The Kanker Sisters Chronicles

Chapter 7: Vengeance is Ed's

Setting: Between "Dawn of the Eds" and "Vert-Ed-Go"

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The Eds passed by the many heaps of trash as they followed Sarah and Jimmy out of the junkyard.

"But guys, what if the robots attack us and try to devour our nerve cells?" Ed asked them. Eddy smacked his head.

"Ed, there are no robots here! It was all pretend!" Eddy screamed. Ed still look worried, so Double D put a hand on his shoulder

"Ed, nobody's gonna attack us, and there are no robots that would consume our nerve cells" Double D assured him. Ed's expression turned from a scared frown to his trademark goofy smile.

"Would you two stop worrying about robots and move it?!" Sarah yelled at them.

"Sarah, which way's home anyway?" Ed asked.

"Whaddya mean? The exit from the junkyard is right hereā€¦" Sarah said as she pointed in front of her, but found that there was no sign of an exit where she was pointing.

"I swore we were going the right way" Sarah said.

"We are lost!" Ed screamed as his eyes expanded in fright.

"AH!" Jimmy screamed with his feminine voice.

"Ed, we're not lost. We've found our way into and out of here before" Double D said to him.

"Well then, Mr. Smart Guy, how are we gonna get out of here?" Eddy asked him. Eddy paced back and forth, trying to develop a thought. He snapped his fingers as he thought of a plan.

"Okay, we'll split up to try to find an exit" Eddy said. Double D shook his head.

"That won't work. If we split up, we'll all be lost. I suggest we stick together and find a way out" Double D said.

"Forget you guys. You wouldn't be able to find your way out of your own room!" Sarah mocked. The Eds narrowed their eyes at the bratty girl.

"Hey, that only happened twice!" Ed said in an offended tone.

"Come on, Jimmy, we'll find a way out" Sarah said snidely. Sarah walked away while tugging Jimmy along with her.

"Well boys, any ideas?" Eddy asked them. Ed looked at Eddy as if he was lost in a daydream, while Double D tried to think of a solution.

"I suggest we stay together, and keep looking for a way out of this desolate place" Double D said. The Eds walked in the opposite direction of Jimmy and Sarah, trying to find their own way out.

Behind a large mound of trash, the Kankers were crouching down, afraid that someone might be chasing them. Earlier, they had seen a man wearing metal armor run towards them and try to attack them.

"Who was that scary person back there, girls?" May asked.

"I'm not sure, but I'm not letting some freak chase us out of here" Lee said. Jimmy and Sarah were walking towards the mound where the Kankers were talking.

"Sarah, shouldn't we-" Jimmy asked but Sarah closed his mouth as she heard voices. She quietly ran over to the trash mound and Jimmy followed her.

"But what if that guy's still after us?" May asked. Marie pounded a fist into her left hand.

"Then we'll show him who's boss" Marie said.

"I don't know Marie. I doubt we can take on a crazy person like the one who chased us" Lee said.

"Do you even remember what the guy looked like?" Marie asked.

"No, but I remember you running" Lee said. Marie ignored Lee's comment.

"This is our chance for revenge, Jimmy" Sarah said deviously. She picked up a cone in the pile of trash and put it near her mouth.

"RAWRR!" Sarah screamed through the cone in a deep voice. The Kankers suddenly had terrified looks on their faces when they heard the noise.

"What was that?" May asked in fright. Sarah stuck a pole into a broken television set, and attached two light bulbs to the front of the TV set. She lifted it up over the mound in the Kankers' view. Sarah roared through the cone again.

"RAWRR!" Sarah roared. The sisters' eyes widened in fright. They were falling for the trick, believing the figure of the pole, TV set and light bulbs to be the head of some monster.

"It's a monster!" May screamed. The Kankers ran away from the machine, shrieking in terror. They ran behind a trash pile, hoping that the monster wouldn't follow them.

"Is it gone?" May asked.

"Why don't you check" Lee said as she pushed her sister out into the open. May's frightened look turned into a curious gaze as she saw that the monster was no longer there. Instead, she saw Jimmy and Sarah come out from behind the pile, laughing gleefully. She motioned to her sisters to come out, and they obeyed. They saw the young pair as well, and were even more shocked.

"That was too easy, huh Jimmy?" Sarah said.

"Oh Sarah, that was fun!" Jimmy said.

"We'll show you kids what fun really means!" Lee said angrily. Their laughter died down, and the two children looked in front of them to see the Kankers running towards them.

"AH!" Sarah and Jimmy yelled fearfully. The two kids ran away as fast as they could to avoid being beaten to a pulp by the enraged trio of girls. They ran straight until they saw a huge trash pile ahead of them.

"Quick Jimmy! Jump in there!" Sarah yelled. Jimmy looked at the pile in disgust, and was even more horrified when Sarah jumped in. He looked back to see the Kankers getting even closer.

"This is so unsanitary!" Jimmy whined as he cautiously entered the pile of trash.

"They went in there! After them!" Lee ordered. The Kankers charged into the pile, while Jimmy and Sarah jumped out on the other side. Sarah ran away from the trash mound, and Jimmy followed her.

"Come on, Jimmy! This way!" Sarah said quietly.

Lee was moving her hand around the pieces of garbage, hoping to find Jimmy and Sarah. She felt someone's arm, and smiled.

"Now I gotcha!" she exclaimed. She ran out of the pile yanking the arm behind her. She pulled it out to see not Sarah or Jimmy, but instead her sister May.

"Lee!" May said angrily. Lee dropped May to the ground, who landed with a thud, and looked around in confusion.

"Where did those brats go?" Lee asked out loud. Marie looked around the pile to see Jimmy and Sarah jump behind a rusted car.

"Girls, they're behind the car on the other side" Marie said. Lee and May started running, but Marie pulled them back by their shirts.

"No, don't run out there! They'll see you. Let's go the other way so we can sneak up on them" Marie said. Lee and May nodded in agreement.

Sarah and Jimmy were crouched behind the car. Sarah raised her head to see if the girls were coming their way.

"Do you see them, Sarah?" Jimmy asked out of fright. Sarah looked around and saw no sign of the Kankers.

"I don't see them anywhere" she said to Jimmy. He turned to his braver friend with a hopeful gaze.

"Maybe they've run off" Jimmy suggested. Sarah nodded.

"I guess they could've" Sarah agreed.

"I sure hope so. They scare the pants off me!" Jimmy replied.

"Then I hope you're wearing a belt" a voice whispered from behind. Jimmy turned to see the Kanker sisters behind him. He and Sarah screamed, and started to dash away. With quick reflexes, Marie and May grabbed them back, and held them in a tight grip. Lee walked in front of the captured kids.

"Well, looks like we've got our little troublemakers" Lee said with a malicious grin.

"What are you gonna do with us?" Sarah asked. Lee stopped smiling and scratched her head.

"You know, I really haven't thought that through yet" Lee admitted.

"You could let us go" Jimmy said. Lee pressed her face against his forehead.

"And why would I do that? You're the ones who scared us back there!" Lee asked. Sarah pushed Lee off Jimmy.

"But we only did that because you were so mean to us when we first met you!" Sarah retorted. May tackled Sarah to the ground.

"Yeah, but you did say some nasty things to us when we met you" May said as Sarah tried to break free. Sarah bit May's arm.

"OW! She bit me!" May screamed. Sarah tossed May aside and stood back up, only to be pushed against the car by Lee.

"That's enough!" Marie said. The others stopped fighting and looked at her.

"Why don't we forget all this revenge stuff? They scared us, we scared them. If you girls keep pushing this, it's gonna keep going forever" Marie stated. May and Lee looked at her curiously, considering her idea. Jimmy and Sarah exchanged glances, thinking about it as well.

"I don't know" Lee said unsurely.

"Maybe we could strike a deal? You help us and we help you?" Jimmy asked.

"What do you guys need?" Marie asked.

"A way out" Sarah said. "We came in here, and now we're lost!" The Kankers looked at them doubtfully.

"What could you possibly give us in return for directions?" May asked.

"What do you three want?" Sarah said with a shrug. The sisters smiled deviously.

"Well, we actually need some addresses" Marie said.

"Who's addresses do you want?" Sarah asked.

"We want the address of all the kids, including you two" Lee said.

"Don't you already know where some of them live?" Sarah asked.

"We did, but unfortunately we've forgotten exactly where their homes are" Marie said. Jimmy and Sarah scratched their heads and looked at the Kankers with suspicion.

"I don't know" Sarah said.

"Fine, then we won't help you find a way out" Lee said. The sisters began to walk away, and Sarah simply stared at them leave. Jimmy, on the other hand, was sweating nervously, worrying how they would find a way out.

"WAIT!" Jimmy yelled nervously. Jimmy ran towards them, and Sarah followed him. He went up to the Kankers, and they promptly turned around, handing Jimmy a pen and paper, as if they expected him to chase after them.

"Get started" Lee ordered. Jimmy nervously wrote down the names, while Sarah tried to convince him otherwise.

"What are you doing? We don't need to do this!" Sarah said. Jimmy kept writing down addresses, but turned slightly towards her direction.

"We do if we want to get out of here! Besides, what could they possibly do with this information?" Jimmy asked. Jimmy finished writing the last address, and gave it to the sisters. Lee stuffed the paper in her shirt.

"Nice doing business with you" Lee said.

"Yeah, yeah, we gave you your dumb addresses, now why don't you harpies help us out" Sarah said.

"Sure thing, frog-mouth" May said.

"Okay, pig-nose" Sarah said. May twitched at this comment, and tackled Sarah. Marie grabbed the two and pushed them apart from each other.

"Stop arguing, and maybe we can get you out of here!" Sarah yelled.

The Eds passed by the last mound of trash in sight, and found themselves in front of the junkyard's exit.

"Finally, we found the way out" Eddy said. The Eds began to walk through the exit and back towards the cul-de-sac.

"See, Eddy. If we had split up, we would have taken longer to regroup and locate a way out" Double D said.

"Yeah, you were right once again, sock-head. Big surprise there" Eddy said in a sarcastic tone.

"I wonder what's for dinner" Ed said.

"I guess you'll find out when you get home, mono-brow" Eddy said.

"It's interesting how our imaginations got the best of us back there. The mind is truly the one thing we will never fully solve" Double D said. Eddy groaned at Double's long statement.

"I love chicken" Ed said in reply. Double D looked at him in surprise.

"That was random" Double D said.

"And you also like butter toast and gravy, right Ed?" Eddy asked.

"Yep" Ed said happily. Suddenly, Ed's eyes lit up.

"Hey, what if they had butter toast with gravy and chicken all in one meal?!?" Ed said. Eddy and Double D looked at him in amusement.

"I'm sure that would make your day, lumpy" Eddy said. Ed nodded happily in reply. The Eds finally arrived at the cul-de-sac, each of them heading to his house.

At long last, Jimmy, Sarah and the Kankers had arrived at the exit gate.

"There you go, kiddies. Now that you're at the exit, you can stop wetting your diapers" Lee mocked. Her insult angered Jimmy more than Sarah.

"At least my teeth look normal" Jimmy said.

"I'm not the one with chicken hair" Lee said.

"I don't know how you can even see my hair with that beehive on your head" Jimmy said angrily. Lee gritted her teeth, and was about to grab him until Marie pulled her back.

"Ignore it, Lee. We have what we wanted" Marie said. Sarah and Jimmy ran off to the cul-de-sac, while Lee took the list out of her shirt.

"Yep, girls, it's all here" Lee said.

"Now we know where to find those kids, including the Eds!" May said happily. Lee waved the paper in the air

"Girls, this list is gonna help with a bunch of plans from here on out!" Lee said confidently. The Kankers walked back to the trailer park, as the moon began to appear in the nighttime sky.