Drabble 6

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Characters: Hatori, Shigure

Genre: Yaoi, Family, Romance

Rated: M, NC-17 (for obvious reasons....just read the summary)

Summary: I continued to rub his member as I looked at his beautiful body. He was a pale white, with the slightest bit of a tan on his face. His beautiful black hair was splayed across the pillow behind his head. I knew I had to save him.

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Protect, Love, Save

I knew that before my eyes, I was slowly losing him.

He was my best friend and all I could do was sit by and watch him deteriorate.

Day by day...he was dying. Emotionally.

Slowly, I rubbed my hand on him, watching him moan at my actions.

He felt so warm; burning hot in my palm.

I felt a tear come to my eyes as he moaned my name.

I continued to rub his member as I looked at his beautiful body.

He was a pale white, with the slightest bit of a tan on his face. His beautiful black hair was splayed across the pillow behind his head.

His eyes were tightly closed and his pink lips were parted slightly, breathing unevenly.

He looked like a complete god. My god. Only mine.

I twisted my wrist against him and he moaned louder, losing a bit more of his self control.

"Fuck me."

Those words hurt me more than you could ever comprehend. They stung through my veins like ice cold water.

The tears flowed freely now. I couldn't stop them.

"What's wrong?"

His glistening green eyes stared into mine as his warm hand cupped my cheek.

"Shut up!," I screamed.

Looking at his face got me mad. I was beyond affronted by the thought that I was losing him. I couldn't take that.

He just laid there quiet as he looked at me, trying to figure out what was wrong.

"Turn around and kneel down," I ordered, the tears starting to dissipate.

I knew that he liked it when I took control. And I had to at some point. Or else I would lose everything I have.

He nodded and obeyed, still silent.

I kneeled behind him and put my hands firmly on his waist to hold him still.

Without any preparation or lube, I pushed into him so hard and fast that it even hurt me.


He screamed loudly as his voice cracked and rose an octave.

I just pulled out and pushed in harder than the first time.

He was screaming out now, and I took pleasure in the pain.

As he screamed, I just smiled, happy that I was bringing him some form of comfort and pleasure.

I pumped in and out rhythmically, enjoying it thoroughly.

Before I even could realize what was really going on, I felt him clench tight around me.

I grunted as I tried to reposition my hips so this could last a bit longer. But, to no avail.

His beautiful voice cried out in ecstasy as he climaxed.

That angelic voice made me close as well.

I thrusted. Once. Twice. And three times.

And I came. Harder than I had ever before, I spurted my cum deep into him.

As I pulled out, I started to catch my breath.

"Are you okay?," I looked down at him.

He was laying facedown, still breathing heavily.

He didn't answer me.

I turned him over to his side to look at his face.

I started to cry again. I was such an emotional mess. My nose started to run and I sobbed loudly, holding him in my arms.

I can only pray to god that I can keep him for life. I can't ever give up on him. Never.

I stroked his cheek as I remembered the pain in his face.

He has gone through so much in his small life, I can't even comprehend half of it. He's very strong. Stronger than I could ever be.

I cry harder and harder as I think of all the things we did in the past.

Finally, exhausted more than I had ever felt before, I placed a single kiss on his cool forehead.

And my heart nearly shattered into a million pieces as I heard what he said.

That's what I tried to keep his thoughts away from. What I tried so hard to overcome with him.

The name he whispered in his sleep broke my heart:


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