First born



10 years later

The sun was just beginning to rise on the horizon in Karakura Town, bathing it in a soft silvery blue light. A child figure slightly snored and muttered to herself about her dreams.

The child groaned as she started to wake up. Struggling to sit up, she craned her neck until became painful, trying to fully awaken. She only became fully awake when she turned towards the alarm clock on her nightstand. The alarm clock was supposed to have gone off an hour ago. That's when the child realized what happened. She had slept through the morning alarm. She quickly jumped out of her bed and gasped out.

"OH CRAP! I'M LATE!!" The girl shouted out.


She ran down the steps and quickly ran into the kitchen. She passed by and saw her mother fixing some breakfast for them.

"Mother, why didn't you wake me up early!?" the girl shouted. "I'm going to be late!!"

"I tried to wake you up, Masaki-chan, but you sleep like rock. I doubt a hollow's howl could wake you."

The mother of child was none other than Kurosaki Ichigo. For 10 years, he had to study hard to enter college and to be in medicine. Like his father, Ichigo was now a medic of his own clinic, but sometimes he worked with his father in his clinic.

"Masaki-chan! Don't forget to get your lunch bag on the counter near the front door!" Ichigo called out.

Masaki rushed towards the front door and picked up her lunch bag. Ichigo went toward to the door, seeing his daughter at full speed. Looks like she was using shunpo to be in time for class. Then, he heard a loud crying. Ichigo smiled softly as he turned towards his second child, crying in his cradle in the nursery. The baby stopped crying when Ichigo picked him up and started to feed him.

It had been 10 years since the war between Shinigami and Arrancar was over.

It was hard to believe the one who defeated Aizen was Masaki; Ichigo's first born child, though she had done it accidentally when she was in her wild stage.

After the war, Ichigo's fear almost came true when Yamamoto declared Ichigo's child dangerous for being a hybrid between Shinigami and Arrancar and also for her ability of sealing zanpakatou's powers. Ichigo wasn't the only one who faced him, his friends, Urahara, and the Vizards came for the child's defense. Yamamoto only left them alone when the Shinigami King had come out. Ichigo and the others were pretty surprised when the king himself had come for them. He said to Yamamoto that just because the child was half Arrancar and half Shinigami, that didn't meant she was evil. Not all the Arrancars were evil, just like not all the Shinigami are good, which Aizen had proven this point. The king blessed Ichigo's child and told him to raise her well because she would be the balance between the two groups.

Karin and Yuzu loved the idea of being aunties (though pretty early) and Isshin had become more of a fool than before when he met his first granddaughter. Ichigo had to beat him senseless to stop acting like a fool and to stop spoiling his daughter.

Unfortunately, Isshin was not the only one who liked to spoil his daughter. Urahara and Shinji titled themselves as the best godfathers in the world. They even dared to give to Masaki a plushie of themselves just to show to Masaki who her godfathers were.

Grimmjow also had changed in those years. After a lot of work, they finally convinced Urahara to make a gigai for the sixth Espada. Grimmjow was now working as a gym teacher for a junior high school. Ichigo felt sorry for those unfortunate souls that get a class with Grimmjow. Ever since, Grimmjow started to live in the living world to stay close to Masaki and Ichigo. Grimmjow made Ichigo pregnant again and now they had a baby boy named Hikaru. Hikaru was a chibi version of Grimmjow, except he didn't have the jaw mask that Grimmjow had and also, his hair was much darker than his father's and his eyes were brown like Ichigo's. Unfortunately, Hikaru kind of got Grimmjow's personality. He didn't like sharing his mother to his father; the little baby went so far as blasting a Cero at Grimmjow. At least the baby didn't destroy the house.

"I wonder how Grimmjow is doing at work." Ichigo thought.


In a junior high school not very far from Ichigo's house, a lot of children were moaning in pain. Their gym teacher had forced them to run 30 laps around the field.

"Why the heck are you whining for, brats!?"

Yep, Grimmjow was very vigorous in his work as a gym teacher, keeping the kids in line and in shape. Grimmjow had a fake name in there; he was known as Kurosaki Akuma, but the kids only called him the hell demon teacher because all his classes were a living hell.

Ever since he started to live in the living world, he got a job as gym teacher. He worked in the same school where his daughter Masaki studied. He would make sure no boy would touch his little girl.

"I want you run more 15 laps before the signal for the next period!" Grimmjow shouted to the kids

The kids whined. They preferred to have a hard Math exam than one of his insane classes.


It was lunch period. Masaki was eating her lunch in the roof with her three best friends; the first one was a boy with a short silver hair, blue eyes with long bangs covering his right eye and his skin was pale. He was wearing the male school uniform. The second one was an anthropomorphic canine wearing a blue kimono, and the third one was a young boy with wild dark hair and golden eyes and his skin was a little tanned with a piece of a teeth mask on the right side of his face. He had a hole in his abdomen and he was wearing a white jacket, white pants and black boots. The three boys looked like they were the same age as Masaki.

"How come you're the only one to get a gigai, Hirokazu?" asked the anthropomorphic canine, who eating his lunch.

The silver haired boy couldn't help but to sweat drop as he looked at his canine friend.

"Sorry Toboe-kun, Urahara-san only had time to make a gigai for me." Said the silver haired boy.

"Heh, you know, dogs are not allowed in school." Said the tanned boy. "Your gigai will probably be a dog, since you're a canine yourself." he smirked as he looked at the anthropomorphic canine as he growled at him.

"Can you say that again, Rick!?" he shouted.

With that said, both the boys named Toboe and Rick glared at each other with fire in their eyes. They were ready to pounce and destroy each other like an old married couple. Meanwhile, the other two sweat dropped and observed the argument from the sidelines.

"Are you not going to stop them?" asked Hirokazu

"Me? I gave up on separating them, Hiro-kun. They fight like a dog and cat, and I am not figuratively speaking." Said Masaki as she took a bite of her lunch.

"That was pretty cold, Saki-chan." Said Hirokazu with a sweet drop.

Masaki meet Hirokazu and Toboe a few months back, when their parents, the captains of the 3rd squad- Kira Izuru and the captain of the 7th squad- Komamura Sanji took their children to live in the living world for a while. After the Arrancar war, Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tousen were captured alive and condemned of death penalty for their treason and putting the Soul Society in danger. But before of their death, both Kira and Komamura decided to take the uterus implants made by Mayuri to be able to bear their children. It looked like in the deep, they still had feelings for the former captains and they wanted to bear their children and keep their happy memories alive.

Kira and Komamura decided that their children should live with Urahara for a while, to make friends in the living world. Since they were captains, they didn't find time for their children and in Soul Society they wouldn't have any friends. They quickly became friends with Masaki. Toboe even developed a crush on Masaki because she never said a dog joke to him and Hirokazu stared to have a brotherly relationship with her. As for Rick- the child Arrancar; Nell was the one who introduced Rick to her. Rick had a rebel personality but he became a good friend to her. He quickly got a rivalry with Toboe for Masaki's attention.

They were still growling at each other when something hit the top of their heads. They paled when they saw Grimmjow glaring at them.

"H-hi G-Grimmjow-san." Toboe said to Grimmjow

"What I did say about fighting in the school?" asked Grimmjow in a cold tone.

"Come on, Grimm-san, except for Hiro here because he is in a gigai, no one can really see us." Said Rick.

Then, Grimmjow grabbed them by the collars of their cloths and he started taking them to the gym.

"I don't care, brats. You still broke the rules. I want you two run 30 laps around the gym." said Grimmjow, grolwing at them. "And it's Grimmjow-sama for you, little brat!"

Masaki couldn't help but feel sorry for her friends. Ever since Masaki was born, Grimmjow had sworn he would only allow a boy to date her if he defeated him in a battle. That's one of the reasons why her father liked to pick them. He didn't pick on Hirokazu because he didn't have this type of feeling for Masaki.

"Do you think they will be alright?" asked Hirokazu nervously.

"They will be." Said Masaki. "Or else father would have face the wrath of my mother if something happens either to them or to the other students here." Said Masaki smiling to Hirokazu,

Yep, everything was normal around Grimmjow and Ichigo with their children and friends.

The end

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