First Born.

Chapter 1

Pairing: Grimmjow/ Ichigo.

Rating: Pg- 13 in this chapter, Ranting- M in the next chapters.

Warnings: MPREG, sexual content and bad grammar (looking for a beta writer)


It was one dark night at the palace of Las Noches in Hueco mundo. Aizen; the greatest traitor of Soul Society , an ex- shinigami captain and the leader of the arrancar and the espadas were very satisfied. His plans were going just like in the way he had planned; his attack at the real world made Orihime surrender and coming to the Hueco mundo with Ulquiorra at her will. And he's even more satisfied when he saw Orihime's power restoring Grimmjow's arm and tattoo, making him back as the sixth espada.

But Aizen wanted more, much more. Lately, Aizen found out as soon hollows become arrancars, they can sire and bear children just like humans and shinigamis could do. That made Aizen think how would children of arranacars with shinigami come out? He has no doubt they would come out very powerful. He called Szayel- eighth espada if there was a possibility shinigami and arrancar having children together.

"Well Aizen-sama, it's possible shinigamis and arrancars having children, but we have a problem with this." Said Szayel adjusting his hollow mask like glasses in his face before continuing. "Female shinigami would die in the period of pregnancy before the baby could born, and the female arrancar are know of not being very maternal woman."

Aizen smirked as a thought came to his mind. Szayel didn't like the way he's smirking. Whenever he gives that smirk it's a sign for trouble. A big trouble.

"What would happen if a male shinigami bears a child of a male arrancar?"

Szayel almost fall from his chair. Aizen hasn't had just suggest to create a type of male pregnancy, had he? Well, it's possible since sea horses are the ones who give the birth to their babies.

"Well…" stared Szayel being careful what to say because he doesn't want anger Aizen with the wrong words. "… they would have more chances to survive in the period if pregnancy, until the child is born. May I ask what are you thinking, sir?"

"The future of a new race. I know the person who's going to be a perfect guinea pig for our First Born Project. Call Grimmjow, I have a job for him." Said Aizen as he drank some tea from his cup. Yes, that person is perfect for the experience.


In the fall of night, Ichigo was sleeping in his bed at his house. He was still recovering from the last attack of the arrancar. He was still weak duo for the wounds he got from Grimmjow in their last fight. He would have met his end if it wasn't for Shinji- a vizard to drive Grimmjow off.

Ichigo opened his eyes as he felt a strong presence in his room. His eyes widen in surprise when he saw the last person he wanted to see in the moment; Grimmjow. The sixth espada just glared at him. He just put his hand in Ichigo's month.

"If you try to make any move or sound, I swear I will kill those brats in this room."

Ichigo's widen in horror as he was paralyzed in fear by Grimmjow's threat. He couldn't afford a fight here in his home. He couldn't put his family in danger because of him. He could only hope it was a nightmare.

"Now, if you come with me to Hueco mundo without causing any trouble, I will not do anything to your pathetic family." Said Grimmjow as he removes his hand from Ichigo's mouth.

"If I come with you…" Stared Ichigo as he contined. " You will not do anything to my family, right?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow smirked as he looked at the substitute shinigami.

"You may not believe, but I have some sense of honor, shinigami."

Having no choice and thinking on his family well being, Ichigo accepts to go to Hueco mundo with Grimmjow. With some difficulty, Ichigo got up from the bed as Grimmjow graps his arm and opening the portal to Hueco mundo. Ichigo looked at his sleeping sisters with sadness in his eyes before the portal is closed completely.


Ichigo was forced to be in his kneed by Grimmjow in the presence of Aizen in his throne room in the Las Noches Palace. Ichigo glared at the source of all the problems of the Soul Society. The traitor only smirked at the substitute shinigami.

"Aizen…" growled Ichito at the traitor.

"Welcome to Las Noches, Kurosaki Ichigo. I see Grimmjow did a good work on bringing you here without using violence." Said the greatest traitor of Soul Society. "That's good because you're the part of an important project we're developing."

"Project? What the hell are you…"

Before Ichigo could finish his phase, he felt a sting on his back before everything around him turns black and collapsing in the group. Behind him stood Szayel holding a syringe in his right hand.

"Is our guinea pig ready?" asked Szayel.

"He's all yours, Szayel Aporro Granz." Said Aizen smirking."

Szayel snapped his fingers as two arrancar nurses came to the throne room with a stretcher. They placed Ichigo in the stretcher as Szayel bowed to Aizem before leaving the room. Grimmjow looked at Aizen with a distrust look.

"What kind of project you were talking about?" asked Grimmjow

"It's a project where I am planning to create a new race, and I will use Kurosaki Ichigo for this, making him the mother of this new race. Making him bear arrancar children."

The scene change in a surgery room. A nurse places an oxygen mask on Ichigo's face to keep him sleeping. Szayel was using surgeon cloths and he looked at his sleeping patient.

"Let's star the surgery."

To be continued.

Well, here is my very first bleach fanfiction and my very first Mpreg story. You have to thank to my friend Rivania, a great artist and a big GrimmIchi fan.

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