"Sangre Azul"

By SnowyOwl17 and Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka Peyton Leigh

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Summary: When Liz Parker's parents get a divorce, she has to move all the way to NYC where she has to meet and blend in with Chuck Bass and the Upper East Side. Problem is, in New York, everyone loves a good scandal. And what bigger scandal is there than the Chuck Bass... taken? Seems like everyone's going to be watching Gossip Girl for this scoop.

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Sighing she walked through the front door of the Crashdown, she let herself relax at the thought of a Max free weekend. He seemed to think that she could just forgive him for sleeping with Tess because she 'slept' with Kyle.

However, ever since Alex's death it wasn't even about him and Tess or her and Kyle anymore. It was that after everything that she had been through and done for them they all doubted her and called her emotionally unstable over Alex's death.

What had hurt the most was Maria's reaction in the same group as that of the others. But having Kyle's constant support had kept her grounded and sane. But it had been Michael's surprise support that had humbled her and kept her from doing anything stupid to Max or the others.

She was getting fed up with all the bullshit that more or less said that her entire life had to revolve around them whether she liked it or not.

She lifted her backpack more comfortable on her shoulder as she walked toward the back room, "Afternoon, Jose!"

She smiled when her family's long time friend and restaurant chef waved at her with a spatula from behind the grill. She shook her head in amusement as she made her way up the stairs to her family's apartment. Luckily today she didn't start her shift until the dinner rush. It would mean a busy start straight away but it also meant she could relax a little and get some homework done.

She slowed her pace up the stairs as she heard her parents. They weren't yelling but they didn't exactly sound happy either. The two had been more tense than usual. They didn't yell at each other around her…but they didn't talk to one another either. It made for some extremely uncomfortable dinners.

"Be reasonable, Nancy!" she heard her father say.

"I am, Jeff! She's been through a lot lately what with Alex's death and whatever it is that she isn't talking about. You can't say that this won't be good for her!" her mother said in a far more snooty tone of voice that she was used of hearing from her mother.

She wasn't sure she really wanted to know what they were currently talking about.

"Yes, because the reason behind the change of scenery, as you called it, won't upset her at all! She doesn't know anyone there, Nancy! She only has one year left!" her father argued.

She frowned and pushed the apartment door open to watch her parents as they 'argued'.

"We're getting a divorce, Jeff! It's not like we're sending her to a boarding school and never speaking to her again!"

She gasped in shock, which got her parents attention.

"Lizzie!" her father exclaimed before walking over to her and running one of his hands over her hair. "Why don't you come into the living room to talk to me and your mom?"

She mechanically nodded and allowed her father to lead her to the couch. She vaguely heard her mother huff in such a way that told her that her mother was rolling her eyes.

"You're babying her again, Jeff!"

"And she found out rather unpleasantly, Nancy. I think she deserves some support!"

She cut in, in hopes of cooling the angst and tension in the room, "You're really getting a divorce?"

The two were silent for a few moments. Her father looked reluctant to tell her anything, where as her mother seemed to look at her father to break the news to her and ultimately be the 'bad guy' in the situation. It was something that annoyed her slightly.

"Yeah, sweetheart, your mom and I are getting a divorce," her father said softly.

She sat there quietly, "When?"

Her father was quiet for a moment and opened his mouth to answer her when her mother sighed, "Geez, Jeff, there is no need to drag it out! Liz, your father and I are signing the papers over the summer. And as soon as you finish up your junior year you and I are moving back to my parents' home for a little while. I've also already transferred your transcripts to my old high school."

Her eyes widened in shock, "You're kidding me! Mom, you went to school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan! New York!"

Her mother just nodded happily, "Yes, I know, dear. You'll be so happy there. Oh, and I changed your transcripts a bit. You're going to be registered as Elizabeth Van Leih, you'll make more friends that way."

She looked at her mother incredulously, "Hello! Don't I get a say in where I want to live?"

He mother seemed shocked at her outburst, "Why would you not want to move, you can start over in New York!"

She stood up, "Because, it will be my senior year, I'll know no one who won't get to know me for me, but rather for a last name and money that hasn't been a major part of my life at all. –Mom! You're taking me from the one home I've lived in all my life, my friends, my school, my life and you're basically changing my last name without even asking me what I thought about all of this!"

Her mother frowned in anger and stood up with her hands on her hips, "Elizabeth Claudia Van Leih! I am your mother and I know what is best for you! You will go to school in New York and you will not complain about it."

She fumed as she watched her mother storm off, "My last name is Parker not Van Leih!"

Her mother just ignored her. She sighed in frustration as tears welled in her eyes and looked at her father, whom looked less than happy with her mother, "Things may not be perfect with my friends at the moment, but I don't want to live that far away from you, dad!"

Her father pulled her into a hug and ran a hand soothingly over her back, "Shh…it's alright, Sweetheart, I'll talk to your mother. In the mean time, why don't you take the rest of today off? I'll take your shift tonight."

She pulled back and looked at him uncertainly, "Dad, you don't have to do that. I can handle my shift."

Her father smiled and nodded, "You covered extra shifts this past weekend, and I can handle this one shift today. Take the rest of today for yourself and you can take your shift back tomorrow, okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah, okay. I'm going to head over to Michael's then. I love you, Daddy."

Her father smiled happily. She knew that her father really liked and respected Michael, and it made her happy to know that her dad and her 'brother' got along so well.

"Alright, sweetheart, have a good time and tell Michael I said 'hi!'"

She nodded, "I will, Daddy. See you late."

"Bye, Sweetheart. I love you," her father called to her as she left the apartment.


She urgently knocked on Michael's door. She knew he was home she had seen his motorcycle as well as Kyle's car in the parking lot.

As soon as the door opened to reveal Michael tears began welling up in her eyes again.

"Parker? What's wrong?" Michael asked urgently, which alerted Kyle.

Kyle was next to Michael in moments, "Liz?"

"My parents are getting a divorce and my mom is moving me to New York," she said quietly.

The two in front of her were not the most emotionally expressive guys in the world, but Michael tensed and looked at her in surprise, which for Michael was a raised eyebrow and a 'you're kidding me' look on his face. Kyle on the other hand had wide eyes.

"Excuse me? Can you repeat that? I thought you just said Nancy Parker is making you move?" Kyle asked in disbelief.

She glared at the mention of her mother, "No, Nancy Van Leih is making me move."

Michael opened the door to let her in with a confused expression, "Van Leih?"

Kyle rolled his eyes as he moved aside as well, "Her mother's teenage alter ego. Mrs. Parker was a spoiled, rich bitch before she met Mr. Parker. Every now and then it pops through her 'Mommy of the year' picture perfect image."

Michael raised an eyebrow and grunted causing Liz and Kyle to laugh slightly.

The three sat down on the couch watching some sports channel that none of them were really paying attention too. She was between the two of them… and she was happy.

"I don't want to move," she said softly as a tear escaped down her face.

She didn't look at the two, but she knew they were worried about her. She just quietly leaned her head on Michael's shoulder and brought her legs up to Kyle's lap and proceeded to let more tears fall as her two guys sat quietly and let her cry.

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