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Chapter 8 – Drinking My Kisses

Claire sat up, yet again. Up, Down, Up, Down. She just couldn't decide which position she preferred. Here she was watching some TV show in a completely different language and she couldn't even find the right way to sit. She wished Peter were here, Peter would laugh at her and tell her to keep still, so therefore she would. Maybe it was just his presence that soothed her; it had been all those years ago, why would it be any different now? She flicked the channel again, the hotel managed to receive one English Channel. Finally, a show I'll understand…Claire thought a bit annoyed at the fact the last couple of shows she'd been watching looked extremely interesting – it was just the fact she couldn't understand what the hell anyone was saying. She sighed and entered the bathroom, deciding to change into her bedtime clothes. Her little shorts and vest tops that made her feel twelve again. She didn't need pyjamas to make her feel like a kid, Peter managed to do that all by himself. Not in a bad way. Claire reckoned it was because she had met him so young that she just remembered it that way.

Thinking of Peter, she wandered where the hell he was. He'd gone for take out, on a mission to find a decent Fish and Chip place so he could bring them back to the hotel and they'd spend the night in. He was also supposed to pick up a few DVD's for them to watch. Maybe he had gone up to see Nathan? To see if he wanted any? Although, she was sure both Angela and Heidi, probably, deeply disapproved of Fish and Chips. Claire herself didn't like the fish, the chips however – now how could anyone not be able to eat them? Or maybe he'd phoned Caitlin? Claire made a face at the thought of them exchanging 'Lovey Dovey' conversations over the phone. She herself had actually rang Andy a few times or rather she had tried to but each time he hadn't picked up. He returned her call however, saying he was tied up in a meeting or something. She didn't know anything about Peter and Caitlin though. Was it awful of her to hope he didn't love her? She felt somewhat full of sin whenever the thought entered her brain. Claire never believed in God, well not until she'd found out about her power, since then she'd believed – well sort of.

The door opened and in came Peter, carrying a carrier bag and a stack of DVD's. Claire immediately grinned at the site of him. She got up from the bed and took the DVD's from his grip, sensing he was probably going to drop them any minute now. He silently thanked her and placed the takeout on the table in front of the sofa. He got out two paper plates and some plastic knifes and forks. He'd even gone out of his way and picked up some salt, vinegar and a mini bottle of tomato ketchup for her. She hadn't even had to ask. Sometimes he made it incredibly difficult for her to not just grab him and kiss him for all she was worth. She managed to keep it together though. She looked through the DVD's and noticed he'd picked a couple from each genre. He'd even picked up a couple of chick flicks and a musical. See, there he'd just done it again. Made it hard for her to not just grab him and kiss him.

"Thanks, Peter." Claire said, trying to contain her happiness from just seeing him again. Although he hadn't even been gone an hour. He shrugged and placed the chips on each of their plates. "You didn't want to have any fish or meat?" Claire asked, noticing he had ordered chips on their own as well.

"Nah, I'm not really a fish person to be honest and I felt a little cruel eating meat in front of you." Peter said, still sorting out the food, so he wasn't looking at her. It was a good thing because Claire had blushed a great deal amount, not to mention the smile on her face, literally reached from ear to ear. She couldn't help but think about the fact that Andy had never once done that. He always ate meat in front of her.

"Peter, you didn't have to do that." He shrugged again and Claire sighed, picking up the DVD's. "So which one?" Before Peter had the chance to tell her to choose, he opened his mouth and she figured he was going to say those words, she interrupted. "And you're choosing because you didn't choose to have meat with your meal." She stuck her tongue out at him, childishly. Peter chuckled, laying against the sofa, thinking. He chose the thriller type and Claire's face wavered a bit but nevertheless she stuck the DVD in. The first twenty minutes weren't to bad considering Claire was paying more attention to her food then to whoever was having their throats slit. When her food was finished however, the pillow had become her new best friend and how she did love it. Some guy had just had both his hands cut of and the scene was immensely detailed and graphic. Peter had chosen to look over at Claire at that particular moment. The amount of disgust on her face caused him to burst out laughing. She looked at him, her face now strickened.

"What's so funny?" Claire said, an angry edge appearing in her voice. Peter stopped and shook his head.

"Sorry, it's just your face." Peter replied, a grin still on his face. Claire raised her eyebrow and looked at him evenly.

"Yeah, well this movie's disgusting!" Peter chuckled and told her he was sorry.

"The way you're holding onto that pillow…" Claire looked down at the cushion in her arms, gripping tightly. She blushed but shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah, well I need something to protect me don't I!" Claire, pretending to be angry although on the inside she was slightly annoyed at the fact she had been laughed at. It was the Petrelliness inside of her. Peter smirked and didn't say anything, he just put his arm on the top of the sofa and motioned to the space he'd made. Claire glanced at it and realised what he'd done. It was so she could cuddle up to him, so if she was scared she could hide her face with him. Well, after all he was her hero wasn't he? Claire grinned and moved almost immediately. Settling herself pretty much straight away, finding a great deal of comfort in his arm.


"Well that was positively disgusting!" Claire moaned, sitting up and stretching her arms, whilst Peter entered the bathroom.

"No, it wasn't. We've lived through worse!" Peter yelled out while he was obviously getting ready for bed or something.

"Exactly!" Claire called back. "If we lived through it once or like a gazillion times why watch it?" Claire knew she had him at that and her intelligence was proven when he didn't answer back. She grinned with triumphant and headed towards the liquor cabinet and picked out any old alcoholic drink, not sure if Peter wanted any, she poured him one too. If he didn't want it she'd drink it herself.

He'd come back out, without a shirt and Claire had to try and not die from not being able to breathe – although she wouldn't anyway. Hmm…Regeneration came in handy sometimes. He declined her drink and Claire couldn't help but feel a little gutted. Well, there goes my plot to fall into bed and have drunken sex…She sighed and gulped his down along with hers. Peter raised his eyebrow but she shrugged. She could legally drink so what was the big deal?

"What are we watching now? Your turn." He quickly added and Claire picked up some soppy romance but decided on a comedy instead. She turned it on and made herself comfortable with Peter again, bring the bottle that was topped with substance of alcohol with her. Although she didn't exactly need to cuddle up to Peter considering this movie had no graphic death in it, she didn't want to move and Peter didn't exactly object either. The sofa was comfortable, being with Nathan came in handy as Peter must have mentioned something about it because the next thing Claire knew a couch was being carried into their hotel room by the staff.

Claire was cuddled up to Peter, her arm around his waist and him somewhat pulling her closer to him, they both liked the feel. Claire, who had already drunk nearly all the bottle, grabbed it again finishing it off. She sat back down, she turned her eyes away from the screen and looked at Peter. He could feel her gaze on him and therefore looked down at her, smiling slightly. She had an unmistakeable look in her eye, she stared at him for another second or two, Peter keeping his eyes on Claire as well. Before he knew it, Claire was kissing him. She had somehow sat up and just kissed him. As simple as that. He didn't react at first, shocked from her movement and the pressure she was placing upon his lips. She didn't seem to notice he wasn't kissing back, she didn't really care.

He soon kissed back, just as powerful as she did, he ran his hand through her hair and he felt her hands caress his stomach, them trailing down further. He pulled away at the sudden tension he had just felt, he looked into her eyes again, all glassy and found that is lips were soon on her again. This time, his tongue asking for entrance, she opened her lips and he slipped his tongue in. Claire moved, straddling him and his hands began to mess with the top of her pyjama shorts and the hem of her vest top, his hand making his way to her left breast and gently squeezing it. Claire moaned into his mouth, which only seemed to turn him of even more. His tongue clashing with her teeth as he kissed her harder which much more want. He cupped her legs and wrapped them round him as he stood up and laid her on the bed, not exactly gently but not hard either.

He knew she was drunk, knew that she probably wouldn't remember anything that would happen in the morning but he didn't care. He just needed this, to keep him sane. She had been driving him crazy the whole of the holiday, the way she smiled at him, the way she had held onto him In the sea, the way she looked in her bikini or the short skirts she seemed prone to wearing and not to mention the way she had held and clutched on to him throughout the haunted house ride. A last kiss or something. Whatever, he didn't care. He just wanted this and yet he found himself pulling away.

He wanted his first time with Claire to be remember able, he didn't want her drunk he wanted her committed. He promised himself they would be together at least once. Just to feel her bare body beneath his whether it was just once or for a lifetime, they couldn't deny the feelings any longer. They needed to be together just once.


Claire moaned and groaned as she felt Peter pull away. What was he doing? She had just made a pass at him? Kissed him after she had walked away from him and he'd rejected her? But he hadn't he'd kissed her, made her think he was going to go further and yet he'd stopped. Just when she thought she had him figured out he went and did something completely out of the ordinary. Did he enjoy messing with her brain? Or pissing her off or something?

She lay in bed, thinking of what was going to come tomorrow morning. Nothing would. Because she was drunk and she wouldn't remember anything. Of course Peter thought she was drunk but wasn't it obvious she wasn't? Hello! She can heal anything! Which meant drugs wouldn't affect her and neither would alcohol. Their make out session just made her want him even more.

Maybe if she just made love to him once, then she would be able to move on and live happily ever after with Andy?

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