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"J'onn-" Flash muttered, as he stepped to the side of the martian. J'onn nodded in acknowledgment.

"Hello, Flash." After a moment of silence, J'onn asked, "Is something needed?" Flash blushed beneath his mask.



"Aren't you a mind-reader?" Flash countered.

"Batman has told me that I should not invade anyone's mind without permission."

"With colorful language?" Flash asked with a smirk.


"I'll take that as a yes." Flash said with an amused grin. "Anyways, speaking of Bats- that's what I wanted to talk to you about."


"Bats!" Flash replied with a chuckle. "All I did was pull a couple of pranks, and do you know what he did to me?" J'onn remained silent. "You have permission." Flash muttered, as he rolled his eyes."You know...for this part of my brain." J'onn's eyes grew a gold color, and a small smirk began to grow on his usually stoic face. Flash grinned. He didn't care that the smirk was at his expense, instead he gleefully exclaimed, "A smile! I knew you had it in you." J'onn ignored him, and replied,

"So, you wish for revenge?"

"Exactly." Flash agreed with a smile.

"And you would like my help... why?" Flash smiled.

"Supes is a goody-goody, Diana has the hots for him, Hawk Girl is just an angry lady who wouldn't help me, unless I paid twenty bucks that I don't have, John is annoyed with me because his shampoo got switched with some coke, and I might have been involved, so they won't help." Flash told him without taking a breath, and with a sad shrug. He gave his best puppy-dog face, and let his eyes grow watery. "You, my green friend, are my only hope." J'onn stared at for him a moment before inquiring,

"Is that so?" Flash squirmed under his gaze.

"Well- I don't have twenty bucks, so yea." He waited a moment, but J'onn didn't seem convinced.

"And what is to stop Batman from coming to me for help due to his own vendetta?" Flash stared at him, his face blank, then he smiled easily.

"Bats is too proud to go for help from you."He replied. "He'll do it on his own, and I can stop him. Trust me." He gave his best solemn face, then gave the biggest smile he could muster. "Prettypleasewithtwenty-sevencherriesandsprinklesandfifty-fivegallonsofchocolatesyrup andnutsandthatsugarstufftheyputonfunnelcakeandfunnelcaketooandjamontoast andpizzaandoreosand-"

"Flash." J'onn interrupted. "Fine. I will help you in your quest."

"Too cool." Flash replied with a grin. "So...any ideas?"

J'onn waited patiently as the young hero listed off his ideas for how to take revenge on Batman. He allowed his face to portray his amusement at some of the more outrageous suggestions, one of which included a bunny suit, but he didn't interrupt until the Scarlett Speedster took a break for breath.

"Wally." Flash looked up. J'onn didn't often call him by his name, and it would immediately catch his attention when he did.


"Which of these ideas would you like to pursue?" Flash hesitated.

"Um..." He blushed. "I.. don't know?" J'onn stared at him. He had read his mind before, and he knew that, despite how he acted, he was smarter then he let on. But he was just as devious as he showed, if not more so. And, even as Wallace West, he pulled pranks. So the fact that he was unsure of what to do to Batman simply confused J'onn.

"All right, then." He replied patiently. "Think." Flash stayed quiet for almost thirty seconds which, J'onn knew, was a long, long time for the hero, so he knew the answer would be worth it.

"I think- I think I got it."

"Oh... Wally. I can't believe it was you all along," Diana whispered. She leaned forward and nibbled on Wally's ear.

"I know... I can't believe it either... It's as though fate wanted us together..." Wally replied softly, as she closed her eyes and slowly began to kiss him on the neck. He pulled her closer into his arms, just as gently as she was kissing him, and the candles that surrounded them dimly lit the room in a romantic atmosphere. Her tanned skin almost glowed in the candle-light, and her mask was tossed carelessly to the side, her graceful face shown. A thin and loving smile twisted her lips when she wasn't slowly making her way to his chest. He kissed the top of her head as she replied,

"I always loved you- Flash, I mean... but I always thought you were too...I don't know... false? But seeing you in the real world..." She leaned towards his mouth and touched her lips against his. Bruce sat in the corner, glaring at the couple who didn't know he was there. Even though he didn't want to watch, he couldn't turn away- they were in love. Because of him.

"I know... We have to thanks Bats... If it wasn't for him- we wouldn't be-" Wally kissed her back softly, and she curled into his warmth.

"Here?" She offered with a teasingly sweet smile. He responded with a light chuckle. Then he leaned closer to her, until his eyes had met hers', and their noses touched. He gently kissed her, and they were in this locked embrace for three minutes before she reluctantly pulled away. Bruce smiled inwardly, and leaned forward to hear her words. "Oh- Wally... I love you... but Bruce... I told him I would meet him." Bruce grinned, and tried to stand. But he couldn't move.

"Forget Bruce," Wally urged.

"Only if he doesn't come now..." Diana replied. Bruce tried to call her name, but his mouth wouldn't open.

Diana! I'm here!

"He's not coming." Diana turned to Wally. "But-- you are here."

"I always was." She sexily approached him, and began to kiss the nape of his neck, making her way to his face, where she locked his lips into a powerful and lustful kiss.

"No! Diana- I'm here! Diana!" Flash grinned as he watched Batman squirm under the covers of his bed in the watchtower. He glanced at J'onn who was still projecting the dream, frowning guiltily as he did so.

"Hey, J'onn, that's enough. End it with me saying 'Beat that.'." J'onn nodded, then obliged.

Bruce sat up and glared at Flash who stood at the foot of his bed, grinning as though he was having the best day of his life. Which he probably was.

"Beat that!" He said with a laugh, before he ran out. Bruce turned his glare at the shifty martian in the corner of his room.


"He was... he said-" It was the first time Bruce had ever seen J'onn flustered, and he made his glare colder. "He said that you- revenge or- sprinkles and oreos with chocolate syrup...funnel cake...pizza.. and he said you wouldn't... but..." At long last, J'onn turned his gaze to the floor, his hope resigned. "I am sincerely sorry, Bruce." Bruce raised an eyebrow coolly.

"So... he wanted revenge?" J'onn nodded like a young child admitting to stealing a cookie from the jar that said 'No Touching'. "And he said I wouldn't...?"

"Wouldn't ask for my help because of your ego." J'onn replied, deflated. Bruce grinned.

"Let's prove him wrong."

Fin... or is it?

Yea, probably...



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