Hello everyone! I know I just posted my other new story, but I've been planning this one for awhile, so I decided to see what you guys think! It's an AU fic with a focus on Cagalli and Athrun, though KL YS DM MM and SS are also in it as well. Cagalli is a waitress by day and a famous internet blogger by night. Athrun is part of Nerds-to-go a company that fixes technology. In this chapter, they don't meet, because it's the intro...but next time. Anyway, i don't own Gundam Seed or any of the music/books Cagalli mentions in her blog. Cagalli's post will be in italics! Please R&R and let me know what you think! :)


Entry 1

"Alright so that's two plain cheeseburgers, one with a side of mashed potatoes, one with a side French fries and a chicken finger platter. For drinks we've got a milk, a root beer and a diet coke?" Cagalli said tapping her notepad. The couple nodded.

"That's right," the man said.

"Great, I'll be right back with those drinks," she said smiling.

"Oh and can we get a booster seat?" the woman asked.

"No problem," she said. Cagalli dashed back towards the kitchen.

"Tough luck, Athha, seems like you got the busy side tonight," Yzak Joule, her rival in serving, remarked snidely.

"Yeah well at least I don't have the Grouch and his spouse!" she snickered as she gestured towards the elderly couple that Lacus Clyne, the hostess was seating in Yzak's section. "But I guess you'll fit in with your hair and all," she said laughing. She ran towards the kitchen. She grabbed the booster seat first and then placed the order on the table. She rang the bell.

"Yo Dearka, we've got two PCheeseBs, one side fries, one side mashed and a CFP," Cagalli yelled. "Make it quick, they've got a young kid," she finished. She dropped the seat off and ran back to grab the drinks. "Shiho! Can you grab me a milk?" she asked, her friend, who was the bartender.

"No problem, sweets. We're busy tonight," she said.

"No kidding," Cagalli said. "At least I'm not slacking like old dome head!" Shiho laughed and handed Cagalli the drink. Cagalli grabbed the two sodas on her own. She dropped the drinks off and quickly ran back to the kitchen to grab the food of two teenage girls. Cagalli Yula Athha had been working for Mu and Murrue La Flaga for almost four years now. The restaurant, which the two owned together, was known as the ZAFT Bar and Grille and the crew had slowly become Cagalli's family. Mu, Dearka Elsman and Miriallia Haww were the cooks. Mu was the best in town and he had trained Dearka and Miriallia making them almost as good. But Mu liked to tease that he had a way of making food impossibly good, so no one could ever measure up to his cooking. Murrue was basically the manager, because she managed all the money and hiring and firing and what not. Lacus Clyne was the hostess and Cagalli's best friend, as well as her brother's girlfriend. Kira, Cagalli's brother did not work at the restaurant with her, but he visited quite often and had started dating Lacus. Shiho Hahenfuss was the bartender, who many of the costumers loved, as well as Yzak, but he had never worked up the courage to actually ask her out. Cagalli, Yzak Joule and up until recently Flay Allster were the servers. Flay had never been good at it though and Murrue ended up firing her. No one really cared that she had been fired though, because no one had really enjoyed having her around. So recently things had been hectic for Cagalli and Yzak, since it was the beginning of the summer season and they'd lost a server, but they still kept up their war to see who was better at serving.

"Cagalli, I've got a group of teenage girls do you want them or should I give them to Joule?" Lacus asked. Cagalli scanned her section, the family she had just served, a couple of teenage girls, an elderly couple and two other family's.

"Girls? Give 'em to Joule, he doesn't get enough girls," she said laughing.

"All right," Lacus said and grabbed menus for the girls. "This way," she said smiling. Cagalli wiped her forehead on her apron.

"Excuse me?" A young girl with short blonde hair approached Cagalli.

"Oh the hostess will be right back," Cagalli said.

"Oh no, I'm looking for a…um…Ms. Murrue La Flaga?" she said uncertainly.

"Oh, yes, come this way," Cagalli said. "Wait here I'll get her," she said. Cagalli hurried out back to Murrue's office. "Uh, Murrue?"

"Hello Cagalli," she said.

"There's a girl here to see you," she said. Murrue looked confused, but still stood up and walked outside to where the girl was standing.

"How can I help you?" Murrue asked.

"My name is Stellar Louissier, I called this morning?" she said.

"Ah yes, please come into my office," Murrue said happily. Cagalli left the two of them and dashed back towards the kitchen.

"Here you go, Cags," Miriallia said, placing the two burgers and chicken finger platter on the counter.

"That was fast than I expected," Cagalli said cheerfully. She delivered the food and the couple was happy that the food had come so quickly. Cagalli smiled, she knew that Mu and Murrue would be happy to see satisfied costumers. The restaurant was well known for its quick and friendly service. The rest of the afternoon continued on in a similar fashion, Cagalli and Yzak dashing to and fro trying to fill orders and keep everyone happy. Finally closing time came and Cagalli and Yzak began to stack chairs and clean the tables. Yzak kept rubbing the same spot on the table as he watched Shiho fix the bar and wipe down the counter top. Cagalli smirked and approached him.

"Joule, let me give you a piece of advice. Girls don't just magically appear in your bed. You gotta ask 'em to get 'em," she whispered.

"Hey shut your mouth, Cagalli!" he yelled blushing furiously.

"I'm just trying to help you," she said nicely.

"Whatever," he snapped.

"Hey everyone, listen up," Murrue said as she walked into the main room. Next to her was the blonde haired girl Cagalli had seen earlier. Mu, Dearka, and Miriallia followed close behind. "This is Stellar, she's going to be replacing Flay. She'll be observing Cagalli and Yzak for awhile, so be nice and welcome her to the family," Murrue said happily. "Today was great, see you all tomorrow," Murrue said, waving. Cagalli stretched and threw her towel on the table.

"Man I am wiped. I will catch you guys later," she said. She stopped as she walked by Stellar. "It's really great to meet you! Let me give you some advice, stick with me, I'm nicer than that one," she said gesturing to Yzak.

"What are you saying Cagalli?" Yzak said.

"Nothing, nothing," she said waving him off. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." Everyone waved good bye and Lacus walked with Cagalli out the door. "Did you hear Kira's coming tomorrow? He finally got a week vacation," Cagalli said.

"Yes! He called me this morning to tell me. A whole week! I'm so excited," she said happily. Cagalli smiled.

"I take it he'll be staying with you," she suggested. Lacus blushed.

"Oh…I don't know, I mean I figured that he'd probably stay with you, but I mean if you don't mind…" she said quietly.

"Of course I don't mind! It's not like I won't see him," she said. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow!" she said.

Cagalli arrived at her apartment and turned on the light. Silence. She put her keys down and poured herself a glass of iced tea. It was strange, she was completely surrounded by people in love; Lacus and her brother; Dearka and Miriallia; Mu and Murrue; even Yzak's weird obsession with Shiho. She couldn't help but feel slightly lonely. She glanced at her computer and smiled.

"That…will make me feel much better." She turned on the screen and immediately pulled up her email.

"You have 24 new messages." The computer sounded. Cagalli smiled.

"Welcome home me," she said and started to open the new messages.

Dear Precious Rose,

I really adore your blog! I love that you update daily…I think that my favorite part is the advice column…

Dear PR,

I know you're probably really busy but I need some advice…

Dear Rose,

I'm a huge fan and I wanted to know if your friends know about your blog...

Cagalli smiled. It was nice to have so many fans. On the outside Cagalli Yula Athha was just a regular old waitress, but on the inside in the privacy of her own apartment, Cagalli became Precious Rose, a widely popular internet blogger. Mostly she gave advice on love and tried to use real life situations, which was ironic, because Cagalli had never fallen in love, she was just surrounded by it. She also suggested new books and music all the time. When she had first started, it was more for herself, just something to do when she got home from a busy work day. But over time people had begun to read her blog and comment more and more, now she practically a phenomenon and the best part was…no one knew who she was.

After spending time answering she started her new post.

Hey guys! I was impressed about how many people actually responded to that last post, seeing as it was so short. Today's topic is: Summer Love! What is it about summer that causes people to gravitate towards each other? Maybe it's the heat. Well I seem to be surrounded by people in love. The worst, as we all know is unrequited love, but how are you supposed to know if someone likes you if you don't even bother to ask them! I know someone with this problem. It seems like guys are more cautious then we know ladies. He's liked this girl forever, but he won't do anything about it. He's never going to get anywhere if he doesn't try. Besides, I've seen her checking him out some times too. So guys the point of today's entry is…you guessed it: go for it! Summer is a time when people are hoping to start a relationship whether it's a summer fling or an actual long term thing, just give it a try. But girls, this doesn't exempt you, don't expect the guys to do all the work. Feel free to approach that guy on the beach. For those of you already in a relationship, summer adds that extra heat, so guys, again, go for it! Bring your girl to that nice restaurant you've been seeing every time you walk home from work, take her to the beach, make her that candlelit dinner. Alright seeing as it's the beginning of summer, grab your favorite Beach Boys album and head to the beach listening to Fun, Fun, Fun or maybe Surfin' Safari. Oh and don't forget your favorite sappy summer romance novels! Next time I'll be focusing on starting a new job…cause we all know how fun that is! Till next time…

Precious Rose

Your Corner:

I received way too many questioned this time and all were good, so I decided to answer them personally. Your Corner will be up and running next time.

Cagalli saved and posted. She smiled happy with what she had produced. She always wondered if people she knew read it and could figure out it was her. She stretched, it had been a long day and she was really looking forward to helping teach Stellar about being a waitress, plus it would give her plenty new material for her blog. She couldn't help but smile at how great her life was. If only she could find someone to love.

So again this is just the intro, Athrun will come in next chapter! Please R&R! Should I continue? not Continue? let me know what you think! :)