I am Aino Minako, goddess of love. My life never was normal, I never was a normal girl, like my four friends. But everything complicated even more about a year ago. The day They appeared in our live they changed it forever.

''Where are you going?'' Yaten asked when Seiya began to put on his shoes.

''I told you, I have a date with Odango Atama '' Seiya said grinning.

Yaten shook his head. ''I don't understand you. Why are you so attached to her? Did you forget about our

mission? We are here to find Princess.''

''What you want from me? Don't worry I didn't forget why we are here.''

''So why you're acting like one of them?''

''Yaten leave him alone'' said Taiki not even looking from his book but was cut off by Seiya. ''And why not. As long as we live here we are one of them, one of people. Accept that Yaten and stop acting like a child.''

''I am acting like a child? And what you are doing? Enjoying yourself when we have more important problems"

Seiya wanted to end this stupid conversation. He was already late. '' You know what, at this moment I don't have any problems or maybe one, YOU. I am going to spend some time without thinking of our problems. And I advice you to do the same. Go and have some fun Yaten and don't worry about me" with these words Seiya went out from apartment.

''Why are you defending him?'' Yaten turned to Taiki.

Taiki looked at Yaten.''I am not defending him. I know how important our mission is and I don't approve his behaviour.''

'' So why...''

''Because I know that talking to him has no sense. He knows why we are here. You know him, you know that he likes fun. So let him have some fun as long as he can. By the way, some fun would be good for you too.''

''Me? Look at you. I am not the one who is always sitting in books.'' Yaten pointed at the book that Taiki was holding.

''You wouldn't understand it.'' Taiki looked back at book.

''Yea, whatever'' Yaten went back to his room, closed the door and laid down on his bed.

I don't understand anything but also I am the only one who knows everyone's feelings. He closed his eyes.

Princess, please come and set us free from this life or just give us a sign.

'' Odango Atama '' Seiya shouted when he noticed girl with two pigtails sitting on a bench.

Usagi turned around and got up. '' You are late.'' She crossed her arms.

''Easy, it takes some time to looks that good.''

''Don't flatter yourself.''

"I don't have to'' he grinned. "The truth is I had a small talk with Yaten."


"Nothing important. He is just so annoying sometimes. But lets not talk about him. I hope that you're ready for one of the best days of your life."

Usagi looked at him suspicious ''What are you planning?" She asked still not being sure if it's good idea to go out with him.

''Let's start from ZOO'' with hands behind his head Seiya moved forward leaving her behind.''Are you coming?!"

'' Ami-chan pleeaase'' Minako cried.

''No, I'm not going anywhere.''

''They will suspect something if I'll go alone."

''They will suspect something anyway.''

''Yea, but with you it will be more natural."

"Why don't you leave them alone, they didn't want to go on that film, so..."

"So, if they didn't want to go, I'll make a move and go visit them. It will be very innocent, I promise"

Minako smiled very innocently.

''I don't know '' Amy hesistated. She didn't want to be a part of this devilish plan.

''Ami-chan if you don't go I will have them all for myself...besides I know that you also would like to see Taiki."

''I don't know what you're talking about'' Ami blushed.

''You exactly know what I am talking about."

''Do you even know where they live?"Ami tried to change subject.

''Of course I know. Did you forget that I was their assistant, and of course I had to check their address. Not many people know where they live but we are lucky ones. Do you imagine what would it be if all their fans know where they live? They' re lucky that only we know"

"Yea, very lucky..."

''So, are you coming?"

''You miss him?''

''Huh?'' Usagi turned her head to look at Seiya realizing that he was saying something. After visit in ZOO they sat on a bench in park. She was eating her candy floss and looking at some happy couple in front of them.

''Your boyfriend. You miss him, don't you?''

Usagi blushed and looked at her candy floss. ''Yeah. Mamo-chan is someone important to me.''

''Then why he's not here?'' She looked at him again. ''He should be here with you. I would never leave someone who I really love.''

''Do you? Even if you have some important duties to do? Something about what you can't just forget. Would you leave everything behind?'' Seiya looked at her with big eyes realizing that he couldn't leave his planet and Princess even for love. ''Mamo-chan isn't like that. I let him go because it was something he wanted to do. He must try new things, see world. I can't keep him in golden cage just for me. But I trust him and I know that he loves me. It's destiny.''

Seiya felt ache in his heart. The way she talked about her boyfriend was too painful for him. He liked spend time with her, talk with her, make her angry. She's the only person on this planet who can make him feel this way. He didn't want to admit it but he started to have feelings for her, and she has a boyfriend. But does it change anything? He shouldn't think about her in that way. He has no right to think that about no one on this planet. He doesn't belong here. When they find Princess he will be gone and she stay here.

After a moment he noticed that a tear winded down her face. He moved closer and delicately with his fingers wiped it away. She looked at him surprised. ''You shouldn't be crying because of him'' he whispered. ''If you do that means he's not worth you.''

She moved away from him. ''He is. You don't know him. He's one of the best people I know.''

And he's also very lucky Seiya thought still feeling her warm skin under his fingers. ''Cheer up. I'll take you somewhere.''

My love for you is like ...

Taiki was in the middle of writing a poem when the door-bell rang.

It's too early for Seiya. I wonder who is it he put away his notes, got up and opened the door.

He coud expect anyone but not the one person that stood right in front of him.

''Hi Taiki-san" blond girl smiled widely.

''Minako-san? What are you doing here?"

"We came to visit you"

"We're seeing each other everyday in school and I told you that I have to...wait, you said we?''

Blonde nodded and blue-haired girl came out from behind her back.

"Hi Taiki-san" Ami said shyly.

"Ami-san? You too?''

Girl blushed ''Well, I...''

''Ok, enough talking" Minako slightly pushed Taiki away and entered room. ''We wanted to see how you live. You are always so mysterious.""

Taiki let Ami in and closed the door.

''Look I am busy, I am writing...''

''I know, you told me, but I thought that you could have some break.''

Taiki sat on the couch ''I am sorry but I have to end this..." and before he could end sentence Minako was right next to him, looking through his notes. ''What is it about?'' she asked but quickly she found answer when she noticed one word.


''Ooo, you're writing about love, I should have known, it's obvious, you have such a romantic soul...''

''Minako...'' Ami sighed quietly and sat on the other side of Taiki.

''Let me help you, I know everything about love. Trust me I am an expert'' Minako continued.

''I don't think so...''

''Taiki, don't be so shy, you won't find anyone better than me'' she fluttered her eye-lashes.

''Minako!'' Ami said this time much louder.

Both, Minako and Taiki looked at her suprised.

''Easy Ami, you don't have to be jealous. You know you don't have to worry about me''

Ami blushed but didn't say anything.

Makoto put cake into the oven and went to open the door when somebody knocked second time.

''I'm coming'' she said and opened the door.


''Hi Rei, I am sorry you have to wait but I put cake into the oven'' Makoto explained when she let her friend in''

''It's ok. I am just glad that you're home.'' Rei sat on the couch and drank some tea which Makoto gave her.

"I thought that we meet together with the rest girls but it seems thet they have new friends.''

''Yeah'' Makoto sighed and sat next to Rei with her own tea.''Three Lights, but I wouldn't say that they are friends with Minako.''

''But she goes after them anyway''

''She is just jealous because no one wanted to go out with her and Usagi easily went on a date with Seiya''

''Don't call it a date.'' Rei looked at Makoto.''Don't forget that she has Mamoru and there is no one who can destroy this relationship.''

''Yeah, I know but I wonder, just wonder about it. Do you think that if Usagi didn't have Momoru, Seiya would have any chance?''

''To be honest, I think that he would have very big chance. But let's not talk about it. It just have no sense, nothing ever change. It have to be that way.''

''You're right.'' Makoto agreed.

''But you have right with Minako, she was so jealous that she had to go there''

''And she took Ami-chan with her. She's clever.''

''Are you alone here?'' Minako asked Taiki.

''I...'' but before Taiki could end what he was saying door to Yaten's room opened and sleepy voice asked ''What's that noise? Taiki who are you talking...''

''Yaten-kun'' Minako exclaimed happy to see his annoyed face.

''What are YOU doing here? Why did you let her in?'' asked Yaten, now fully awake, first pointing at Minako and then at Taiki. Before he could say anything else Minako rushed to his side. He tried to close the door to his room but she was faster and reached door-handle. For a moment they both were pulling at door before Minako finaly managed to sneak in to his room and closed the door after her.

Taiki and Ami looked at each other.

''At least she's not here anymore'' Taiki said looking through his notes.

''She's not that bad, really.'' Ami said and Taiki looked at her. ''She just has crazy ideas sometimes, like going to you guys today.''

''Than why you came with her?'' Taiki asked and looked suspiciously at her. She seems totally different than Minako and yet she came with her.

Ami didn't think too long about answer and simply said ''She's my friend. I would do anything for my friends. You probably also would do everything for Yaten or Seiya'' Taiki didn't answered so Ami continued ''Don't worry she's harmless.''

''I am not worry about Yaten if you think that. He will have someone to be angry at. He's in no mood today. Actually like always so it doesn't make any difference.''

''Poor Minako''

''I wouldn't say that. They are worht each other.''

''Guess you're right'' Ami smiled and decided to change subject ''So now that I am here, maybe you can show me some of your lyrics?''

''I don't know, they aren't finished'' Taiki hesitated.

''It's ok. Maybe Minako knows more about love but I can help you as well'' she smiled shyly.

''Ok'' Taiki didn't show his lyrics to anyone before they are finished but he also didn't want her to sit there and do nothing, so he gave her one of the lyrics he couldn't finish.

''What are you doing here? It's my room. You have no right to untrude upon me.''

''Maybe I didn't come to you but to Taiki-san''

''Oh yeah, so what are you doing in my room?''

''Calm down Yaten-kun. You didn't want to go out with me so I came visit you. I mean we came, with Ami-chan.'' She looked around his room and at his messy bed. It looks like he just woke up. ''I thought that you had something important to do, but as I see you don't have anything interesting to do.''

''And did I tell you that I don't have time or that I just don't want to go out with you?''


''These are two different things.''

''You just said that you didn't want to go out, so as we came here we don't have to go out. But it doesn't matter now what you said.'' she said, moved around his room, and touched shelf of books.

''Don't touch it'' Yaten rushed to her side and grabbed her by hand.

''Don't worry, I won't destroy it or anything.''

''Yeah, but I feel better when you're not touching anything.'' Suddenly he noticed that he was still holding her wrist. Minako followed his gaze and also became concious of their closeness. Yaten quickly let her go and moved away from her. ''So, what do you want?'' he asked, collapsed on his bed and take some book, not really paying attention to her.

''Well I thought that if Seiya went out with Usagi that means you don't have any interview, concert or whatever...'' he looked at her ''...so you have free evening and tomorrow is Saturday, no school, and I brought some films on DVD so we can watch them.''

''Are you joking?''


''Why are you doing this? We're not friends or anything like that. Even if Seiya likes your dumbling-head friend it doesn't mean that we become friends too.''

''Why not? We're going together to school, why we can't be friends?''

''That's right we're only going together to school. That's the only thing which we have in common.''

''Always something.'' she said in a low voice staring at her feet.

Suddenly he felt her sadness and feeling of rejection. Empathy is really tiring thing.

''Why you just can't let go?'' he asked this time quieter, feeling helpless with her around.

She looked at him noticing change in his voice and didn't know what to say. For a moment they just stared at each other in silence which became uncomfortable, so Minako decided to go back to her cheerful mood and she said ''Comon Yaten, I know that you like it.''

''What?'' he asked surprised.

''You know, all the girls attention. You only pretend to be so annoyed, but you really like when girl takes an initiative.'' she winked at him.

Oh know, she starts again...I have to do something Yaten thought, got up and came closer to her. ''You know what, you're right.'' He looked straight into her huge blue eyes.

''I am?'' Minako asked surprised by his behaviour. She felt mesmerized by his green eyes and his voice. ''I mean of course I am. I am glad that you finally see it Yaten-kun.'' she smiled at him a little nervously.

''Let's go and watch some of these films which you brought.''

''Films? Oh right films. Yeah, I knew it was a good idea'' she said and went to the door. Yaten followed her and when she was outside his room he quickly closed the door and locked them up. Minako turned around and started pounding at the doors. ''Yaten-kun you're such a liar!''

''Whatever'' Yaten murmured and put very loudly some music on his stereo. When he didn't hear Minako anymore he laid down on his bed and closed his eyes.

Taiki and Ami looked at Minako when she came back murmuring something about some jerk.

''Guess Yaten won.'' Taiki whispered to Ami.

''Yeah'' she looked back at him and then at Minako ''Maybe we should go now?''

''Ok, but to let you know'' she pointed at Taiki ''...you won't win that easily with Aino Minako.''

''Minako..'' Ami sighed.

''And tell that to your friend Yaten.'' She grabbed Ami by hand, blew him a kiss and with that they both were gone.

Taiki closed the door after them. Earth is very interesting place with that thought he walked to Yaten's room and knocked on the door. ''You're safe, she's gone!'' After a moment music stopped playing and door were opened.

''That's good I was getting hungry'' Yaten said and moved toward kitchen.

''You know, Minako said that you won't win that easily with her.''

''Win what? This is war or something?''

''Maybe, and we're probably victims.''

''Never. She can do what she want. I don't care.'' Yaten took bowl of soup and went back to his room.


Makoto and Rei were watching film on TV when they heard door-bell.

''I'll go'' Makoto said and got up from couch. When she opened the door she saw Ami and a little upset Minako.

''Hi girls, to be honest we didn't expect you to come.'' She let them in and closed the door.

''How your 'date'?'' Rei asked laughing.

''Well, they didn't want to watch films'' Ami said and sat next to Rei and Makoto.

''Oh, so what you were doing there?'' Makoto asked.

''Nothing, of course.'' Rei said before any of girls could open mouth ''They saw them and closed the door in front of them.'' She laughed. ''Am I right?''

''Well, actually, they let us in. I was helping Taiki with lyrics"Ami blushed ''and Minako was with Yaten in his room, but I don't know what they were doing.'' All girls looked at Minako who was silent since they came.

''You were in his room!'' Rei couldn't believe how far Minako can go.

''Minako-chan, what you were doing there?'' Makoto asked.

''What? We were just talking. Unfortunately only talking'' she was silent for a moment.

''And you count on something more?'' Makoto asked.

''Of course she was. This is Minako. But I must say that you made progress. You were talking with him, and in his room.'' Rei said pretending serious.

''Girls...'' Ami said.

''You know what.'' suddenly Minako looked at them '' I don't understand them. Seiya can go out and have fun. But these two are so mysterious. Did you noticed that that they have no firends. Many fans but no friends.''

''To be honest we also have only each other.'' Ami said.

''That's something different.''

''And don't you you think that maybe they don't like importunate girls?'' Rei asked.

''It's true'' Ami added.

''They don't like anyone. The're so weird. Especially Yaten. But you know what. I'll change it. I made decision. I will open this cold heart. There's no better person to do that than goddess of love.''

''Poor Yaten'' Makoto sighed.

''Not only Yaten. I will take care of all of them.'' Minako said decidedly.

''About Seiya you will have to compete with Usagi.''

''She has her Mamo-chan. She can't have everything!''

''And with who Seiya is right now? She didn't have to even say a word to go out with him.'' Rei said.

''It's not fair!'' Minako crossed her arms.

''And what do you want from Taiki?'' Ami quietly asked.

''Oh don't worry Ami-chan, I can share''


''I'm not blind. I saw you two today. If he prefers you it's ok. You want him for yourself, don't you?'' Minako winked at her and Ami blushed. ''But the plan is we must take care of all of them, I'll lead, and Yaten is my main aim.''

Later, after Minako and Ami left, Yaten and Taiki went to disco club where they found Seiya with Usagi. Yaten felt earlier that something wrong were suppose to happen. He was right. New youma appeard. Luckily they were there to help Seiya in fight. Also Sailor moon was there, like always, but this time without her company. Iron mouse found out about their identities and was ready to tell Sailor moon who they are. They were lucky that she didn't. It would destroy everything, their mission. They have to stay anonymous.

Usagi was really worried about Seiya. He dissapeared and she didn't know where to find him. When she saw that he was alright and allive she felt huge relief in her heart. She came closer and hugged him. ''I am so glad you're alright.''

He was surprised at first but then hugged her back. ''Me to.''

''You're glad that you're ok?'' she looked at him and smiled.

He smiled back. ''You know what I mean Odango.''

She moved away ''Stop calling me that'' she said and hit him slighty in arm. ''Where did you go? I was worried.''


''Sorry? Are you hurt?''

''No. You can keep it'' he gave her small Teddy bear that he won earlier.


''In thanks for spending the day with me.''

''Thank you Seiya.'' she said holding his gift close to her heart.

''Ok. It's getting late. I'll walk you home.''


Back at home Yaten was nervous. ''I can't believe, she almost told Sailor moon who we are'' he hit table with his fist.

''We're lucky that she didn't say anything. It's not Seiya fault. He was trapped. He had to transform in front of her but we have to be more careful.''

''That's why we shouldn't make friends like Seiya. They can find out who we are and betray us. It's safer the way it is.''

''We must do something with Seiya.''

Yaten was silent for a moment.

''What are you thinking about?'' Taiki asked.


''She's here to destroy Earth like she destroyed our planet. But we have nothing to do with that. We'll find Princess and go back. Sailor moon and her friends will have to protect their planet.''