A Word From The Author: I don't know, I'm just messing around. I had inspiration and I just let it roll. It's kind of rough, and this probably would make perfect sense if you've never seen Hannah Montana because the storyline hardly follows the show. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Leave your wonderful thoughts. Reviews are more than welcomed.


I've known for a long time. Yes, some might call me crazy but I've known ever since I first introduced them. The way she shook his hand and met his eye. The way he giggled (yes, giggled) at her southern accent and how she giggled right on back.

And then I knew for sure when he whispered to me over the phone, confessing his secret love for her. And again after I slipped her a note in math class and how her lips smiled and her cheeks flushed with color as she read.

After that, everyone knew for sure when they strutted down the hall together, shyly holding hands and smiling outrageously. When he pressed his lips against hers in P.E. class, so soft and gentle. And when they snickered on the way out as Coach Dean sent them down to the principal's office for PDA.

Miley Stewart and Oliver Oken where meant for each other.

And I still know now, standing at her apartment doorstep for reasons not obvious to myself or for the pretty Miley here before me.

"Lilly, no offense or anything but, what are you doing here?" She asks and it is so good to finally her voice after all of this time.

It breaks my heart. She does, they do. I can feel the tears well up in my eyes and I force myself not to break down at her knees and tell her how much I love her boyfriend and how much it hurts to see them so happy together.

I try so hard not to let the tears slip away. I try so hard to fake a smile and laugh, pulling her to a gentle hug. But I don't .. I can't. I love Miley, I really do. She's my best friend in the whole world but I - I envy her so much I almost hate her for being so perfect.

So pretty with her gorgeous blue eyes, gorgeous smile and the perfect frame. She's always gotten everything she wants and I've never got a break. She's so lucky and I hate her for it.

"Are you okay, Lilly?" She asks. I don't know if I am okay. I don't think so. I don't feel okay, I feel like it was a mistake coming here, looking Miley up on the internet.

I open my mouth to say something but I know if I do I will break and I will scare Miley away and she will throw me to the streets again so I turn, leaving her and her happy life behind me as I run down the hall.

I ignore her shouts after me, her pleading me to come back and I ignore the sound when her apartment door slams shut. I hear my uncontrollable sobs, my footsteps thudding down the steps and out of their perfect world.