Deadly Knife by AndromedaMarine

The Order

Kolya coughed over the radio. He'd just sent two of his best Genii warriors to dispatch of Major Sheppard. His anger heightened when Sora came on. "He's – Sheppard's killed them," she said, astonished. "This guy's good."

Kolya growled. He glared intensely at Elizabeth and Rodney, whose eyes were both ecstatic that John was coming and scared to death that Kolya would kill them. He snatched the radio from the control desk and cleared his throat. "Major Sheppard, I demand that you surrender."

"Over my dead body," John snapped back, still running through the city towards the control tower. The storm was only an hour away. "Or yours, perhaps?"

Kolya laughed a heartless laugh. Elizabeth cringed and seized Rodney's arm for reassurance. "I have a different suggestion." He motioned for a Genii guard to get Elizabeth, who fought back wildly. Kolya deftly handled a long, evil knife and inspected it.

"Oh yeah? Are you going to leave?"

The Genii warrior frowned. "No. If you do not stand down I will kill Dr. Weir." He lifted the knife and placed it against Elizabeth's throat.

John, still halfway across the city, paled. If they killed Elizabeth, he wouldn't know what to do. He would never fully admit it to anyone but himself, but he loved her. He loved her. Every part of her. And if they killed her, she would never know his true feelings. Distantly he heard the thunder explode above the city. The storm was getting very near. "Kolya, if you kill her I swear on my life you will die too."

"Stand down."

John bit his lip. Elizabeth would tell him to keep fighting, but if he did Elizabeth would die.

"Don't do it, John!" Elizabeth yelled from the grips of the guards who restrained her. Kolya pressed the knife closer and the leader cringed, eyeing the sharp blade tentatively.

"You have ten seconds," Kolya said shrewdly, his frigid eyes glaring at Elizabeth and McKay. ""

"Elizabeth..." John said, needing an answer.


"Elizabeth!" He started to run toward the tower.


"Kolya! Don't do it!" John yelled, charging down the darkened hallway. He had to get to the control room. He had to get to Elizabeth and Rodney. He had to kill Kolya.


John skidded to a stop and ceased breathing, listening hard to the radio. Had he just cost his leader her life?

"Weir is dead." He laughed coldly and turned the radio off.

Nearly all the strength left John's body and the heartless Genii's words echoed in his head and through the empty hallway. Weir is dead. She couldn't be dead – not now. Not ever. But Kolya had lied before – it was entirely possible he had been bluffing about killing Elizabeth. He paled again. Oh, God. Maybe they had killed McKay instead – just telling him it was Elizabeth had been a ploy. His head started to hurt as he thought about the different possibilities.

Adeptly he shot four more Genii guards from his hiding place as they stalked him; soon Kolya would run out of men. Weir is dead. He pressed on, getting ever closer to the tower. Half a mile now; it would be so much faster if the damn transporters were working. Weir is dead. He loved her. Correction – he loves her.

And he was going to kill Kolya no matter what. His heart hardened, keeping only Elizabeth inside. He was going to make Kolya pay.