Jacob was running through the forest in his wolf form. The Cullens and Bella had left about three years ago, so the scent he was chasing after, that filthy bloodsucking scent was a vampireā€¦a vampire he was allowed to rip apart.

Another scent mingled with the vampire's, a sweeter smell that seemed strangely familiar. Jacob shook his head. "Bella?" He thought confused. She couldn't possibly still be human after all these years!

Jacob continued towards the scents. Faster now that he thought he recognized one. He followed them to the clearing. The vampire had short black hair and was neither a Volturi nor a Cullen.

The human this vampire was circling was not Bella. When Jacob saw her though, he was taken aback. She was beautiful. She may not have been Bella, but she definitely had a Swan face. Her hair was a light, mouse brown and her eyes were a stunning baby blue. She looked much younger than Bella, who was twenty one right now.

She looked terrified as the vampire moved towards her, too scared to even cry.

Suddenly, no one else mattered. Her safety was all he cared about.

What if he scared her? He wasn't exactly a cuddly puppy in his wolf form. Jacob didn't have a long time to consider this because he heard the girl's weak pleas. She was walking backwards and she had tripped. "Please, please, don't kill me." She cried.

Jacob wasted no time launching himself at the vampire. He knew he couldn't kill it in front of her so he chased it away and dismembered it where she couldn't see. He then quickly changed to human form and into his clothes. He sprinted to the clearing, hoping she hadn't left it.

She hadn't. She was sitting in the clearing. Her arms were wrapped around her legs, hugging them to her chest. Her head was hidden in her knees. She looked so small and fragile there in the middle of the huge clearing.

Jacob sighed in relief and knelt down in front of the girl. "Hey honey." He said gently. "Are you ok?"

She looked up at him. Her eyes were red from crying. Jacob felt a tug on his heart. Why was that? He didn't even know her name.

"You're imprinting, Jacob"