A/N: This is my first Wicked Fan Fiction. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! This is kind of an Intro and a first chapter as it's nice and long. This is Fiyeraba, maybe Gloq - with Gelphie friendship. I'll try to suprise you.

I apologise if characters appear out of character. I will try my bestest.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

1. Makeover Déjà vu

The petit girl sat at her pink vanity, pinning the finishing touch (a pink flower) in the back of her hair. She looked past her reflection, to that of her roommate. Her roommate sat facing away from the mirror, her nose buried in a thick, heavy book. Galinda rolled her eyes, a trait she had picked up from time spent with the unusually and exceedingly peculiar girl.

Galinda glanced down to her vanity table, a sly smile creeping onto her goodly features. She grabbed the small, sparkling tube and slowly made her way to her roommate. She unscrewed the top off the tube to reveal 'Peppy Pink Princess' lip-gloss, her favorite kind.

Four more steps and her mission would be complete… Her smile widened at the thought…

Three steps...



"Don't even try it." Her roommate said simply.

"Elphie, Please?" She pleaded, her tight, golden curls bouncing on her shoulders.

"No." Her eyes never left the book they were examining.

"What do you mean, 'No'?" Hands on hips, foot tapping impatiently.

She turned around at this. "I mean, no I don't want you to give me a makeover, no I don't want to borrow your clothes, no-"

"Okay, okay, sweet Lurline." Galinda flopped on her frilly bed, exasperated. "Oz, you're so moodified this morning."

"I am not moodified!" Elphaba squealed in a very 'Galindafied' manner. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand; her eyes went wide with shock. Galinda stifled a laugh, before bursting into hysterics, her frilly, pink skirts splayed across her frilly, pink bed and her legs frantically kicking the air above her.

"Wait until the guys hear about this!"

"You wouldn't"

"Oh, but I would. Unless…" The sly smile making a comeback on her porcelain features.

"Oh no. No no no. I refuse to wear that silly, sticky slop on my lips!" Elphaba said defiantly, closing her book.

"Elphie! Fine I won't use the lip-gloss. Just some blush for your cheekbones, and eyeshadow, just a tad?" When there was no response from the green girl, Galinda added "Well Fiyero, Boq and Avaric will die when they hear about this morn-"

"Fine! But just blush, and eyeshadow." It wasn't in Elphaba's nature to care what other's thought of her, but if others found out she was acquiring one of her roommate's traits, she would surely never live it down.

"And I get to do your hair." Glinda added.

"Fine. Deal. Done. And you can never hold this morning against me. I saw that." She added the latter as Glinda rolled her eyes.

"Deal, now sit down and hush." Galinda bounced triumphantly. Just as she dabbed the blusher brush into the powder, there was a series of knocks at the door. "It's open" Galinda sang as she continued with the powder.

The door clicked open and a slender brunette girl clad in a dress straight from Ozmopolitan Magazine entered scanning the room for the girls. "Miss Galinda? Miss Elpha-"

Her hair whipped around her as she looked left and right, the loose chocolate curls accented her face shape and cerulean eyes. Anita was one of Galinda's friends and was of Gillikinese upbringing, thus making her obligated to perch high on Shiz University's social ladder. Although unlike Galinda's other numerous 'friends' or rather 'groupies', Anita was slightly nicer to Elphaba. However she was still as shallow and self-absorbed as the rest of her fellow 'It-Crowd.'

"Over here." Galinda smiled from her place in front of Elphaba. Elphaba tried to move to hide herself from being humiliated, but Galinda held her down, she was much stronger than her petit shell, and goodly persona let on. "Good Morning, Miss Anita Brox of Brox Hall" Galinda said in a sarcastic formal voice. "To what do we owe the pleasure?" She added continuing with Elphaba's makeover.

Anita walked over to Galinda's vanity smiling at the honorific, Elphaba remained silent. "No need for the formalities Miss Galinda," she mimicked. "I can't stay long, I came to inform you two that Horrible Morrible has ordered for an assembly outside in the grounds. It's compulsory."

Galinda's smile turned into a pout, "But it's Saturday. I'm sure she can't do that."

"She's the Head Shiztress, she can do whatever pleases her," Elphaba finally spoke.

"Like stopping our weekend fun." Anita continued her pout mirroring Galinda's expression. "Well I suppose I should go, Miss Chiara is currently telling this news to Miss Milla, I may have to save her before she becomes... you know, like Milla."

Galina stifled a laugh as she applied the dark eyeshadow to Elphie's lids.

"The assembly is in an hour. See you later Galinda. Miss Elphaba."

"Please no honorifics." She smiled.

Anita smiled as she left. "You should wear makeup more often Elphaba... Goodbye." She called as the door shut.

A Few minutes later...

"And… you're…done! Ta-da!" Galinda beamed.

Elphaba sighed and looked into the mirror, only to have her breath catch in her throat. "Galinda…I"

She was speechless. She expected bright blue eyelids with pink cheeks, but the sight she was presented with was suprising to say the least. Elphaba was met with an unfamiliar image. Her cheekbones were defined and contoured making her features more prominent, and her eyes were brought out with the dark eyeliner and shadow Galinda had used. Elphaba didn't realize that as she stared at the picture before her Galinda had begun to do her hair. She took two pieces of hair from either side of Elphaba's head and pinned them together at the back with a simple silver pin.

"Why Miss Elphaba. Look at you. Your beautiful" Galinda smiled reprising her words from the night they became friends. "Come on Elphie, it's time to go to this assembly thing." She said delving into her closet for a light jacket. Elphaba sat at the vanity staring at her reflection. She did indeed look beautiful. She looked like her mother. She took one last look at her appearance, smiling slightly before grabbing her jacket and joining her best friend in the hallway.