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Chapter 8 – Days of Goodness Spent

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,

At two in the morning Kim woke up and rolled over. Moonlight shone in through the sliding doors onto the balcony, providing just enough light to see that Shego was awake and staring at her.

"Are you all right?" Kim whispered.

"I had this really weird dream… I was in bed with my worst enemy."

"Want me to pinch you?" Kim offered.

"Nah, what was even weirder than being in bed with her… I liked it. Don't wake me up."

"Know what's even crazier? I'm having the same dream. How did yours end?"

The pale woman hesitated, "It hasn't… Not yet. I don't know if I want it to."

"All good things come to an end," Kim reminded her.

"So, this is a good thing?"

They looked into each other's eyes, and smiled.

"It's going to be hard going back to normal," Shego sighed.

Kim pulled the older woman close and held her, "You've never been normal," she whispered reassuringly in a pale green ear. Shego snuggled closer in Kim's warm embrace and gradually the redhead's breathing resumed the pattern of sleep.

Shego had never felt as afraid of Kim as she did at that moment. "We're just two lonely women wanting sex," she lied to herself. "It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything." Maybe if she repeated it often enough she could deny how good she felt with Kim's arms around her. She wished she could read Kim's thoughts.

The phone woke Kim up. It didn't sound as loud and it took a minute to remember they'd fallen asleep in Shego's room. Kim jumped out of bed and ran for her room. The sudden movement woke Shego, who was able to watch Kim disappear through the connecting doors. Shego grinned, she could enjoy watching Kim moving toward her or away from her.

Kim caught the phone just in time, "Sorry," she panted, "in the bathroom."

They lingered over breakfast. Neither had any appetite, but they dawdled over the little on their plates - each wanting to talk about what she was feeling, but unwilling to start the conversation and desperately wishing the other would begin.

Then they killed time in the souvenir shop off the lobby

"What did this last week mean?" Kim asked cautiously.

"I'm not sure," Shego sighed. "What did it mean for you?"

"I don't know either.

As they left the souvenir shop Kim spotted a vacant couch in a deserted corner, "Can we sit and talk for a minute?"


"You remember how to talk, don't you? It means using your mouth to speak rather than to eat and… other things."

"Other things are fun. Why don't we go to one of our rooms?"

"Because other things are fun - and I want to talk."

The serious tone in Kim's voice worried Shego, but she sat with the younger woman in the quiet lobby, "Okay, what is it?"

"Nothing in particular I guess… I just really need somebody to talk with. My probationary period is just over at Global Justice and I'm worried I'm going to mess up and--"

"You're going to do fine, Kim?"

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. You just got too overconfident on this assignment… Did you really think that stupid wig was going to fool me?"

"The curse of red hair," Kim sighed. "I get so tired of that being what everyone talks about when they see me. I really thought you wouldn't recognize me."

"Damn. I was hoping you wanted me to recognize you."

Kim hesitated. "I don't think so. And it had been so long since we fought—"

"One year, seven months, fourteen days."

"Really?" Kim asked in amazement. "You kept track?"

"Of course not. I just made that up. But you failed this assignment because you were over-confident—"

"Failure was a lot of fun."

"It might not be fun on your next assignment."

"Dr. Director warned me to keep a low profile."

"Listen to the woman. She's trying to keep you safe." Shego laughed. "I like your Dr. Director. We both want you to stay safe."

"But you think I can do the job?"

"I know so. Hell, you were beating me in high school. With the training you've had I don't stand a chance now."

Kim laughed, "I don't believe you mean a word of it."

"No, but you are going to be a great agent. Why are you so worried?"

The redhead began sharing fears about the responsibility of her new position, and the fact it was now a job - she had to take it seriously. She talked about Ron, and how even though he had done what was right for him - and she knew it - an irrational feeling of hurt and betrayal remained. Kim talked about the frustration of genius little brothers who seemed to breeze through college while she almost developed ulcers. She pondered whether she should have made a pass at Monique, could a relationship have developed or would her friend have rejected her completely?

As Kim began talking Shego had put an arm around the younger woman, and as she kept going found Kim found herself resting her head on Shego's shoulder. The pale woman made occasional comments, but without her usual sarcastic tone. And four times, Kim counted, she felt Shego's lips press against the top of her head.

"Oh, God! You let me ramble for two and a half hours," Kim complained when she noticed the time.

"I thought you needed it. Feel better, Princess?"

Kim took a deep breath, "Yeah, thanks. You want to share anything with me?"

"Share? I don't share. I'm a very selfish person and I have nothing to share."

Kim chuckled, "I don't think I believe either part of that. Come on, I told you how I was feeling."

"Not what you are feeling about me!" Shego hesitated, "The truth is… I'm a suspicious person. I want to trust you, but I'm still not sure I can… And…"

"And what?" Kim demanded after several seconds of silence.

"And I'm afraid you might not like me if you knew too much about me," Shego admitted. "Besides, you're the only thing I'm thinking about right now."

"As if I liked you now," Kim teased, and gave the green woman a kiss. "And if you don't want to talk we need to go pack."

Even with the connecting doors open between the rooms it gave them an excuse to do something besides think about the week they had shared.

"At least for the week you tamed me."

"Tamed you?"

"Had me eating out of your hand."

"My hand… and other places," Kim giggled.

After packing they went downstairs again for an early lunch. Even though they hadn't eaten much for breakfast they still had no appetite for food and left most of their small portions on their plates.

The two went back to Shego's room for a little last minute privacy. Fully dressed they lay on Shego's bed. In an hour they would be picked up by two different shuttle services for their rides to the airport. Since Kim's driver was a GJ agent they didn't risk changing their schedules.

Kim felt tense and unhappy. Global Justice had probably switched drivers with Shego's shuttle service and Shego would be taken to some isolated spot where a squad of Global Justice agents would try and arrest her. Kim wanted very badly to warn her, but couldn't betray her job.

Shego nuzzled the younger woman's neck, "So, when do I get to see you again?"

Kim sighed, holding the other woman tightly. "I can't see you."

"Why not?"

"Doh! Because we're on two different sides of the law."

"That doesn't seem to have slowed us down any the last couple days."

"It wouldn't work."

"We could try… Want a key to my place? I know I want a key to your place."

Kim kissed Shego, a long deep kiss that said exactly how good the idea sounded to her. "No," Kim said sadly as their lips parted, "it wouldn't work. I can't see you again."

"You really can't see me?"


Shego grinned, "I'd love to hear what you tell Dr. Director about why they can't send you out after me."

"You know what I mean. I can't see you for pleasure."

"Pleasure," Shego laughed. "You mean like this?" Kim purred in response to Shego's caress. "Or this?" Kim gasped. "Or maybe this?"

"No more of that," Kim moaned.

"I thought you liked the plasma pulse," Shego pouted. "Want me to stop?"

"Not now. I… uh… just… ohh… can't… can't… can't…"

Kim fell silent and let Shego work her magic on the younger woman.

With an act of supreme effort Kim managed to order, "Stop!" and reluctantly Shego did. "That's why I can't see you any more," Kim panted. "I like that way too much."

"That's a lousy reason to not see me again."

"It may be a lousy reason, but it's the truth. Please, say you understand."

Shego rolled on her back and stared at the ceiling, "Yeah, I guess I understand."



"Would you hold me for a minute?"

"Hold you?"

"Yeah, just hold me…" Kim asked. "Hold me tight. I… I hope that doesn't sound stupid, but that's what I really want right now, just for you to hold me."

Shego smiled, "It doesn't sound stupid at all."

Kim's arms went around Shego, returning the embrace with an equally fierce passion. When they broke apart Kim looked into Shego's eyes, and found the older woman looking strangely serious, or perhaps a little sad. "I wish… I don't know…" Kim tried to start.

Shego suddenly smiled, "No, you're right. You can't see me again."

"You don't need to sound happy about it!"

"Give me a key to your place."


"Give me a key to your place."

"But, I… You just said I shouldn't see you again."

"Give me the key, Kim," Shego whispered in the redhead's ear. "I promise to blindfold you."

Kim hesitated.

A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

--The End—

As the closing credits roll for the story, "Written and Directed by King in Yellow, Starring Kim Possible as Kay Nonymous and Shego as Shelly Ghose…" the following scene takes place…

"Got to go now, my ride is here," Shego lied, pretending to answer her cell phone. She left Kim and took the elevator down to the lobby. Once there she slipped out of the side door of the hotel and hailed a passing cab. She didn't trust the shuttle service with which she had set up her appointment. "Keep your eyes on the road," she warned her driver as she changed clothes and applied new makeup to hide her distinctive color. There was no black, and no green, in her new outfit. She wondered if she was as overconfident as Kim about it changing her appearance – but she'd done it for years and remained free. Shego felt a little disappointed that Kim hadn't warned her not to take the shuttle, but on the other hand Kim had certainly not insisted she take the shuttle or checked on her. "We need to set up ground rules." She grinned as she pictured a calendar in her mind and tried to figure out how long until she could find an excuse to see Kim again.


Epilogue - I don't plan to write a sequel, but the first chapter would probably include the following scene:

Shego took Kim's overflowing mailbox in the lobby as a bad sign. She picked the lock to move from the lobby into the main building. Ringing doorbells for apartments until someone buzzed her in without checking might have worked, but might have generated a witness. There were no visible signs of a problem in Kim's apartment, but the answering machine blinked with thirty-seven messages.

The green woman hit 'play', planning to delete her own messages and wondering if Kim might have left a message for her. Around half consisted of, "Kim, this is Shelly, give me a call." Shego noticed her voice becoming increasingly frantic. Several calls asked Kim to call her mother, they contained the same note of fear. The calls from her mother stopped two days ago - Kim's mother knew something. The machine also recorded four junk calls and a call from the library that a book Kim requested had come in for her.

"Shego," said a cold voice on the answering machine. "Betty Director, Global Justice, here. Kim can't come to the phone right now. She's being charged with aiding and abetting a felon, and being an accessory after the fact. With good behavior you'll see her in five to ten years. If you want to discuss anything with me, here is the number for my cell phone…"