Doctor and Donna meet Torchwood

Doctor and Donna meet Torchwood

Tosh's Thoughts

Toshiko sat with her head in her hands. She'd just had to sit through Owen bragging about his latest shag. She was going to throw something at his head in a minute if he didn't shut up. God, he was annoying and making her jealous at the same time.

If only she could do the same to him.

But even if she tried, it would never work. He just didn't see her like that. She wasn't his type. He'd never said that, but he didn't need to. She could never be like the girls he normally went for.

She wasn't as pretty as them, with long legs, good in bed and only up for one night. She wanted more than just one night. She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. But it could never happen.

Owen Harper did not do long term relationships. Sometimes she got the feeling that he was afraid of commitment. This wasn't surprising after what had happened between him and Katie.

She remembered when he'd first come to Torchwood. He'd been all cold and sharp. He still was. But it had lessened over the years. He was much better now. But he still didn't seem interested in her.

He'd gone for every woman that walked through the Hub doors, except her. Susie, Gwen, Diane, Martha and countless others. Not to mention the many he took home after a night in the pub.

It was depressing really.

She just wished she could find someone that she had something in common with and who would help her get over Owen. But she was so in love with him that it was quite impossible. She'd been on many dates but she always ended up comparing them to Owen.

Sighing, she was about to go back to work when she heard a strange noise. A strange but familiar noise. She knew she'd heard it before but couldn't place it. She was about to ask the others what it was about when she heard Gwen shout something.

"I've heard this noise before. It's what I heard just before Jack disappeared" she said.

Jack had disappeared with the mysterious Doctor then along with Martha Jones. That meant…

Her assumptions were confirmed when she saw Jack run out of his office and out of the Hub doors at full speed.


A/N: I know its short but I just wanted to be a kind of introduction to the story. Tell me if I should continue.