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AN: The Z-95's used are still using the single pair of wings.

It was supposed to be an easy mission. Escort the convoy of weapons to Kamino and hand them over. They were well within republic space and they had two of the older Acclamator class warships keeping them company. Simple really. Unfortunately for Colonel George Rigaux, this simple escort job was about to sour.

The Kamino run between Risari and Kamino was a regular occurrence. Once every two standard months, the Risari would deliver new weapons and equipment for the clone troopers being grown on Kamino. Colonel Rigaux had seen all of them arrive safely. A heavyset man, the Colonel was happy leading his squadron of V-19 Starfighters on this risk-free escort job. Let others be the hero, he just wanted to sit out the war. A dream that was about to be shattered.

The convoy exited hyperspace near Kamino. It was meant to be clear sailing from here. But unfortunately for the convoy there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for them in the shape of four Z-95 Headhunter fighters. At first, Colonel Rigaux thought they were friendly fighters. After all, many of the republic forces used the Z-95. It was the last mistake he would ever make.

Kasha Ti of the CIS fired first. Her twin blaster cannons tore apart the lead V-19 almost effortlessly. The other fighters with her followed suit. Most of the V-19 pilots scattered, clearly unsure of what to do. A few tried to engage the Z-95's. Kasha felt a sense of admiration for their courage, but they proved to be no match for her team of crack pilots.

The escorting Acclamators fared little better. Kasha's fighters were highly modified to handle them. Under each wing was one of the latest CIS weapons, a buzz droid missile. Ordinarily used against fighters, Kasha had seen the huge potential of these weapons and was about to apply them in a way that no one had ever thought about before.

"Mighty Midget One to Mighty Midget Two. Prepare to engage the cruisers. I'll take the one on the starboard side." She called to her wingman Kim Fisam.

"Roger that Mighty Midget One." Kim replied in a calm voice. One of the things you could always count on in the universe was that Kim Fisam would be very calm in the face of danger. It was one of the things that Kasha liked about the blue-skinned twileck really.

Targeting the shield generators, Kasha fired her missiles. They exploded above the warships, and Kasha grinned. No doubt the captain of the vessel thought they were on a suicide mission, but he was wrong. The buzz droids began to do what they were programmed to do. Splitting open, they began cutting the warship apart. Thirty seconds after that, the vessels port shields were shut down and that is when the other two fighters closed. These two had proton torpedo tubes under their wings.

""Mighty Midget One, this is Mighty Midget Four, I'm going in."

Two proton torpedoes left the underwing tubes and tore apart the port side of the ship, leaving it a crippled wreck. To Kasha's port side the other Acclamator suffered a similar fate.

Without any protection left, the cargo cruiser was desperately calling for help. However, instead of destroying it, Kasha ordered her pilots to pull out, leaving a very puzzled cargo ship captain.

He wasn't the only one.


Colonel Soro was furious. Kasha had deliberately disobeyed him. His wings were flapping furiously as the Z-95's landed.

"Kasha Ti!" Colonel Soro bellowed as Kasha climbed out of her fighter "what exactly were you doing when you failed to destroy that transport? He was at your mercy for heavens sake. Explain yourself!"

Kasha looked at her friend Kim and smiled. "It's really very simple Colonel. If they think we're after their escorts instead of their cargo ships then they won't risk an escort next time. Then we'll hit their unescorted cargo vessels."

Colonel Soro opened and closed his mouth several times before storming off. Although it's kind of hard to do that when you're a toydarian.

Kim turned to face Kasha. "You know" she began "life would be so much easier for you if you didn't aggravate him so much."

"Yeah, but I can't stand that pompous git. He only got his rank because of his connections. If he'd earned them the hard way I might actually respect him." Kasha replied.

AN: Having buzz droid missiles in the prequels makes no sense at all. How the missiles are used in this chapter shows why.