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When Edward Cullen, player, moves into his new apartment to find an unexpected roommate. She's beautiful, sarcastic, different and best she's a ghost. When she starts to change him for the better he realizes he's deadly in love. Will he claim his own life just to be with her or will she fade before he has the chance.

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Teddy Fight



"Shut up," But Emmett's laughter didn't cease but seemed to grow even more pronounced as a delicate pink colored my cheeks and I clutched Goldie to my chest, breathing in his scent, the scent of my childhood.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," I repeated, tapping his foot with mine, causing no pain but the implication was there. His eyes watched me with amusement and innocent mischief.

"I'm sorry, Bella, but seriously, how many of these furry little dudes do you have?" He asked with a risen eyebrow. I sighed, casting a look around Charlie's diminutive attic cluttered with cardboard boxes mostly marked with a faded marker that read 'Bells'.

"I'm not actually sure. I was a grown up child but everyone needs a teddy of two," I responded.

"More like a hundred or two. I mean, c'mon," He said sarcastically lifting up Molly, a purple skinned dog with fluff hanging out from a slit in her skin, one ear had a bit sized hole and one eye was hanging out by a string.

"What happened to Scary Mary here?" He asked, a smirk playing on his face. I rolled my eyes, placing Goldie on a dusty box.

"Molly," I corrected automatically. "Captain happened to her," I grumbled, sneering out my father's decent dog's name out like acid.

"Teddy fight? Interesting, you must have had an imaginative mind, Bella," He said nodded his head, smiling humorlessly. I rolled my eyes pitifully, slapping his hard chest.

"No, he was Charlie's beloved guard dog. One day I was outside playing with Molly and out comes that motherfu.. any way's he got hold of her and I had to chase him around the garden several times," I stated, a knowing smile slipping onto my face.

"How did you catch him, cause, no offense, Bells, but aren't the most coordinated," He asked his tone casual, his golden eyes appraising.

"I fell on him. Broke his back and front leg," I smiled at the memory. However, the idiot dog wouldn't leave me alone yet. So on my last visit to Charlie when I was fourteen I prayed my next door neighbor to run over him with his bike.

"Ouch," Emmett laughed, ruffling my hair fondly. I smiled, batting away his large hand.

It was a sunny Saturday. Edward and the others had gone hunting, leaving me with Emmett. At first we watched football, routing for different teams, which resulted in a heated argument. At half time I suggested we did something productive and he agreed..reluctantly. And now we were tidying the attic.

"So, have you forgiven Jasper yet?" He asked coyly. I sighed and instantly bent to pick up a teddy, distracting herself from answering.

"Oh no you didn't," He boomed and suddenly I was on the ground, rolling around slapping away his hands that were tickling my sides, causing my laughter to ring through his ears and tears flowing down my cheeks.

"Stop..stop...stop, I tell you," I roared, he smiled, his dimples showing. He picked me and steadied me. I glared half hearted at him and he grinned slinging his large arm around me, tucking me safely into his side.

I sighed and suddenly felt tired. Edward had been gone three days and I hadn't gotten more than four hours of sleep with his arms around me, pressing me into his cold chest. At that moment Emmett's coolness and his proximity calmed me.

"No," I said. He shook his head, looking down at me with a silly expression on his beautiful face.

"What," I said stubbornly, jutting out me chin, dignified. He chuckled and said something under his breath to quick for mew to hear. Damn.

"Nothing, Bella," He said, cocking his head. I yawned and wrapped my arms around his granite waist. I stared blankly at the hole in the boards where we had entered and suddenly a bronze head emerged.


I propelled myself off of Emmett and ran at Edward who was now up on the floorboards, smiling crookedly. I gave a little jump and was surprised when I had leaped into his strong arms, my legs wrapped around his waist comfortably. He laughed, his butter scotch eyes dancing with delight at my obvious amusement.

"Eager, love?" He laughed and I blushed, burying my face in the crook of his neck, relishing his priceless scent. He kissed my neck soothingly and I grinned. Suddenly feeling as if I was fully complete. Like I was in enormous pain and now it was soothed.

"I missed you," I murmured. He sucked in a deep breath and his arms tightened.

"I missed you more. I love you," He said with another smile. My smile. I rolled my eyes and repeated it with complete sincerity. He grinned, kissing me deeply. Emmett snickered behind us and was answered by a loud rumbling sound coming from Edward's chest. I almost swooned there. Edward didn't know but that growl of his was oddly the sexiest thing ever.

"Down boy. Damn, girl. I thought we had something special," He joked and Edward sighed. I rolled my eyes and sank into Edward's chest as he let me down. His hands wrapped around my torso and I felt very much at ease.

"Please, it was fun while it lasted but I like a little red in my man," I smirked. He winked and I smiled back.

"Uh, Rose. Emmett's been cheating," Alice giggled and I turned awkwardly to see Alice, Jasper and Rosalie standing by the small opening that led downstairs.

I snorted as did Rosalie and then we smiled at each other. Alice winked at me and Jasper greeted me with a smile, which I turned my head on. Edward watched me cautiousness, pressing kisses onto my hair.

"Bella," Jasper started before Edward shook his head. Alice sucked in a breath and then gasped and I could just imagine her eyes scanning around the room of teddies.

"Awesome," She breathed and with one swift motion bounded into a pile of teddies in the ground. Her complete form disappeared and after a few moments a teddy, Yuri, began to rise from the bunch and I suddenly it was sitting in a head of black spikes.

Rosalie chuckled and dived in pulling Alice with her. Neither could be seen and I was left only with Emmett, Edward and Jasper. Emmett then shrugged jumped high and pulled his knees to his chest, shouting "Kowa Bunga, baby," As he vanished.

Edward rolled his eyes, muttered 'Morons' before taking a smooth jump and with hands directed in front of him he dived in.

It was just me and him. I clicked my tongue as I watched all my teddies move, blankets for my lovable vampires. It was quiet, tension in the air between the traitor and I. And then he was down on one knee in front of my, clutching at my feet, melodramatically.

I gently kicked him off me, scowling at his waves of persuasion he was sending me.

"Knock it off," I barked and he sighed miserably, making me instantly feel bad. I sighed angrily and bent down to his eye level. I pocked his chest once before speaking lowly.

"Listen you, I love you like a brother but if you ever betray me again, to Pix, I'll make Edward do something really bad, like a really sore nipple pincher, got that?" I asked and he smiled beaming, nodding his head enthusiastically, resembling a nodding dog, especially now that his wet tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth. Okay.

There was a snicker from behind us and I looked up to see Edward standing up and Rosalie crouching, snarling playfully at Emmett who had four teddies cradled in his arms and then Alice grabbed one and flung it at her head. It hit her on the top on the head and then comically enough bounced off.

Edward was the one who snickered and as soon as he saw me repressing a smile at Rosalie's hit, he picked up a teddy, Jimmy, and flung it forcedly at my head. I growled at it squeaked and fell at my feet.

"I now pronounce Teddy War," I screamed, grabbing Jasper hand and diving in slow motion to the side, where we took refuge in a wall of teddies that was coincidentally there.

"What's our major target?" I asked in a low voice tight voice. Jasper peeked up and quickly ducked again as a small teddy, Kate, came at his head. I growled at the attack of my comrade.

"Edward and Rosalie," He muttered darkly. I nodded and grabbed a handful of teddies, giving each a kiss on their dusty foreheads and getting to my knee's half covered in teddies as I screamed attracted their attention and threw my teddies, in slow motion.

"What the hell," Rosalie hissed as they lingered in mid air, causing waves in the air to be visible. I grinned and waved my hand and then they all crashed into her head, knocking her back onto a pile teddies, which she slowly was dissolved in

Edward watched open mouthed and I head Emmett and Alice gasp in surprise. I smiled before slowly, deliberate, got down so I was no longer seen. I repressed an evil laugh. Mhahaha. Oops, slipped out.

Jasper looked at me admirably and I blushed a beetroot red. Aw, Shucks.

He grinned and got to his knee's with a teddy in his arms. I got up to, wanting to see his tactics and then that's when it happened. Emmett and Rosalie got to their feet, each with a teddy and all threw them at each other. I watched in amazement as all three teddies, Ginger, Marmalade and Huggles, met in mid air and Edward, Alice and I shore a wide eyed glance as we got to our feet and slung ourselves as far away from the blast as we could. The explosion shook the room and I cried in pain at the deaths of my teddies.

I slowly got to my knees and crawled over to Jasper, who was sprawled on the floor, blackness covering his pale skin, fluff sticking to him tightly. I let out a painful sob though a small part of me was smug.

I peeked up from my base to see Edward doing the same and with a wink we turned to see Alice standing up, looking around her frantic. It seemed that in the blast we had lost our partners plus Alice seemed to have lost her station.

Edward head raised as did mine and we aimed our teddies for the back of her head, grinning evilly as we did so, it was going fine until see turned around, her eyes narrowed into dangerous little slits, her mouth turned down at the sides forming a scowl.

I was jaw slackened when I saw two belts that I recognized as her neon green belt and Emmett's dark green belt were strapped around her shoulders, teddies hanging from them. She had a weird kind of gun, stuffed with smaller teddies and I growled inwardly. She had knew about this .

"Oh, oh," I muttered and she grinned, pulling the trigger.

I grabbed one from my pile and slapped it away. She hissed and did so with Edward but he copied my actions. She growled agitatedly and threw one out the window. It wasn't just a teddy. It was my teddy. Goldie. I screamed with anxiety and threw myself across the room, stepping over my vampires and furry little friends.

I reached the window and before anyone could object or stop me I jumped out, eyes only on my teddy bear. My hands encircled it's furry little waist and I pulled him under my arm and that's when I realized I was about to fall.

Have you ever seen a cartoon where they go out of a window dumbly and think they're fine until they look down, eyes bulging and they scramble for. Well, that's exactly what I looked like at that moment in time.

I scrambled for air and then I began to fall, I was past the window and almost in the bushes when Edward appeared under me, his hands outstretched as I feel roughly into them and I groaned. Yet another bruise.

He laughed, his eyes twinkling with worry. He steadied me on the ground and I smiled up at him, breathing deeply, trying to steady me heartbeat. Edward leaned down and I went up on my tippy toes. He closed his eyes as our mouths crashed together and I grinned.

"Night, night," I murmured against his lips and I hit him hard and swift on the head with Goldie. He watched me in shock and fell to the floor heavily. I nodded, smiling away to myself and then gasped as I heard a low thump behind us. Alice smiled, deviously raised her gun and slowly pulled the trigger, I was hit in between the eyes with Holly and then I fell beside Edward. That's when everything went black. My last thought: Bitch.

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