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It was common knowledge that it was often difficult for Emmett Cullen to behave. Life was filled with too many opportunities for mischief and jokes that someone had to take advantage of them and Emmett felt that it was his personal duty to see that every chance for comedy was fulfilled. Especially when that situation involved Edward and Bella. Emmett found his brother's relationship with the clumsy human particularly hilarious, especially when Bella fell every time she even thought about walking which made her a prime candidate for any practical joke Emmett felt like playing that involved any kind of surprise. He could simply jump out of the bushes and yell Bella's name and she would jump, startled, and fall. Though, he had to admit, that game had lost most of it's luster especially after Alice and Edward had caught on and started to stop Emmett before he could even hide. He was spending most of his free time now coming up wit new practical jokes or ways for Bella to trip over her own two feet while she was still a clumsy mortal. Emmett decided that it wasn't going to be as fun scaring Bella when she was finally a vampire, she would bounce back faster and may even be able to see it coming, as it was now the look of surprise she had on her face every time Emmett came out of nowhere was half the laugh. It had been a hot and humid days in Forks when Emmett had been struck by another bout of boredom and decided that he wanted nothing more than to play a game with his family.

Emmett charged into the living room to find just the group of people he was searching for watching some drabble on the television,

"So they eat and eat and eat and then they ride rides to see who the last one to throw up is?" Edward asked leaning over to Jasper,

"Apparently. I'm not entirely sure but last time I checked the writer's strike WAS over." He replied wrinkling his nose at the television screen. Alice cocked her head slightly interested in program and slighted interested in the extremely excited Emmett who had just bounded into the room,

"Emmett….I'm not sure I like this plan. Bella's going to slip and fall and get hurt and Edward will blame you and be very upset." Alice told Emmett confidently. Emmett scowled at her, "Hey, don't shoot the messenger." Alice said raising her hands. Edward was now looking at his brother, since Bella's name had been mentioned Emmett's presence had done a better job at keeping Edward's attention than the ridiculous television program had,

"Oh gross man!" though obviously the program still held Jasper's full attention. Edward looked into Emmett's eyes and cocked his head slightly to the side,

"I really, really, don't think that's a good idea Emmett." Edward said. He often didn't like plans that Emmett thought up that involved Bella and he obviously didn't approve of this new idea at all. Bella scowled at Edward,

"You know, I really hate when you do that. I have no idea what Emmett is thinking and it obviously involves me. I'd like to hear what the big monkey has planned." Bella said. Edward rolled his eyes,

"He wants to play football…he thinks that it'd be fun…and funny." Edward said not taking his eyes off Emmett. Emmett grinned wildly from sibling to sibling finally resting on Bella,

"So what do you say Bells? You only have a limited time left as a human, I bet no one has ever taught you how to throw the proper spiral have they? That'll be a great asset to have in the vampire world…come on. Please, please, please, please." He was beginning to beg, something that no one wanted to see.

"Why do you want to play anyway it's so hot outside." Alice said trying to pay attention to the television program,

"I'm bored. Rose went shopping with Esme and Carlisle's at work." He complained. Alice stifled a giggle at her brother's expense. She did love it when he got all pouty and millions of ideas flashed through his mind which in turn created different futures for many members of the family. Edward was still determined to do anything he could to prevent a football game from happening,

"If Alice doesn't see it ending well I don't think we should risk Bella's safety for your amusement Emmett." Edward said. Emmett was getting nowhere and that frustrated him even more,

"Oh come on Edward! It's not like if something bad happens you can't just go ahead and change her I mean, you're going to do it anyway after you're married and you get a little…" Edward cut him off with a stern growl,

"Watch it bear boy." He ground out. Jasper hid a laugh behind a cough,

"Jazz'll be on my side! Won't you Jazz. Football sounds fun doesn't it?" Emmett's eyes looked hopefully toward his other brother,

"Maybe, if we don't play tackle, then Bella will be alright. And, of course, if we don't throw it nearly as hard as we would if it was just us vampires." Jasper suggested finally tearing his gaze away from the television. Alice was in full concentration before she spoke again,

"Oh! Well, good idea Jasper. That seems to work out just fine. Bella just gets a little muddy that's all!" She seemed pleased with her vision and got up from the couch,

"I say we play!!" She chimed and Jasper chuckled,

"I'm in." He said kissing Alice on top of her head softly. The jury was still out as far as Edward was concerned and he seemed as if he had no intentions of budging from his original plan of keeping Bella as far out of harm's way as possibly. He sighed, however, when he saw the dejected looked playing out across his brother's otherwise goofy face,

"You promise no-tackle?" Edward asked. Emmett got excited,

"NOTACKLEIPROMISE!" He yelled out in a rush. Edward chuckled a bit and stood dragging Bella to her feet,

"I assume you've never played football before?" Edward asked leaning into Bella.

"Nope! Can't say I have." She replied with a small giggle at Emmett's cheeriness,

"Well…let's teach you how to throw a ball." Edward said. Emmett hopped with excitement and twenty minutes later the Cullen kids (minus Rose) were locked in a fierce "football game" in the expansive backyard. Alice wore an old football jersey that swallowed her petite frame, it had been Jasper's who thought that it look comfortable and had bought it several months ago, but, after Alice had "accidentally" turned it pink in the washer Jasper had had no choice but to turn ownership over to his pixie of a "wife". Edward wore an old tshirt with the sleeves cut off and old black sweatpants, very un-Edwardish, Bella thought, but it had rained (shocker) and that moisture mixed with the humidity was sure to create some mud. The rest of the boys were in sweats and thsirts as well and Bella wore her gym shorts she found in her truck and an old tshirt of Alice's that bore the name of some high school that Bella didn't recognize, it also fit, which led Bella to believe that it too had once belonged to Jasper.

So far they had just been running mindless plays, nothing too complicated, just basically kicking and throwing the ball back and forth so that Bella could get an idea of what was going on. She was still completely lost but was still enjoying some quality time with Edward and her soon to be siblings. Edward had gone inside for a moment to answer the ringing house phone,

"Okay Bella, are you ready?" Emmett said, a small grin on his lips. Bella gave Emmett her most intimidating face,

"Bring grizzly man." She said. Emmett laughed, shouted out some numbers and cocked his arm back as Bella took off running to where she thought the ball might land,

"EMMETT DON'T!" Alice shrieked as the ball left Emmett's hand. He hadn't intended to, but had ended up throwing the ball a little faster and a little harder than he had before. The ball pulled to the side and Bella ran backwards onto the wet patio to catch it. Her fingers grazed the ball but her shoelaces had come undone and that, combined with the wet concrete and her amazing ability to trip over solid ground, sent her flying backwards, head first, onto the concrete. Alice, Emmett, and Jasper rushed quickly over,

"Is she dead?" Jasper asked, Alice smacked him,

"What's going--BELLA!" Edward rushed to her side and picked her up gently,

"Emmett I told you not to throw it hard!" Edward yelled,

"I didn't mean to, I though she could handle it!" Emmett shot back. Bella was out cold,

"Bella, darling, can you hear me?" Edward as repeating over and over, "Come on, wake up, please, come on Bella. Come on, you don't want to remember the vampire who's last human moments were playing a football game…rather poorly I may add. Come on Bella wake up love." He whispered to her over and over again. But Bella didn't hear him, she wouldn't hear him.


Bella's POV

I opened my eyes slowly, I didn't remember the sun shining when I had met the concrete but it had apparently come out sometime during my unconsciousness. But, as I sat up, I realized where I had arrived was totally different from where I had been. The Cullen's backyard no longer existed, where I sat was no longer the familiar back patio but rather the cold cobblestone street of a city marketplace. I was more confused than I had ever been in my entire life and that included the day that I had discovered Edward was a vampire and I looked frantically around for a familiar face, I saw no one. No Alice, no Jasper, no Emmett, Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme, or Charlie and definitely no Edward. I quickly realized that I was A) still sitting on the ground and B) Wearing a dark blue dress that I didn't remember wearing while playing baseball. I quickly got up from my place on the ground and brushed the dirt from, what I assumed to be my, long dress.

I looked around me at the crowded square. The city was teeming with people of all ages coming in and out of shops, buying food and clothes and jewelry and anything else they could get their hands on. The women were dressed like I was (though they had probably remembered putting that outfit on that morning) and the men wore suits and hats,

"You're dreaming Bella, of course! Funny, you crack your head on the patio of your vampire boyfriend's vampire family and dream about normal people. Brilliant." I realized I was talking to myself and quickly shut my mouth. I wanted to find someone I recognized but I knew, in dreams, you never got to pick who you ran into. But, still, I wanted to see Edward, this dream was a little too real for me an a familiar face would make it much better,

"Edward?…Edward?" I began to call as I walked around the square a bit, "Edward?…" I turned around quickly straight into the chest of a complete stranger,

"Are you calling for me miss?" The voice was his but as I peered up expecting to see his familiar golden eyes I was met with a completely different face. It was Edward's face, his chin, his nose, his unruly bronze hair (a little more tame though), but his eyes made me stop dead. They were deep pools of the most vibrant and shocking shade of green I had ever seen. And, like an idiot, all I could do was stare. DreamEdward chuckled softly and his all too familiar crooked grin spread across his face,

"You were saying Edward correct? Were you looking for me…I'm sorry if this is rude but, I can't place you." That was odd, I thought, an Edward that had no recollection of me. Usually my dream Edward's were just as knowledgeable about me as my everyday, real life, Edward. I decided to say something before I looked totally crazy in front of this DreamEdward,

"My mistake…I thought, you were, someone else….named Edward." I said stupidly. He laughed a little more,

"Well my name is Edward, Edward Masen. And you are?" He asked holding out his hand. I took it, it was warm and a little clammy, not at all what I was used to. And since when did I actually get to touch things in my dreams?,

"Isabella, Bella, Bella Swan." I said,

"Well, Ms. Swan. I do hope you find who you are looking for, whoever this 'other Edward' is he is sure lucky to have someone as pretty as you searching for him." And with that he was gone, I watched him disappear into a nearby church in the middle of a crowd of other people I didn't recognize. I had never remembered feeling anything in any of my dreams before but I was suddenly hyper aware of everything around me. The feel of my feet in the too-tight heels I was wearing, the way my hair moved about my fast as a light gust of wind blew through the square, the smell of baked bread hitting my nose, my own breathing deep in my chest. I was beginning to wonder, if there was some way, any way, that I wasn't dreaming at all. I wasn't, too often, a bold person but I approached a kind looking man who was reading the paper,

"Excuse me, sir, may I borrow your paper for just a minute?" I asked. He nodded and handed me the folded front page,

" 'THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE Sunday, September, 1, 1918' the top of the paper read. My mind instantly went back to that day Edward and I had first shared in the meadow. I had asked him, on the way home, to tell me about himself. His words echoed now loudly in my ears, "The year was 1918, and I was dying of the Spanish Influenza."