Well, I couldn't resist doing it and bringing in the sequel.

I got so excited writing this as Dean finally met his match and gets his ass kicked royally by his own daughter.

This is a better opener to either of the other 'seasons' as I introduce the kids and it just goes mental. I really hope that you enjoy and I'll unashamedly beg for reviews...


The girl groaned as the large calloused hand moved up the outside of her leg as she hooked it over him. His weight pushed down on her and she shifted slightly as he kissed her neck a little too roughly. His technique left a lot to be desired and he was thicker than pigshit left out in the sun but with a body like his she could forego the niceties.

He continued to maul her ineptly. "Ohhh you taste so good, like strawberries."

She grimaced and looked at her watch, she'd have to hurry this along. "Let's not talk." She wrapped the other leg around his waist and flipped him over so she was now on top. Flicking her long hair over her shoulders she began to unbutton his jeans pausing when she saw his eyes roll into the back of his head and he made that moronic face men do. "You're kidding me?"

She collapsed back onto the bed in annoyance. So good on the field but such a spaz in the sack.

"I'm err sorry...you're just so hot."

"Save it." She leaned over to the nightstand and opened the drawer removing her toy.

"What's that?"

"It's your dick without the annoying man attached to it."

"Can I watch?"

"You wanna take notes too? You might actually learn something."

He stared wide eyed as she removed her shorts and then stopped. "Shit!"


"My dad's coming."

"I don't hear anything. Wait, your dad?"

She yanked the shorts back on and pulled her top over her head covering her nudity as she heard the rumble of the Impala outside. "You better run."

"Run? Hey I thought you said... I wanna meet him."

She was thinking fast as she threw his shirt at him. "No don't run he'll catch you."

That made him laugh and he suddenly puffed out his muscular chest. "Baby I'm starting quarterback for Penn State, no one can catch me."

"You haven't seen my old man when he's pissed." She said as she pushed him into her closet. "Stay there until it's safe."

"Safe? Wait..." His words were cut off as she slammed the door and hastily made the bed as she heard her dad calling out downstairs.

"Anyone home? The warriors return."

Hope bounded down the stairs as Sam and Dean walked through the door. "Dad!" She hugged him and then went to her Uncle giving him a hug too. The brothers looked at one another and Sam raised his eyebrows as he felt the tremor of trouble on the horizon. Hope was never this nice to them and Dean's instincts were going into overdrive.

"What have you done?" He said to her dropping his keys on the hall table and taking off his jacket letting it fall to the floor.


"You're up to something." Her father said looking at her. Suddenly he sniffed and his eyes widened as she backed away.

Damn! She should have remembered the perfume. "Now daddy..." She said as he pushed her to one side and bounded up the stairs two at a time.

Sam whistled as Dean almost tore her bedroom door off the hinges, an instant later a half naked and well built guy came flying down the stairs. Sam blocked the front door with a grin and the terrified kid turned to head out back as Hope buried her head in her hands.

His path was cut off as Dean vaulted over the bannister and landed in front of him. "Where d'ya think you're goin' Sparky?" Dean asked with a growl as he picked up a baseball bat he kept by the door and swung it.

"Shit!" The kid headed Sam's way and he opened the door for him, enjoying the action as Dean gave chase.

"Come back here ya pussy!" Dean yelled as he flew past Sam into the front garden.

Hope rushed outside. "Dad don't kill him!"

Cole suddenly roared up in his red vintage Chevy truck. Seeing the fun he leapt out of the drivers side and ran across the lawn ducking his head and launching a tackle that would have had recruiters all over the States writing blank scholarship cheques. The shocked quarterback was hurled to the ground as Dean came to a halt slapping the bat into his hand menacingly.

The kid was winded as Hope ran to him. "Get your hands off me!" He yelled at her. "You guys are a bunch of psycho's, you can't do this to me!"

"Ya think?" Dean told him.

"I'll sue you if you touch me!"

Dean laughed.

"I'm about to get drafted." He said with fear in his eyes.

Dean paused and frowned. "They still have the draft?"

Sam laughed from where he was leaning against the doorframe. "Dude, I think he means NFL."

His brother shrugged. "Pretty cool." He remembered he was meant to be mad and his face changed. "Well, see how many touchdowns ya get with my foot drafted up your ass!"

"Nice one pop." Cole grinned as he tucked his long hair behind his ears.

"Yeah, that was a good line, I'll have to remember that." He grinned back.

"You guys are gonna ruin my life!" Hope yelled.

"Nah, only til you're about thirty." Dean narrowed his eyes at her.

"Look, she told me she was twenty." he tried desperately.

"And you believed her? Prick. She's sixteen."

"Try seventeen dad."

He grimaced slightly and counted on his fingers quickly. "That's still not old enough!"

Sam was in hysterics by now and grateful he didn't have a daughter as the football player started pleading. "Look, I didn't know...she said she was visiting relatives from college. She told me you were dead." He said to Dean.

Dean shot her a look. "Believe me, with your GPA if you get into any college I will drop dead, from freakin' shock. Get your ass inside NOW!"

As she skulked inside slamming the front door making Sam jump, the guy looked at the three men in abject fear.

"Everything alright Dean?" His neighbor was leaning on the fence with a beer in his hand. Of all the houses they'd lived in, he was the only person they lived next door to who loved the daily drama's in the Winchester household.

"Fine Steve."

"Ya need a hand?"

"No we're good. Thanks though." He waved.

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"Me? Nothin' I don't wanna get my ass slung in jail." The quarterback's relief was shortlived as Dean pointed at Cole. "He'll only get Juvenile Hall though. You throw with your right or your left?"

His eyes widened. "Right."

Dean looked at his son. "Don't hurt his legs or his right, try not to brain damage him any further but apart from that...go for it." Dean said walking back to the house and going inside.

Cole rolled up his sleeves and squared up to the guy who outweighed him by fifty pounds and was four years older than him. "C'mon bitch take it like a man."


Dean walked into the kitchen and ignored Hope who was sulking as he opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. Unscrewing the top he downed it in one go trying to find his composure. When it was gone, he put the bottle on the counter and removed another.

"Don't I get one?" She asked him.

Dean stared at her over the bottle and tried not to fantasize about hitting her. She had balls most hunters couldn't even dream of having, she wasn't scared of anything. Even him.

Finally he took the bottle from his lips and looked at her. There was no doubt she was a knockout and looked older than her years. She had her mothers long wavy hair and pale skin combined with green eyes and a body that would have had Heff drooling. He guessed karma did exist and she was his punishment for all the years he'd been a dog to women.

He took a breath. "Who the hell was that jerk?"

"I dunno. He's a quarterback, he's called Decker."

"Who the hell's called Decker? His parents obviously hate him as much as I do."

"I don't care what you say dad, I'm old enough to have sex." She said as Cole came into the kitchen taking the beer from his dad and running his knuckles under the cold tap as he took a sip.

"You're not old enough, not by a long shot. In this State you have to be like...thirty five."

She had to laugh. "That count for Cole too?"

"That's different."


Sam appeared in the doorway. "Ok, I think that's my cue to leave. Good luck man." he said winking.

Dean nodded and cursed the day he ever thought having a daughter was fun. "It's different cos he can't get pregnant."

"Neither can I, I'm on the pill."

Dean's hands went to his face. "I think my head's gonna explode. I can see spots."

"Maybe you should sit down." Cole said casually handing the beer back to him.

"Like it or not, I'm going to have sex. If you don't want me to do it under your roof then I'll just do it under the bleachers like you used to."

"I never did it under the bleachers!" He said. "Ah who am I kiddin'? Look you're gonna get a rep. I don't want that for you."

"How?! We never stick around long enough for me to get a rep."

He groaned, he could never win fights without violence and she was too sharp for him, she had an answer for everything. "God, I wish your mother was here."

"Yeah well, she isn't so deal." She said storming off again.

Dean sighed as he shared the beer with his son, both of them leaning on the counter. Cole had never disobeyed Dean and had never answered him back like he would never have dared with John.

He looked at his boy who was almost the spitting image of him, taller, leaner and without that grizzled battle worn look. He wore his fair hair long which Dean hated but had the girls going into spasms.

"How long have you been havin' sex?"

"Does oral count?"

Dean raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

"Three years."

"Atta boy." Dean said as he drained the bottle.


Sam was still smiling to himself as he walked home. He only lived a few streets away and couldn't wait to get back there to Brooke. He'd only been gone a week and although it was always great hitting the road with Dean he loved getting back to his wife and son.

He thought about everything they had gone through in their relationship and couldn't believe that they had come so far. It had taken ten years of constant trying and devastating failures for them to finally have their son and he was the apple of Sam's eye. He had none of the hunter spirit and no special gifts apart from being kind, sweet, gorgeous and smart. He couldn't have loved him more for being a regular six year old if he tried. He knew he would have to teach him to protect himself one day but for now he wanted him to enjoy the childhood Sam had never had.

As Sam walked into their quiet street he took a moment to think of his son's namesake who had been killed by a vampire the year before he was born and he felt a moment of sadness. He shook it off as he saw Brooke appear on the porch having seen him from the window. She ran down the steps and threw herself at him as he caught her. Her arms went around his neck and her legs around his waist.

"Woah! Miss me much?" He said grinning.


He had to admit she was someone who had gotten better with age and at forty three she looked better than the day they'd met. He kissed her passionately enjoying the moment but feeling something missing.


Sam tore his mouth from hers and didn't bother to put her down as he reached down and caught his son as he stormed out of the house. He felt an overwhelming surge of love and pride as he held his small family to him. Sam struggled to see his way into the house as he heard his son chatter in his ear about school. Finally getting inside he put Brooke down and hugged the little boy.

"You bring me a present?"

Sam smiled "What do you think Dylan?"

"I think you did."

Dylan had no idea about hunting and monsters. It was something Sam and Dean argued about constantly but he didn't want him to lose his innocence and they all had to watch what they said in front of him as a result.

He could smell home cooked food and he loved it as Brooke went to the stove to check dinner. As opposed to Dean's house which was a hive of contant activity and mayhem, their's was all order and calm which enveloped him like a cocoon as soon as he walked in the door. Brooke still worked as a physio whilst Sam had stayed at home when he wasn't hunting, he didn't feel less of a man for picking his son up at the school gates and had even gone to all the PTA meetings, school plays and sports days.

Moving each school year had been tough on everyone but they couldn't risk staying anywhere too long and thankfully the kids all made friends fast. Nevertheless they were always careful who they made friends with and always had to live in rented accommodation. As Sam sat at the kitchen table with Dylan on his knee he watched Brooke and thought it was all a small price to pay for being so happy.


Dean sat at his own kitchen table surrounded by pizza cartons and empty beer bottles as he let his head drop into his arms. He missed Bonnie so much his chest hurt. He couldn't handle the kids without her and felt useless as a father.

He heard the front door open and raised his head.

"We're back!"

Dean practically raced into the hall and picked Bonnie up making her drop her bag. "God, I missed you!"

"Jesus Dean! Anyone would think I was on the moon." She loved it though as she held him close and showered kisses on him.

"You may as well be when you're not here controlling that heathen."

"Alright you two, save the hetero porn for the privacy of your own boudoir, you're making me gag."

Dean put Bonnie down with a final kiss and hugged Johnny. "How was Vegas?"

"Bright lights, cheap men and all the booze you can handle. It was fabulous!"

"You didn't let her drink did you?"

"No Dean." He rolled his eyes. "I know the rules by now."

"Jesus, Dude...what happened to your face?" Dean frowned staring at him up close.

Johnny kissed him. "Gotcha. Botox darling."

After eighteen years, Dean was more than used to Johnny but he still managed to shock him. "Botox?" He grabbed Bonnie's bag and took her coat. "What the hell?"

"It paralyzes the facial muscles, keeping one youthful."

Dean shook his head and called up the stairs to the kids. Since Dylan had died the triad had parted ways, Han was now a doctor in New York and Johnny had gone to make his fortune in Vegas, sharing a pad with Rita and dancing in the clubs to earn money.

Dean heard feet crashing down the stairs and Hope ran in hugging Bonnie frantically casting a scowl in Dean's direction. She let her go and grabbed Johnny who lifted her off the floor. "Uncle Ninj, I missed you."

"Aww, I swear you get more beautiful each time I see you." he told her with real affection as Dean watched, wishing he got that reaction.

Another slow thud of boots on the stairs announced Cole's arrival. "Ninja!" He moved his mouth out of synch with his words as he mimicked a dubbed Chinese movie. "So we meet again." he assumed a fight stance.

"Young Winchester you are the bane of my life." Johnny said in his own dubbed voice. "How is one so hot...and yet oh so straight?"

Dean slapped Johnny on the head. "Dude, he's underage even for you. Hands off."

"Hey mom." Cole kissed Bonnie.

She turned and looked around her at the house which was a tip. "Who had the party? You Dean, or the kids?"

"Don't look at me, I was huntin'."

She shrugged and sat down at the kitchen table. "Someone get me a drink."

"Non-alcoholic." Dean glared as Cole opened the fridge. Dean had kept her alive for sixteen years by sheer force of will and controlled her diet and medication with an iron fist making sure everyone else did the same.

"So how's Grandma?" Hope asked them.

"Still the same, she's like Debbie Reynolds, she'll drop dead on stage." Johnny answered.

Dean laughed. "And Tony?"

"No idea, still in witness protection."

Cole handed Bonnie a juice and Dean a beer as Hope blended a Margarita for Johnny. Bonnie took Cole's hand and looked at the scraped knuckles. "Do I want to know?" She asked Dean.

"Nah, take your medication first." As if by magic the alarm on his old watch sounded like it had for years, even when she wasn't there. It had caused a few scrapes whilst hunting but it was worth it as a constant reminder of her.

"Oooh I sense scandal. What's happened?"

"I caught Hope in bed with a jock."

Bonnie stared at her daughter. "Your father's next words better be 'strap'."

"Mom, don't you start."

Dean shoved some pills at Bonnie and gave his daughter a warning look. "Don't upset her."

"I'm sorry."

Dean guessed that Hope took all her frustration out on him as they all saved Bonnie's feelings and therefore her health. To be honest he was glad but it was hard to be constantly taking the flack.

"Yeah, well...he got his ass kicked and you're grounded." He said to his daughter.

"You can't ground me."

"Oh baby, watch me."

"But there's a party tonight."

Johnny suddenly came alive. "Did someone say party?" he sipped at his cocktail.

"Don't get any ideas Johnny. She had sex under my roof and she's never leaving the house again."

"I didn't have sex!" She shouted.

"There was a half naked man in your closet!"

"A half naked man who's a premature ejaculator!!"

Johnny choked on his drink and Bonnie looked at Dean waiting for the explosion. He bolted from his seat suddenly knocking it backwards as Hope realised she'd gone too far. Dean moved but Cole was faster as he picked his sister up, slung her over his shoulder and made for the front door. "Don't worry dad! I'll talk to her." He yelled as the door slammed.

Johnny looked at Bonnie. "Well, if I were you, I'd make her wash her own sheets from now on." He took a sip of his drink and sighed in happy oblivion as Dean glared at him.


Brooke walked into Dylan's room and watched Sam stare at him as he slept. She loved watching them together and couldn't get over how lucky they were to have even him. Her husband glanced at her and stood up moving to the door and closing it a fraction as he took her hand.

He led her to their bedroom and they paused looking at one another. He sighed as he brushed the dark hair from her face, there were a few bits of white starting to show but he didn't care. He ran a thumb over her full lips and felt the faded scars at the corners as she smiled at him. He leaned down to kiss her and felt the same buzz he always had as he remembered the fearsome girl she was and the awesome woman she was now. He leaned down and picked her up carrying her to the bed, it was something he could only have dreamt of doing when they first met and that's why he had taken every opportunity since.

Laying her down he began to undress her quietly as he enjoyed the feel of her slightly fuller body. She was soft, comforting and sexy all at the same time and as soon as he had her naked he lay down next to her and rested his head on her chest. It was something that other women may have found freaky but growing up without a mother had left something missing from his life and he got that from Brooke. She wrapped her arms around him as she soothed away the stresses of the hunt and he felt himself finally relax.

"That feels so good." He told her quietly.

She ran a hand through his full head of hair. Dean was constantly at him to cut it but she wouldn't have it. She had seen pictures of their father and thought that Sam was growing more rugged and like John each day, she liked it and it still gave him that boyish quality. His dimples had become deeper lines and he had a furrow in his brow but otherwise he was still the same to her. Brooke still felt the urge to protect Sam but through everything she'd endured trying to conceive he'd been her rock and their roles had reversed. Becoming a father had brought out the best in him and each time she watched Dean tear his hair out she felt thankful for the sweet little boy they had.



"I'm pregnant."

He paused a second and then got up on one elbow to look at her. "Really?"

"Three months now...it's the milestone." She referred to the point which they'd always failed to reach before Dylan.

"Well, are you ok? Do you feel alright?"

She grinned. "Fine."

He smiled finally and buried his face in her stomach kissing it gently.


Dean was exhausted and so was Bonnie as they left Johnny playing video games in the den and went to bed.

"Her ass is so grounded." Dean said as he sat on the bed and removed his boots.

"Cole will look after her. They went to a party, that's all."

"She doesn't listen to me. I don't get it. What am I doin' wrong?"

Bonnie turned off the bathroom light and sat next to him. "Let me see, our daughter's arrogant, loud, doesn't listen and incredibly highly sexed. Remind you of anyone Dean?"

"It's different."


"You sound just like her."

She pulled his head to her shoulder. "You have no idea how much that girl loves you. You made her what she is and every time you praise Cole or encourage his gifts it's like a kick in the teeth for her."

"I just wish her greatest gift wasn't givin' head."

Bonnie ignored the comment. "You're so blind to everything else she has to offer you only see that! She's gorgeous and thoughtful, she's taken care of both of us when we've been sick or hurt. All you see in her are the things you think are faults in yourself. You can't take your insecurity out on her."

"I'm not insecure."

Bonnie laughed. "She's turning into a woman Dean and I don't like it any more than you but until you let her go she's just gonna keep on pushing until we lose her."

He growled. "I hate it when you're right."

"I'm always right. We brought them up a certain way and it's too late to turn back now."

"I missed you." He said with a smile.

"Well I didn't miss you, I had a fantastic time!"

She screamed as he launched himself on her. "You're still crazy, after all these years."

"I think I kinda have to be Dean."


Hope stood in the den of the house sipping a beer as a girl approached her. She regonised her as a cheerleader and knew she was one of the most popular girls in school. She was petite, blonde and generic. She sidled up putting on a fake smile as she watched Cole sat on the couch across the room with some guys he knew.

Hope followed her gaze and tried to see the attraction, her brother had on his old jeans, their dad's old flannel shirt and he hadn't washed his hair. He always seemed to have that far off look that her Uncle sometimes had and she knew only the family saw his funny side. She tilted her head and figured he did have that bad boy look and guessed the blonde mafia must like their men looking like something off an old Marlboro ad.

"So, do you think your brother would go out with me?" The blonde asked perkily.

Hope turned to her and smiled beautifically. "Not even if you had a vacuum cleaner instead of a mouth." She put her beer down and went outside.

Sitting on the grass of the random party house she tried to assess where she was going wrong in life. She loved her father but he only seemed to berate her whereas he treated Cole like the heir to the kingdom. He got the truck, the buddy talks and the beers. All she got was a hard time for being a girl.

She'd grown out of the tomboy phase and had urges she couldn't control at times. She hated to think she got them from her dad as it just grossed her out, but she knew it was true. She shouldn't have the feelings that she had but she couldn't help it.

She saw a pair of feet approach wearing boots and looked up into a set of dazzling eyes that held her gaze.

"Can I sit with you for a minute?" The guy asked with an accent.

"Sure, it's a free country right?"

"That's what they say."

She cast a sideways glance at him as he handed her a beer in a plastic cup. He had dark exotic features and pale blue eyes which was a stunning contrast. She caught her breath and took a drink as she tried to keep her libido in check.

"What's your name?" He asked.



"Well, I guess everyone has to have a gimick."

He smiled flashing brilliant white teeth. "Ah a cynic, you'd do well in Paris."

"Why? They all screwed in the head too?"

He laughed. "Funny. So angry for one so young."

He may be sexy as hell but he could still be a dick. "So patronizing for one so short."

"The Gaellic curse...what we lack in inches, we make up for in technique." He leaned towards her slowly and brushed his lips over hers.

When he pulled away she frowned at him putting a finger to her lips. "Not bad frenchie, but didn't you invent tonguing?"

He smiled again at her audacity and moved in for the kill as they fell back on the grass together.


Sam awoke to screaming and bolted out of bed pulling his jeans on hastily. He couldn't help it but he went to the safe in the closet, pressed the combination and extracted the loaded gun he kept there. He ran to Dylan's room and slammed through the door flicking on the light.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Dylan was alone and was just having a bad dream. He put the gun on top of the wardrobe and went to the bed. "Hey, it's ok..." He said pulling his son to him. "Just a bad dream."

He put a hand to his head and felt the clamminess. He checked the bed and noted that he'd wetted it. It was something he hadn't done in a long time.

Sam pulled him onto his lap and rocked him. "Do you wanna tell me about it?"

The little boy shook his head crying.

"It wasn't clowns was it? Because you know Daddy's scared of clowns." Sam said as he nodded an ok to Brooke who stood at the door.

"You're not scared of anything." He said rubbing his eyes.

"Sure I am, I don't like clowns and I get scared when you're upset too." he whispered.

"There was a nasty man..." he said crying again.

"Ok...well what did the man do?"

"He hurt Hope."

Sam felt the breath catch in his throat and tried to keep his voice steady. "What did he do to her?"

"He took her and did...horrible things...it made her scream." he cried. "Uncle Dean was so mad."

"Oh Christ." Sam whispered as he tried not to think history was repeating itself. "Brooke!" He said in a shouted whisper.

She reappeared at the door. "Get some things together. You know the drill." he told her urgently.

Putting his son back on the bed he grabbed his gun and ran into the bedroom trying to avoid Brooke who was throwing things into a bag. "Three minutes." He told her as he grabbed his cell phone and called Dean as he struggled to put on his tee and boots.

Within a minute Brooke was ready, she didn't bother changing out of her robe as Sam ran into the bedroom and grabbed Dylan under one arm before they made their way to the car.


Dean was having his own nightmares as images flashed in his head of carnage and fire. It was nothing new in itself but he hadn't had them in years.

When his cell phone rang he snatched it up before he even opened his eyes and heard Sam's voice.

"Where's Hope?"

Dean pounced out of bed naked and ran down the hall checking both rooms. "They're still gone...at a party."

"Hope's in trouble. I'll be there in two."

Dean went back to his room and saw Bonnie was awake. "Dean?"

"We got a little demon action. Nothin' to worry about." He said jumping into his jeans and pulling on a shirt, not bothering to fasten it.

"Don't lie to me. Our kids are out there!" She shouted.

He took a second to sit down, he didn't know what Sam knew but he wouldn't have activated emergency measures unless he thought they needed it. "Bonnie, you know what to do...now's the time ok?"

She nodded at him looking scared as she got out of bed and ran downstairs shouting for Johnny.

Dean put on his boots and ran down the stairs calling his son. "Pick up, please..." He prayed.

"Hey Dad."

"Where's your sister?!" Dean shouted.

"She's right here."

"Can you see her?"

"Well no...oh fuck. Ok I'm on it Dad...keep an open line." He heard Cole swear as he moved through a crowd.

The doorbell went and Brooke walked in carrying Dylan. Dean had the house tripped out and saw Bonnie carry a large bag of salt from the cupboard under the stairs.

"Johnny...do I have to say it?" Dean asked.

"I got 'em. You go."

Dean nodded and ran to the Impala as he saw Sam sat at the wheel of his Ford. Dean got in the car and paused, they didn't know where they were going. "Talk to me Cole!"

"I can see her, she's with a guy...'Get your goddamn hands off her!' Dad, he's got her. Silver Honda heading North off Hanover Road."

Dean started the Impala with a grimace and knew Sam would follow as Cole gave him a running commentary on speaker phone. He heard the screech of tires as Cole went in pursuit.

"He's turning right on Kelson, I think he's heading for route eighty."

"Can you see her? Is she ok?" Dean asked.

There was a pause. "He maced her."

Dean's heart was in his throat as he headed out of town with Sam on his tail. They were at least ten minutes behind and he felt physically sick as he tried to put his trust in his son.


Cole gunned the engine of the truck but it was no match for the newer car as he could only make out the tail lights on the deserted stretch of road. He'd spent most of his teens around cars and knew his stuff, his father and Grandpa had taught him well, he could keep up with them and knew it. It was what came next that worried him. He'd never hunted without his Dad and although he knew he'd gladly die for his sister he knew it would do no one any good. He tried to focus on the headlights as he pushed on. He could hear his dad's voice in his earpiece. "Hang back...don't scare him into doin' something stupid."

Cole watched in horror as the car in front of him sped out of control and veered off the road down an embankment. "Oh my god!"

"What?!" Dean yelled in his ear.

Cole was panting heavily as he followed the tire tracks on the road and pulled to a stop. "They crashed the car. I'm going to go get her."

"NO!" he heard him yell as he removed the earpiece and stood on the side of the highway.

The embankment was steep and the impact had uprooted a tree as the car rolled downwards. Cole paused and then spurred into action as he saw the tell tale flicker of flames in a clearing at the bottom.

Half rolling and half sliding he managed to get to the bottom in seconds as he looked at the crumpled wreckage of the car. He knew Hope had his father's strength but it had never been put to the test before. The Honda was crushed and lying on its roof by a stream as the undercarriage burned. He was about to approach when a man climbed out of the broken windscreen and stood up with a smile.

"Hello brother."


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