Notes: I was inspired to do this from a story on Quizilla. However, this has turned out quite different and has many components of Disney Channel's Camp Rock. Enjoy!



Naruto Uzumaki-- bass guitar

Sakura Haruno-- dancer

Sasuke Uchiha-- singer

Rock Lee-- alto saxophone

Tenten-- trumpet/dancer

Neji Hyuga-- electric guitar

Ino Yamanaka-- trombone/dancer

Shikamaru Nara-- dancer

Choji Akimichi-- drum set

Hinata Hyuga-- flute

Kiba Inuzuka-- trumpet

Shino Aburame-- acoustic guitar

Kabuto Yakushi-- singer

Orochimaru-- tamborine

Kimimaro Kaguya-- flute/singer

Itachi Uchiha-- baritone saxophone

Kisame Hoshigaki-- bass guitar

Deidara-- auxiliary percussion/clarinet

Kakashi Hatake-- chaperone/violin/strings

Kurenai Yuhi-- chaperone/winds/bassoon

Asuma Sarutobi-- chaperone/percussion

Might Guy-- chaperone/saxophone/brass

Gekkou Hayate-- chaperone/music history/music theory teacher

Tsunade-- voice coach/principal person

Jiraiya-- band director/conductor

Yasu Izumi-- singer/electric guitar

Kei Suzu-- tenor saxophone/dancer

Sakon/Ukon-- dancers

Sasori-- flute/piccolo

Gaara-- snare drum/drum set

Kankuro-- tuba/baritone (sorry, Kankuro, I still love you!)

Temari-- keyboard

Iruka Umino-- marching instructor

Genma Shiranui-- announcer

Shizune-- nurse

Haku-- choreographer

Zabuza-- choreographer

Akamaru-- mascot

Tayuya-- flute/majorette

Nuo Qiuyue-- majorette

Hana Inuzuka-- acoustic guitar


Naruto Uzumaki: 9-Tailed Fox demon, Kyuubi, host. Team 7.

Sakura Haruno: Has a crush on Sasuke, strong fighter. Team 7.

Sasuke Uchiha: Doesn't really care about much. Team 7.

Rock Lee: Taijutsu specialist, crush on Sakura. Team 9.

Tenten: Weapons specialist, crush on Lee. Team 9.

Neji Hyuga: Hinata's cousin from the Hyuga's lesser branch. Team 9.

Ino Yamanaka: Crush on Sasuke, graceful movements. Team 10.

Shikamaru Nara: Lazy but highly intelligent. Team 10.

Choji Akimichi: Friendly, easy-going, can be violent when insulted. Team 10.

Hinata Hyuga: Shy, crush on Naruto, Neji's cousin from the Hyuga's main branch. Team 8.

Kiba Inuzuka: Action-oriented, short-tempered, always has his companion Akamaru. Team 8.

Shino Aburame: Mysterious but very intelligent, uses Chakra Bugs as a weapon. Team 8.

Kabuto Yakushi: Medic ninja, Orochimaru's assistant.

Orochimaru: Snake-like villain, able to drain chakra, highly dangerous, a Sannin.

Kimimaro Kaguya: Able to control his bones, growing them at will. Has a slight crush on Nuo but knows Kankuro likes her so he says nothing.

Itachi Uchiha: Sasuke's older brother, part of the Akatsuki.

Kisame Hoshigaki: Shark-like Akatsuki member. Itachi's partner.

Deidara: One artist of the Akatsuki, explosives expert, prone to saying "yeah" after sentences.

Kakashi Hatake: Able to use Sharingan despite not being an Uchiha. Leader of Team 7.

Kurenai Yuhi: Has relations with Asuma. Leader of Team 8, works closely with Hinata.

Asuma Sarutobi: Son of the 3d Hokage. Leader of Team 10.

Might Guy: Taijutsu specialist, Lee's personal trainer. Leader of Team 9.

Gekkou Hayate: Very asthmatic due to a childhood disease, so he is always coughing, but very strong at heart. Protective of his niece, Yasu.

Tsunade: Fifth Hokage, a Sannin, medic ninja.

Jiraiya: Toad Sage, a Sannin very dirty-minded.

Yasu Izumi: Hayate's niece, very close to her uncle because her parents died when she was little and he looked after her. Music is her passion and she lvoes to write poetry and songs. While at camp she develops a crush on Shino.

Kei Suzu: Yasu's best friend. She loves reading, music, cosmetology, and marine biology, therefore she is obsessed with why Kisame is half-shark. She has a dislike toward medics, but has had a crush on Kabuto for about a year.

Sakon/Ukon: Twin brothers who share a body. They are part of the Sound Village and are loyal to Orochimaru. They both have a slight crush on Yasu, which often causes infighting among the brothers.

Sasori: Another artist of the Akatsuki, puppet master, whose art theories differ from those of his partner, Deidara.

Gaara: Controls sand due to Shukaku, the demon inside him. Cannot sleep due to Shukaku.

Kankuro: Gaara's older brother. Uses puppets that Sasori made for him, that deal in poison weaponry. Likes Nuo but is afraid to tell her.

Temari: Gaara and Kankuro's older sister. Uses a fan to blow away her opponents. Shikamaru's girlfriend.

Iruka Umino: Once was Naruto's teacher. Now he trains Kei in general fighting, as she fell far behind her fellow ninja when her brother was deathly ill.

Genma Shiranui: He likes speaking in a loud voice, and is good friends with Nuo through her father.

Shizune: Tsunade's assistant and a great medic ninja.

Haku: A friend of Zabuza, with a slight crush on Kei.

Zabuza: An excellent swordsman, Haku's best friend. Also a good friend of Kei, and keeps hinting to her that she should get to know Haku better.

Akamaru: Kiba's loyal companion. He always knows if something's wrong with Kiba.

Tayuya: A natural flutist, part of the Sound Village, loyal to Orochimaru.

Nuo Qiuyue: Kei's cousin. Very business-like and quiet, no-nonsense. She's never indoors past eight, but she won't tell anyone where she's been, not even Kei.

Hana Inuzuka: Kiba's older sister. She lacks the wild apperance of her other family members, but is a fierce fighter when need be.


Regulations: Four to a room. Co-ed, boys and girls.


Naruto Uzumaki

Sakura Haruno

Sasuke Uchiha

Kakashi Hatake


Rock Lee


Neji Hyuga

Might Guy


Ino Yamanaka

Shikamaru Nara

Choji Akimichi

Asuma Sarutobi


Hinata Hyuga

Kiba Inuzuka/Akamaru

Hana Inuzuka

Kurenai Yuhi


Yasu Izumi

Shino Aburame

Sakon/Ukon (yes, they count as one person 'cause they share a body)

Kimimaro Kaguya


Itachi Uchiha

Kisame Hoshigaki






Gekkou Hayate

Genma Shiranui




Kabuto Yakushi

Kei Suzu





Nuo Qiuyue


Iruka Umino





Naruto Uzumaki/Kakashi Hatake

Sakura Haruno/Sasuke Uchiha

Rock Lee/Might Guy

Tenten/Neji Hyuga

Ino Yamanaka/Asuma Sarutobi

Shikamaru Nara/Choji Akimichi

Hinata Hyuga/Kurenai Yuhi

Kiba Inuzuka/Akamaru/Hana Inuzuka

Yasu Izumi/Kimimaro Kaguya

Shino Aburame/Sakon/Ukon

Itachi Uchiha/Kisame Hoshigaki



Gekkou Hayate/Genma Shiranui

Orochimaru/Kei Suzu

Tayuya/Kabuto Yakushi


Temari/Nuo Qiuyue


1. Dress code is as follows-- for either sex, nothing revealing. No bare chests or shorts/skirts shorter than three and three-quarters inches.

2. No practicing instruments/singing past eleven-thirty. Some people, instructors included, need their sleep.

3. If you damage your instrument, you must repair it yourself.

4. No fighting.

5. No gambling/currency.

6. No stealing.

7. Camp pins must be worn during all class hours.

8. You must wash your clothes once a week.

9. Don't try to sneak out. No matter how good of a ninja you are there are traps set past the camp fence.

10. No cussing/swearing/threatening.

11. Use of fatal jutsu while on camp premises will result in expulsion from the camp.

12. If three rules are violated, the individual will be banned from the rest of camp activity, no matter what the time frame is. Camp acitivty includes classes and participation in End Note.

Have fun! We look forward to seeing all of you young shinobi at camp.