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Colonel Damien Smirnova: Mobius Ones last kill.

Colonel Damien Smirnova's career began on the 1/4/1977 when he joined the Erusian air force. After basic training, he was recommended for fighter pilot training. After sucessfully graduating from fighter pilot training, he was posted to a squadron of F-104G Starfighters.

Less than a year later, the first Syar/Erusian war began. His squadron was assigned to attacking Syar shipping. Although the Starfighter wasn't designed to perform this role, it performed reasonably well, being small, fast and having a relatively smokeless engine.

On his first mission, he was to gain his first aerial victory. His squadron was attacking a Syar convoy and he was attacking the cruiser HMS Montrose. After firing his two Kormoran missiles into the ship, he flew over the ship to see an UH-1 Huey helicopter as it had just taken off of the back of a troopship. Firing his guns, he downed the Huey with a quick burst to the Huey's main rotor. The crew, Sergeant Luke Drew (Gunner) Lieutenant Sean Thunder (Pilot) and Lieutenant Martin Hook (Co-pilot) failed to survive the crash.

During the rest of the maritime campaign, he was to down a further two Huey's and one Mi-8 Hip. He also sank the cargo ship Dominion and several small missile boats.

As the Erusian forces landed on the Syar mainland, Damien's squadron was assigned to strike Syar targets further inland. He was to down three Mig 19 Farmers and one F-5 Tiger before the conflict came to an end.

With hostilities over, his squadron was reassigned to the city of Ostreimsburg and re-equipped with F-14 Tomcats. Unlike many pilots, he hated the 'Cat', complaining that it was too big and that he didn't like having a second person in the aircraft.

In 1984 he was able to obtain a transfer to an F-16 Falcon squadron, by which time he had reached the rank of Captain. Taking command of the squadron, he doubled the number of flying hours each pilot flew, with an emphasis on air to air combat.

Steadily working his way up the ranks, in 1985 he was able to pursuade the air force and military intelligence service to allow him to form Division Seven. Much like the organisation he founded, details about his career with Division Seven are almost none-existent. There is evidence to suggest that he was involved with several instances of industrial espionage, most notably the theft of one experimental S-37, the testbed for the Su-47 Berkut, shortly before the Stonehenge conflict began.

When the conflict began, Division Seven was placed on active service and the Colonel was reassigned to operational command of Stonehenge. Viewing the weapons achievements as his own, he proved to be a capable commander to the superweapon. However after the ISAF's retreat to North Point, he began to push for the building of a better weapon. The Erusian high command agreed with him and began work on two separate projects.

Project Stonehenge arm was a proposal to extend Stonehenge's range to cover North Point, thus ensuing Erusian victory over the ISAF. Colonel Damien Smirnova was assigned to oversee the project. However the technical challenges of extending Stonehenge's range proved to be difficult and the project was eventually cancelled after the successful escape of the Stonehenge engineers. He was reassigned to oversee project Megalith.

With the destruction of Stonehenge and the loss of a member of the Yellow squadron, Colonel Smirnova began to assemble a new Yellow squadron. The squadron was comprised of pilots that had demonstrated both exceptional skill and dedication to the Sraw party line. Equipped with Su-37 Terminators, the squadron was initially assigned to intercept ISAF bombing missions and they were highly successful in this task. Colonel Damien Smirnova however flew an S-37 and was to down four ISAF Tornado GR-4's, six F-117 Nighthawks, eleven B-52 Stratofortresses and two Nimrods.

On 17/9/2005, the squadron was re-deployed to the island of Yotarn where Megalith was being constructed. They were given orders to protect Megalith from ISAF and to prepare a safe refuge for the leaders of the Sraw party when the ISAF forces invaded Farbanti. (By then the ISAF invasion was merely a question of when, not if, it happened.) In the event, Mobius One defeated the Yellow squadron before the Sraw party leaders could escape.

Left on their own, Colonel Damien Smirnova seized command of Megalith. On the 25/9/2005 he made his demands to the ISAF forces. The ISAF were to retreat back to North Point and allow the Erusia to govern the lands it had conquered. It would not challenge Erusia's dominance.

ISAF deemed his demands unacceptable and on the 26/9/2005 Mobius squadron attacked Megalith. As the ISAF fighters tied up the New Yellows, Mobius One flew his F-5 Tiger II into Megalith to destroy it's internal power generators. (Mobius One was forced to fly the F-5 Tiger II for this mission as his F-22A Raptor was too big for the mission.) As he exited the North side tunnel, Damien's fighter had just taken off and his aircraft flew right into Mobius One's sights. Mobius One fired his cannon and Damien's fighter went down. Damien failed to eject and went down with his plane.

Colonel Damien is described as a highly charismatic and domineering individual, with short black crew cut hair and dark brown eyes. At six foot tall, he tended to tower over other pilots, who tended to be shorter than him.