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"Wonder Woman, are you okay for Watchtower Duty?" buzzed Superman's voice on the communicator.

"I left Sevubir an hour ago," answered Diana, "I'll be at the Watchtower in half an hour."

"Good, we'll see you then. Superman out." The communicator disconnected.

Recently, scientists on the planet of Sevubir had noted an increase in the gravitational force in the core of their planet. Preparing for the worst, the government had ordered immediate evacuation. As the planet was very small and sparsely populated, they had only requested the help of one member from the Justice League. With Wonder Woman's assistance, the endeavor had been accomplished in a matter of hours. The grateful government lauded her with praise and gratitude as she boarded the Javelin to return to the Watchtower.

When J'onn had assigned her to the case, Diana had accepted breezily. Evacuations were not the kind of undertaking that she particularly relished, and although she had been in the Justice League for almost two years now, she still found space travel unsettling. But upon arriving at Sevubir, she saw that its inhabitants were much smaller than she was. With a minimum amount of effort, she aided in the assembly of several large aircraft that would carry the planet's population to an uninhabited planet a safe distance away.

Her work, although useful to the Sevubiri, was tedious to her. After the initial stages of aircraft construction, she was asked to wait for some time as the government prepared to instruct the initial wave of pilots. The Sevubiri ambassador had provided her with his office in which to stay until she was needed again. It was during this downtime that Batman contacted her on her communicator. "Batman to Wonder Woman. Whatever you do, don't fall asleep."

Puzzled, she had asked for details, only to be met with silence. Had any of the others told her not to fall asleep during an evacuation mission, she would have assumed it was a joke and laughed. But this was Batman. While lately she had noticed an increase in his sarcastic humor when they were on missions together, he was still Batman. If Batman told her not to fall asleep, she had to take it seriously. Yet the ambassador's office was tiny and warm, and Wonder Woman couldn't help but close her eyes and drift into an uneasy dream.

In the dream, she was flying quickly and purposefully - toward some impeding threat perhaps - narrowing her eyes so that she wouldn't lose focus. It was the same as any other battle, until she stopped suddenly at the sight directly below her. There was her mother's lifeless body, right next to Batman's.

She woke with a sudden jolt. It had only been a dream. Determined not to disobey Batman's voice over the comm link, she left the room and decided to wait outside for further instructions from the Sevubir.


"It was good that you were there," J'onn told her upon her return. "Material signs indicate that the planet will explode in a matter of days."

She shrugged modestly. "They were well-prepared. All they needed was some muscle."

"It was good that you were there," J'onn repeated. She smiled at him gratefully. J'onn's praise always made her heart swell.

"What happened here while I was gone?" she asked. None of the others were around.

"We had quite a situation on our hands," said J'onn, although his characteristically calm manner indicated otherwise. "A former LexCorp employee tampered with a machine that left him with extraordinary mental powers. He managed to trap the others in their nightmares, and I was compelled to enter their minds and help them break free while Batman attended to the source of the disturbance. Thankfully, they are all unscathed."

Diana was taken aback as she listened to J'onn. So that was why Batman had told her not to fall asleep. And yet she had, she thought with a twinge of guilt. "J'onn," she began tentatively, "I dozed off for a couple of seconds and had somewhat of a nightmare too." When she saw that he was not perturbed, she continued more confidently. "But I was able to wake up fine. Do you think it was because of my distance from Earth?"

The Martian nodded sagely. "Destiny's telepathic powers decreased with distance. You were quite far, although I am troubled to hear that even remnant of his influence reached you all the way on Sevubir."

"But I'm fine for monitor duty. I can take the next two shifts."

"Thank you, Diana. Hopefully you will not have to stay for more than one. The others need to rest after what happened to them. I will be grateful for the chance as well, but I will be here in case you need me. Batman too is asleep in the medical bay."

She raised an eyebrow in surprise. Of course the Batman slept. The thought had never occurred to her.

The monitors showed no signs of distress. Wonder Woman dutifully flipped through several news channels, and then turned to the view of the glittering, blue Earth before her. She could just make out the tiny green speck of Themyscira from where she was. It was night there. Her mother would be sound asleep, lulled to rest by the rhythmic crash of the ocean waves lapping the shore. That sound was only one of the things she missed about her home. She missed her friends. She missed the way sunlight streamed into her room, first illuminating her bed and then the view through her window. And although she was not exiled from her mother as she was from the island, sometimes she daydreamed that she was leaning against one of the cool marble pillars of the training arena as Hippolyta's voice echoed faintly in the background. The pain of these memories lessened each time Diana recalled them, which was why she tried not to think about Themyscira too often - she was afraid that if she did, eventually, she would become resigned to her current situation.

Defiantly, she withdrew her eyes from the window and returned her attention to the monitors.


Several hours later, one of the hologram screens started to flash. Wonder Woman flew to the monitor and gripped the back of the chair as she read the screen in alarm. There had been a breach in security in a European weapons storage facility. She brought the coordinates into view on one of the other monitors. What she saw was strange - it was dusk in the area, but for a brief second the storage facility itself seemed to be enveloped in pitch blackness. As quickly as it had darkened, it reverted to its original state. Had she not seen something like it before, she would have blamed it on a trick of her eyes.

"Shade," she realized at once.

"He's probably not alone," came an unmistakable voice from behind her, "Shade is good at providing cover but he's not enough to do any harm alone in a place like this. I'll go with you, just to play it safe."

She turned around so that she was facing Batman. The last image she had of him was from her brief dream on Sevubir, when he was lying dead next to her mother. Without her realizing it, the memory had vividly embedded itself in her mind; she felt a surge of relief to see him standing before her. But her building anticipation to confront Shade was stronger. "Get one of the shuttles ready," she told him without hesitation, "I'll alert J'onn and meet you at the launch pad."

With one glance at the coordinates on the screen, he was gone. After a brief exchange on her comm link, Diana followed.