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Chapter 1

Hey ladies. I'm a redhead, yea, sorta tall, I guess... I'm a scientist at the C.C police station, but I know how to have fun. I like Dream Theater, Blink 182, classics like The Beatles, and Queen, and songs like Mad World and stuff... I like the Office, The Simpsons, Scrubs, That 70's show, and of course, Bugs Bunny classics, and Tom and Jerry. Big fan of classic cartoons. ; ). I like kids, and pets, no matter what kind... sorry to put kids and pets together, folks, but wasn't thinking and hate to delete. : ) Um... I don't get a lot of time for reading, but... yea. Any books you wanna offer are good icebreakers?? I like jokes, and pranks, and anything like that. I prank my co-workers during my spare time. Um... I am in favor of the Justice League even though theres thats fad going around now where everyone hates them. That'll end as soon as they save the world. again. XD Um... yea, I laugh at my own jokes if no one else does, and if theres an awkward pause, you can always count on me to break it, unless I caused it, in which case: counting on you. : )... Like Flash most, if you were wondering.

Wonder Woman read the last sentence with a smile. So. This guy seemed cute, and the photo of him was adorable. He was standing in front of the Central City police department, grinning like the Cheshire cat, and blushing a little bit, too. He was looking behind where the camera would be, as though someone was doing something he thought was funny there, and he looked embarrassed.

Diana had been unsure about online dating at first, but this guy, Wally West was his name, seemed really decent. Of course, Hawk Girl warned with a bitter smile that men can lie online. Diana wondered whether this Wally really worked at the station, or whether he was there for a less-good reason. She frowned. Just because there were nice traits in a guy, she had to wonder whether they really existed. Hawk Girl had told her to use a name that didn't immediately make her Wonder Woman of the Justice League. Green Lantern had agreed, saying it could be intimidating to the slobs who online dated. So, she was Amazon Lover. Simply Amazon Lover. The picture of her was vague.

It showed her in a short, slinky black dress, with her black hair covering most of her face, except a lip-stick doused smile. She grinned in embarrassment at the thought of the photo. Hawk Girl insisted it was great. Diana had her doubts, but kept them to herself. After all, the Thanagarian was in love with Green Lantern, right? Neither of them had made a move. Thinking about it, Wonder Woman wondered why she was taking their advice. Of course, lots of men had sent their friend requests (A few women had ignored the Straight preference, and sent their requests as well, and the woman who had once detested men had actually written to a few of them).

None of them had really interested her, though, so she started looking. And she found lots of people. Including: Wally West.

He seemed really cute and funny, so she wrote a message:

Hello, WallyWest182,

I read your profile. I hadn't heard most of those bands, and, at a friend's urging, researched into them. They're very nice. The style of music that they play is interesting, and the range between them is interesting as well. Please respond with an acceptance to my request to be your friend.

With hopes of chatting with you on Instant Messaging,

Amazon Lover.

Finishing her letter, Diana smiled at the letter. As she readied to press ENTER, Hawk Girl entered. Wonder Woman allowed her to skim the note.

"Really?" The astonished Thanagarian questioned, a red eyebrow cocked. Diana looked at her and smiled, smug.

"Nice, isn't it?" The Winged Warrior frowned slightly, and turned to the Amazonian.

"Um... Kind of formal, don't ya think?" Diana frowned. Wrinkles appeared on her face in frustration and confusion.

"Of course. We aren't friends until he accepts my proposal." Hawk Girl chuckled lightly, and continued on to delete the letter. "Why did you do that?!" Diana complained. "It was perfect." Hawk Girl laughed, not bothering to hold in her amusement.

"Mm-hm." She began to type.

Hey there, WallyWest182.

Checked out your profile. Love those bands you mentioned. Definite range, but cool that you like all of them. I go for the classics like Beatles and Queen myself, but Dream Theater? Love it. I mean, how can anyone not like Space Dye Vest? And Blink 182? One of my favorite bands, not kidding. Sure, I like Office, but I like to curl up and check out Tom and Jerry. : ) A book you might wanna check out it America, by John Stewart. I mean, if you like funny? Awesome that you like Justice League- fan of them myself, though I like Hawk Girl myself

"Really?" Diana questioned. Hawk Girl shrugged and, with a reluctant look on her face, replaced 'Hawk Girl' with

Wonder Woman myself. Pretty cool that you work on the force. Love the red hair.

Write back, or else there's gonna be an awkward pause,

Amazon Lover

Wonder Woman eyed the new letter with distaste. She turned to Hawk Girl.

"What's Space Dye Vest?" Hawk Girl shrugged.

"Dream Theater. Flash is a fan." Wonder Woman shrugged.

"What's Office?"

"Honestly?" Wonder Woman nodded with a roll of her eyes."No idea whatsoever." Diana giggled and clicked ENTER.


Flash leaned back, feeling exhausted and energized at the same time. He pushed back his cowl to reveal his messy head of red, and then sucked on the straw of the milkshake he had gotten on the way back from Paris. He twirled the rolling chair he sat on, then faced the computer screen.

"Any takers?" He asked in an announcers voice. Amazon Lover? He clicked on it and read the message. He smiled inwardly. She seemed nice. He clicked on the link. He wasn't shallow or anything, he just wanted to know what he profile said she liked, and what she looked like. The picture showed a young, curved woman dressed in a short-cut black dress. Her face was covered by her long black hair, and only her mischievous smile showed. He grinned. She looked kind of familiar, but he dismissed the thought quickly. He wouldn't forget a girl as beautiful as this. He clicked on the link to add her as a friend. Would you like to add a message to the request? The computer questioned. He shrugged, and began to type a quick message.

Hi, Amazon Lover,

America, eh? Love John Stewart, and love funny, so maybe it'll work : ). nice icebreaker, btw.