No... no, this can't be happening, not today, he thinks, walking down a long hallway, eyes locked to the floor. Why today? Dammit...

"Kennedy! Hey, Kennedy!"

He ignores the sounds of feet slamming against the tiles desperately, face pinched. Maybe, if I ignore them long enough they'll go away?

"Are you deaf and dumb?" the voice continues, grating on Ken's remaining senses. "Man, look at me."

He turns slowly, his frown growing as he gazes at Randy Orton. Before the second generation superstar can say anything, he thrusts an index card into his hands and steps back, waiting for the explosion to follow.

"I've lost my voice?" Orton reads off incredulously, his lips twitching. "You--"

It's obvious what's coming so Ken snatches back the original card and hands him another one.

"Shut up, it's not funny!" This is it for Orton- within seconds of reading it, his laughter is echoing through the empty corridor followed by a ringing Slap! "Ow!" he complains, rubbing his head gingerly. "Come on, you have to admit it's irony at its finest."

"No it is not!" reads the third index card, as Randy raises his eyebrows at it.

"How many of these things do you have?!"

You're all walking clich├ęs and I hate you all, the fourth claims, as Ken huffs and shuffles through the rest, storming away from Orton, who's still holding the index card in his hand, trying to stifle his laughter.

"Hey! You forgot your declaration of hate here!" he calls after Ken, chuckling as the man ignores him. Yeah, tonight's show's gonna be really interesting...