Boilerplate Disclaimer: The characters from the Kim Possible series are owned by Disney. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

Story is set about five years after series ends. Kim finished college and now works for Global Justice. This has nothing to do with the Best Enemies stories.

LordSantiago posted a picture at Deviantart, 'At the Boardwalk', and issued a challenge at KPSlashhaven connected with it. This story bears minimal semblance to the original challenge. •Sigh• this is now my second story with a visual inspiration from DA (see Karma Chameleon), but only Jyuami has felt inspired to turn one of my scenes into a picture at DA. (In addition a picture by fortheloveofpizza probably influenced a scene in 'Homecoming'.) I should extend thanks to A Markov, The Humbug, and Desslock3 for feeling inspired to set stories in the Best Enemies universe.

Prologue: It's the Principle of the Thing

Drakken sorted mail by the lair door, "Bill… bill… credit card offer… bill… I may already be a winner - that's certainly true… magazine for Shego…" "Aha!"

"Aha, what?" Shego demanded from the chair where she lounged under a heat lamp, "And if my copy of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated arrived I'd better not catch you drooling on it."

"Nothing so crass, Shego," Drakken informed her as he tore the envelope open. "It's our invitation to Jack Hench's spring line of evil products trade show."

"God I hate those," Shego complained, "all you evil types claiming to have the biggest death ray. It's not the size that matters."

Drakken meanwhile was looking at the contents of the letter. "What!"

"What, what?"

"What, what, what?"

"I asked you first," Shego reminded him, "Why did you what?"

"You aren't invited."


"I'm not allowed to bring you."

"Give me that."

The envelope had contained a single ticket to the trade show. One of the various instructions in the letter informed Drakken that he would not be allowed to bring Shego - something about theft of intellectual and other properties in prior years.

"Well, that sucks," Shego commented.

"But you claimed to hate the trade show."

"I don't want to go on my terms, not theirs. Did you catch the other restrictions on you?"

"Which ones?"

"The fact you have to make down payments in cash - and they'll be twice as large as the ones required for other villains. And you aren't allowed at the buffet table at the cocktail hour."


She showed him the line in the letter.

"But why would he… That makes no sense," Drakken protested.

"Of course," Shego smirked, "it's not like someone made a pig of himself and ate all the cocktail weenies last time."

Drakken straightened up and assumed a scornful tone of voice, "Jack Hench is a very petty man." He looked over at Shego, "So, what do you plan to do that week?"

"Don't know," she yawned, "I'll get on one of those last minute travel deals web-sites when the time comes and take whatever's warm and cheap. And it shouldn't count against vacation time."

"Why not?"

"I'm willing to go to the tradeshow - but I've been banned."

"But you aren't going!"

"Not my fault!"

The two continued to bicker until the Saturday when Drakken left and Shego got on-line to set up her week in the sun. She found a package for a nice all-inclusive with a flight scheduled to leave at seven the next morning.

Chapter 1 - She Walks in Beauty

She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

The phone call woke Kim up.



"Betty Director. Can you come into headquarters, now?"

Kim snapped awake. "What is it?"

"Your old enemy, Shego is on the move. We will probably want you to help keep her under observation. Pack as if you are going on a holiday to someplace warm and sunny. I'll decide whether you need to go by the time you get here."

When she arrived in Betty Director's office a map was spread out on a small table in the corner of the room.

"Shego's hotel is here," Dr. Director said, pointing an 'X' on the map. "Within a five mile radius we have four likely targets - gem show at the natural history museum, here; defense research lab, here; electronics manufacturing plant, here; and cybernetic research facility, here. We can't rule other sites in the area, or further away, but these are the most likely targets."

"Shouldn't we try and arrest her?"

"Not at the hotel. Too much chance of a fight hurting an innocent bystander. We didn't find out about her movements until it was too late to get a sufficient force somewhere along the route to arrest her.

"But since I can probably stop her by myself?"

"No unnecessary heroics. Watch her. Be unobtrusive. Don't let yourself be seen—"

"Pretend I'm a potted plant," Kim complained.

Dr. Director looked at her sharply, "That's not a bad idea. A good agent is invisible. Since she knows you, you—"

"It's been years since we fought. She probably doesn't even remember me."

Betty stared at Kim in disbelief.

"Okay, she probably remembers me. But I'll bet it doesn't take much of a disguise to throw her off. The curse of red hair, no one remembers anything else about us. I can put on a wig and I could walk right up to her without her recognizing me."

"You are not, and may I repeat, not, to go up to her and initiate conversation. Shego is one of the five most dangerous women in the world. You will observe, and if you see her making a move, any move, you will contact backup." "Damn cocky kid, just like I was when I joined up. Hope it doesn't cost her an eye."

"When do I leave?"

"Half an hour. We've got the room next door to hers for you. We'll give you bugs so you can listen in and monitor any phone calls she receives. The wig is a fine idea. But, what are you not allowed to do?"

"I am not to initiate contact," Kim grumbled.

"Remember that. And good luck."

The resort was only two-thirds occupied. In a couple more weeks schools would begin their spring breaks and there would be no rooms going for discount prices. In the meanwhile, in an effort to impress those staying there, the resort had placed even many of the cheap guests in rooms with a beach view instead of the less scenic side. It would be a good week for relaxing and doing nothing, if the green woman couldn't find something, or someone, more entertaining to do.

Shego sat in the lobby bar, slowly sipping a Tom Collins and checking out her prospects for getting lucky that week. She had no interest in a long-term relationship; her line of work made them difficult, but wouldn't mind a good roll in the hay.

The hotel demonstrated a serious lack of unattached women. It seemed like everyone potentially interesting was already paired. Singles resorts were an advertisement you were desperate. Next time she'd consider the singles resort. She was desperate enough that she started checking out the men as well, but the choices there seemed even more limited than interesting women. She sighed at the prospect of another celibate break.

From where she was sitting Shego could view the check-in desk, she watched an unaccompanied woman approach the desk. Shego weighed the odds that the brunette was letting some significant other park the car, but saw no harm in looking. Shego's eyes slowly traveled down the woman's back, admiring the view, then the pale woman paused, unable to believe her eyes, the woman looked like Kim. Shego never forgot a face. Of course, Shego wasn't looking at the woman's face. But Shego never forgot an especially nice ass either. And the woman's rear looked like Kim's. While Shego found the comparison pleasant her eyes narrowed and she stared hard at the stranger. She hadn't seen the woman's face, but as she picked up her bag and headed for the elevator the woman moved like Kim. The profile offered proof, it was Kim! Shego watched the numbers going up in the light over the elevator door. They stopped on the eleventh floor, the same floor as Shego's room.

Kim looked quickly around her room and smiled, glad that Global Justice was picking up the tab and wondered what the normal rate ran. She stared at herself for a minute in the mirror. Okay, she looked like Kim Possible in a wig to herself. But she knew what she looked like and looked past the red hair. Dr. Director was far too cautious. Shego would never recognize her. And the best way to monitor Shego's plans was up close and personal.

Down in the lobby bar the pale woman considered fleeing. She wasn't getting paid to fight. She didn't need a fight. All she wanted was a week to herself. And maybe sex. A week to herself for certain, any sex would simply be a bonus. She had already booked the room, she should stay and get her money's worth. She hadn't seen anyone interesting yet, she should go, the money wasn't worth a fight. Maybe Kim didn't realize she was here, she could stay. Maybe the moon really was made of green cheese - she should really go.

As Shego engaged in her internal debate the elevator doors opened and the woman with the mousy brown wig got out, She scanned the lobby and, obviously after seeing Shego, pretended to casually meander over to the greenish woman as if by chance.

"Hi! I just got here and I saw you sitting by yourself. Could I ask a couple questions about the hotel services?"

"The concierge is over there," Shego gestured.

"I just thought it might be nicer to talk to a real person."

Shego shrugged her shoulders, wondering what sort of game Kim was playing.

"Have you been here long? I just got in? What's the place like?"

Shego did not rise to the bait, "Sorry, just got here. Can't help you."

A waitress came over and Kim ordered a cola. Shego sighed, apparently Kim had no plans on leaving.

"Have you been here long enough to see the pool? It's too dark now. How's the pool?"

"It's a pool."

"I'm sorry. You don't seem very talkative. Had a long day? Seems like I've been traveling all day. What about you?"

Shego took a sip from her Tom Collins and said nothing.

Kim smiled inwardly, secure that Shego would never see Kim Possible in the giggling idiot Kim portrayed, "Any plans for the week? I plan to just take it easy. It's my first vacation since I started work."

"First vacation? Where do you work?" Shego asked. "Did she figure out a cover or is she making this up as she goes along?"

"Big pharmaceutical company."

"Big, huh? Which one?"

"Uh, I mean, we're big in what we do. We're not really a big company, I—"

"No sin in being small if you're the leader in your field. So what is it that you do?"

"I'm a secretary."

"What does your company do?" Shego continued.

"My company?"

"The one you work for, remember?"

"Oh… That company?"

"Yes, what do you make?"

"Um, yeah, well…"

"They did not provide this girl with a cover story."

Kim blushed, "We, ah, make… It's sort of like Viagra for roosters."

Shego had been sipping her drink when Kim said that, and nearly choked. "Oh, God," she coughed when she could talk again, "what do you ads say, 'When your cock has nothing to crow about'?"

"I'd rather not talk about it," Kim blushed. "At least this gives me an excuse to not say anything."

Shego sighed, "Well, if there're no hot prospects for tonight maybe I'll just jerk Kim around, there has got to be some entertainment value in that." She made a few more suggestions for ad campaigns, but Kim refused to talk more about her 'job'.

Kim did, however, introduce herself. "Katherine's the name," the Global Justice agent said, sticking out her hand. "Katherine Nonymous, But most people call me Kate, friends call me Kay."

"Nonymous?" Shego asked.

"We think it comes from the Rumanian, via some clerk on Ellis Island who had no idea how to spell the original name right. So, what's your name?"

"Shelly, Shelly Ghose." Shego improvised.


"No, G-h-o-s-e."


"Like in cough or tough."

Kim nodded as if this nonsense made perfect sense.

Kim made a perfect nuisance of herself by means of her unwanted presence. If anyone interesting had appeared the chatty young woman would have scared her off.

The green woman went up to her room earlier than she had planned to cut short the time with Kim. Kim put listening devices on her side of the adjoining doors before going to bed. In her room Shego hung motion detector alarms from all her doorknobs and on the sliding door leading to her balcony and slept fully clothed. Shego wanted a warning if Kim attacked her in the middle of the night, and she wanted to be ready