat.

"Nothing special, just vocals, stuff like that,"she said, scooping some beans into her mouth.

"Nothing special ?? I didn't know you could sing!" Ron said, placing his fork onto the table.

"Haha, just because I do vocal class doesnt mean I can sing, I'm really no good" she chuckled, playing with her food.

"Yeah, yeah thats what they all say, come on sing then!" Ron grinned.

"What now?!"she asked, her eyebrows rising.

"Yes Now! I want to hear it, I'll be the judge to whether your no good," Ron said.

"Ron I dont think nows really a good time.."

"Ha! Why not, nows a great time!"

"Ron, I dont really like singing in front of people.."

"Oh come on.."


"Why not ?"

"Because I cant.."

"Sure you can, come on,"

"No I wont.."

"Yes you will,"







Jessica didnt reply because nearby people had turned around to see what the fuss was about, this gave Ron a oppertunity to pounce.

"Come on Jessica!! Si-"

Jessica covered Ron's mouth with her hand, "Shhhh!!"

Ron mumbled and nodded his head,

"Okay," Jessica started, "I'll sing but not now, okay ?"

Ron smiled, "but when ?"

"I dont know later!".

"Okay!"Ron replied, a big toothy smile plastered on his face.

Even though Ron said okay he didnt cease in pestering the girl about her "Mini performance". He continued to annoy her, asking her approxiamatly every 5 minutes when she would sing. When Harry, Ron and Jessica went to Charms class together he asked her, when they were in Charms class her asked her. The rather small proffessor gave Ron a stern look to stop him from speaking but even then, Ron would continue to ask her by writing her notes.

"Oh man, I have enough on my mind, why does Ron have to annoy me so much."

but everytime he asked she gave him the same, straight single answer, "No."

When charms class was finished, Ron was still asking her and half of the time she didnt answer but half the time she had a certain other man wandering around in her mind.

Just as the pair met up with Hermione and Tanuja (who together were in another class) some one bumped into Harry, rather harshly. Jessica turned around to see the slytherin boy who's moods changed as quickly as a fliping deck of cards.

"Move it Potter," he growled., pushing past the three, as he passed Jessica his hand swept across her backside, she swore that she saw him grin but shook the thought off, she had enough things to think about. They entered the dungeons, to Jessica every time she stepped into the place it felt like the oxygen was very slowly being sucked out, each step that she took was leading her slowly to her suffocation.

"I dont get that idiot.." Ron frowned, looking at the blonde's figure, "he's such a wanker,

"You could say that again." Harry agreed.

The four Gryffindors entered the classroom, Snape was already sitting at the desk, his eyes didnt shift, he looked like he was concerntrating on something else.

"Page 54, theory, read and answer the Summary questions, I do not want to hear any noise," Snape said, still not looking up at his students.

"Jessica sat in between Harry and Ron, Hermione was on another bench with Tanuja and Parvati. Jessica grabbed her ink and quill and placed them onto the desk, she was about to start writing until she heard-

"When are you going to sing ?"

She turned her head to look over to the annoying red head and sighed.


"When ?"


"When is soon ??"

She sighed and rubbed her eyes,"Soon.."

She dipped the tip of her quill into ink and began to write in her book, she was disturbed with a tap on the shoulder, she looked up at Ron who had the biggest grin on his face, he slipped her a note across the table, she groaned and opened in up. Inside was a picture inside and a badly drawn one to. It was a stick figure, a person with a skirt and long hair, Jessica had to hold in a laugh at the drawing but it said up the top "When is soon ??" the girl seemed to have La La's and musical notes were coming out of her open mouth. She looked back at the red head, who was mouthing the word "When ?"

Jessica growled and stomped on the boys foot from under the table.

"Ouch!" Ron yelped, which was rather loud cause it was the only noise in the class.

"Mr Weasley does there seem to be a problem ?" Snape asked, from the front of the class.

Harry, Jessica and Ron looked up at their proffessor, who was still looking down at his parchment.

"No proffessor,"

"Then keep quiet and do your work, Page 54.."

"Yes Proffessor," they all said.

Ron gave Jessica an annoyed look and took back the parchment and began to write on it again, he gave to the girl and folded his arms, smiling. Jessica opened the parchment and studied it's contents. He had changed the words on the top to read "This time you owe me, when are you going to sing,"

Jessica gave a low growl and closed her potions book, she lifted it up in the air and down it came down, on Mr Weasley's head.

"Ouch!! What was that for.."

Harry covered his mouth to try and stop the chuckle that rose from his throat.

"Mr Weasley!" The Potions Master said sternly from the front of th class, "Mr Potter, Miss Williams?"

The three students, looked up at their angered Proffessor, gulps from all three of their throats.

"Yes Proffessor?" Ronald spoke up.

"Is something going on back there which you like to inform me ?"

"No sir," a Rather scared Ronald replied.

"Why all the unneeded chatter ?"

The students were quiet, Jessica's head was down, she didnt want to look him in the eyes.

"Dont look, dont look, dont look, dont look, dont look.." she thought to herself.

"Miss Williams?" Snape asked, she still didnt want to look him in the eyes, " You can attack Mr Weasley anytime but I do not appreciate it in my class,"

"Yes sir.."

Harry's hand was still over his mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Do you find this situation particularly amusing Mr Potter ?" Snaped asked, his gaze on the boy.

"N-no sir,"

"You and your two friends shall talk to me after class,"

Ron was about to speak up but Harry shoved him with his elbow.

"Yes sir.."

"Hey that wasnt my fault!" Jessica said, stashing her books into her bag.

"That hurt you know, You hit hard for a girl,"

"Gee.. You made that sound like a compliment Ron," Jessica winked.

The rest of the students were leaving the cold classroom, Hermione gave the three a strange look before leaving with Tanuja.

Jessica sat nervously, she was chewing her finger nails, looking down at the smooth wooden table, a cauldren sat upon a rusty stove, the fire was out but she could smell a faint scent of burnt coal.

When the class was entirely empty except for the 3 troubled students and their teacher, thats when Snape stood from his desk and walked towards the three. Jessica noticed the note Ron had written to Jessica with the silly drawing on it, was still on the table, so she grabbed in and shoved it into her pocket.

Snape's footsteps could be heard from the front of the room walking towards their bench, the footsteps stopped and Jessica looked up to see a dark face staring down at her.

"The Note ?" he asked.

Jessica gave a confused look, "Excuse me Proffessor ?"

Snape placed his hands on the table in front of her," the note that is in your pocket,"

Jessica sighed and looked at Ron, who looked like he was about to faint, she reached for the note inside her pocket and placed it infront of her, Snape grabbed it and unraveled it, his brows ducked down into his eyes as he read.

"This time you owe me," Snape read, "When are you going to sing ?"

Ronald gulped and looked at Jessica who was looking at Snape.

"Who wrote this," he murmmered.

Ron winced and didnt say a word, " Who wrote this ?!" Snape asked again, his voice getting harsher.

Jessica gave Ron a shove and he coughed, "I-it was me Proffessor,"

Snape glared down at the Weasley, "I do not accept students passing notes in my class.."

"Im sorry Proffessor,

Snape shook his head and looked back at the note, "Singing? Who was this note addressed to Mr Weasley ?"

Ron didnt say anything.

"It was me," Jessica spoke up.

Snape looked down at the girl, "Do you think this is a music class, Miss Williams ?"

"No sir.."

Snape turned back to Ron, "Explain,"

"Well Jessica was telling me and Harry about her old school and Magic Specialities and I asked her what her speciality was, she said she does singing, so I've been asking her if she could um.. Sing for us.." Ron explained, his voice shaking slightly the while time.

"So you've been disrupting my class to ask for music concert from Miss Williams,"

Ron looked down, Harry was wiping a smudge from his glasses, Jessica was looking rather embarrassed, the three didnt reply.

"Well I for one. would like to see what the comotion is about, Go on Miss Williams," Snape grinned.

Jessica looked up at the potions teacher, "E-excuse me ?"

Snape rolled his eyes, "Sing.. Williams,"

Jessica was quiet, her pulse racing.. "Sing, you mean right now ?"

"Yes" Snape bluntly replied.

"Well I- I have to warm up and I need my books and-"

"Oh come on Miss Williams we haven't got all day,"

She flushed and stood up, pushing back the her that covered her face, she looked at the three men and gulped.

"Oh god, here we go,"

"Do-ona No-obis Pa-acem, Pacem," (Dona Nobis Pacem means "Grant us Peace in Latin")

Harry looked over to Ron, who was gaping and then over to Snape, who was watching and listening closly.

"Do-ona, No-obis, Pa-a-a-acem,"

Ron rubbed his eyes, maybe she was using magic to trick them, but when he opened his eyes again and she was still singing in an amazingly perfect tune.

"Do-na No-o-bis Pacem, Dona Nobis, Pa-a-a-acem," "Do-ona No-obis Pa-acem, Pacem, Do-ona No-obis Pa-a-a-acem"

It was like magic, when Jessica started to sing the second line, a voice like hers, from no where sang a harmony with her.

"Dona, No-o-bis Pacem, Dona Nobis Pa-a-a-acem," "Do-na No-o-bis Pacem, Dona Nobis, Pa-a-a-acem,"

There was a sudden light and warmth in the room, Ron and Harry looked around to see bright coloured flowerd pushing their way through the stone cracks on the walls and floor, they swore birds could be heard cheeping and singing their own song. The other voice stopped and Jessica alone was left singing.

"Dona, No-o-bis Pacem, Dona Nobis, Pa-a-a-acem,"

She stopped, her face red, she looked at Ron who was gaping and Harry, who looked like he was half asleep or in a trance. The flowers were gone, and the room was back to it's original state. Jessica looked at Snape, who was giving her a suprising look.

She blushed, "Was I that bad ?" she asked to break the silence.

Ron looked around him, noticing the flowers and the birds were gone, he shook his head violently at her question.


Jessica turned to see a smirking face, "Proffessor?"

"Your little performance has just saved you and your friends from detention, I would like to talk to you for a moment, Potter, Weasley, leave."

Jessica looked at Ron and Harry, "I'll see you guys in the common room later," she said, giving them a push.

The two boys gave her a worried look, then left the room, closing the wooden door behind them.

"You wanted to talk to me proffessor?"

The girl looked up at her teacher, who stepped towards her, she could feel his shadows glooming over her.

"It seems that I am learning new things about you everyday Miss Williams." He whispered.

"Well I'm full of suprises Proffessor," She smiled but then stopped to think about what she had just said, she covered her mouth.

He smirked, she hung her head, trying to conceal the blush that was etched onto her cheeks.

"Sorry Proffessor,"

He chuckled, "No need to apologize,"

She looked up at his face, the smirk on his lips made her mind twirl and her heart melt. His hand lowered and rested on her shoulder, her skin still tingled even through her black robes. She rose her hand and rested it on his chest,

"Dejavuh ?" she thought to herself, his other hand was now rested on her hip, she leaned her forehead against his chest, smelling his scent. He smelt like herbs, brewing herbs, and wood and metal. But then suddenly she jolted from his hold and grabbed her bag, she made a run for it, pulling open the door and running the down the corridor as fast as she could.

"What am I doing ?" she thought.

She ran up the steps that lead to the upper part of te castle, and back to the great hall. She peeked inside to see students but not many, about 50 or so scattered accross the tables, either eating snacks or studying with their friends.

She searched the Gryffindor table to see if Ron or Harry were sitting there but there was no sign of the boys, neither were any other Gryffindors that she knew.

"Phew, I dont need questioning from any one right now," she thought, pacing towards the table and plopping herself down on the bench, taking out her books.

"Maybe a bit of study will help ease my mind off things," she said quietly to herself.

She placed her Transfiguration book onto the table and flicked throught the pages, "Chapter 10- Animagus,"

She looked at the words,

"An animagi is a witch or wizard that can change their physical shape into the form of an animal. Unlike Werewolves they can do this on command and can control the decisions and actions that they make. The spell to transform into an animagus is a long and induring task, it can only be performed by wizards who have reached a certain level of magic. The spell can be used on younger students and in some cases even infants but only by high task wizards of the "Great age" but once the spell is done the witch or wizard can change any time they desire, with or without a wand. The choice of the animal is not up to the caster but the spell chooses an animal that correresponds to the victims personality."

"Hmm, makes us sound like we are some kind of entity" Jessica smiled.

She was quite happy with her form, though the dog to her was different to what she had imagined but when she was angered and transformed her form was actually very scary looking, her fur was messy and no longer had a silky texture, her teeth were incredibly sharp, looking like they could crush diamonds and her eyes changed into a coal black, yellow slits in them but in her normal form she was, as described by her sister "The cutest collie she had ever seen" She was a deep chocolate brown colour, her muzzle was splatered with different shades of white, her rump was speckled with small white dots and she had small white cocks on her paws. She was a huge fluffy mess, her tail whipped her sisters legs as she trotted next to them. Her sister once told her she was so heavy as a dog it was almost impossible to pick her up, that lead to her older sister not being able to walk for the next week from the infected bite on her calf. Her mother told her she had adorable brown eyes, that could melt even the coldest heart.

She continued reading until she heard some one whistling from behind her, she turned around and saw the blonde boy.

"Was his name Malfoy ??"

He gave her a cute grin and held something up in his hand, it was a small crane, he blew it so it flew into the air, landing on the table infront of her.

She picked up the crane and looked at it curiously, "Cute, but what am i going to do with this ??"

Suddenly the crane moved and looked her in the eye, "Open me obviously! Jeez.." it complained.

"Sorry," she mummbled and started to open the paper bird.

It was a note, the writing was neat and had the strong aroma of roses and peaches, it read.

'Would you like to go out with me sometime,'

She smiled and grabbed her quill from her back, she wrote a quickly reply and packed up her things. She folded the paper in the form of a swan and blew it back towards Malfoy, it glided into the air and landed back onto his table, she grabbed her quill and packed it into her bag, before standing up and leaving the great hall.

Malfoy grinned and opened up the note.

"It would be my pleasure,"

Jessica left the hall and walked back to the common room, she was unsure of what she had just done but in the end she just wanted to get Snape out of her mind, and Malfoy wasnt bad, he was very good looking, she was glad some one wanted to date her or see her atleast but still all she could think about was a certain other slytherin member.