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Bronze on Black 3

Jacob's heart pounded as he rode, and he felt terribly stupid for leaving Edward with the opportunity to disappear. He should have gone with him yesterday, and not left his sight for the rest of time. He pulled into the Cullens' driveway, swinging the door open. "Where's Edward?"

Rosalie and Jasper stood from the couch, surprised at his burst.

"I'm not sure," Rosalie said.

"Alice is out hunting," said Jasper, "so we can't ask her. She'll be back soon. Or maybe Edward went with her?"

"Didn't Edward hunt just a few days ago?" Jacob said, "His eyes were bright last time I saw." Jacob couldn't forget how Edward looked on the beach.

"You're right," said Rosalie, "But what's the urgency for?"

Frustration and urgency seeped into Jacob's voice. "Has everyone forgotten what Edward said? He told Bella he wouldn't live long after her! Am I the only one thinks he's gone to the Volturi again?"

"Calm down, Jacob," said Jasper, "Edward hasn't said anything about that to us since the last time. What makes you think-"

"Everything makes me think about it! And don't you do your little calming trick on me!"

"If Edward decided to kill himself, none of us have the right to stop him this time," said Rosalie, "Bella really is gone. What could we do? Imprison him? You can't do that to a vampire. It's impossible. One way or another Edward will succeed this time, if he really wants to." Rosalie moved towards Jacob. "I'm really sorry."

Jacob didn't have time to talk anymore. He needed to go to the airport.

The motorcycle went over 100 on the highway as he darted past cars. The airport was supposed to be a long way away, but it was nothing when there was no speed limit to obey.

He illegally parked outside the airport and ran inside, cutting the line.

"When's the next flight to Italy?"

The stocky man behind the counter glanced over Jacob's shirtless form. "Are you Jacob Black?"

"How do you know?"

"Just a guess. I have a message for you. Someone called a little while ago." He leaned closer to Jacob, avoiding earshot with the other staff, "She tipped me a good amount of money to relay this." He pulled a note from his pocket, reading it to Jacob. "Back from the camping trip, saw a note on the refrigerator."

Jacob understood. Alice had returned from the hunt and she'd seen a vision.

"The note said, 'Edward is going to La Push,' and 'Drive safely.' That's it."

"That's it?" Jacob said without waiting for a reply. He ran out the door to his motorcycle. It hadn't been sitting long enough for a cop to even reach it.

His heart raced and his bike shot down the road like a bullet in the rain. Drive safely his ass! Edward could go to Italy to die, sure, but he could also go right next door and break the treaty. He wouldn't have to hurt anyone to make enough of an uproar to piss off the pack. Sure Jacob had revoked it for the funeral, but not permanently. The Quileutes weren't the type to take things for granted. Edward was in real danger.

It was down pouring as Jacob rode towards La Push, water shooting out from beneath his wheels like white wings.

A figure appeared out of nowhere just in front of the border line, and Jacob hit the breaks in surprise. The bike began to fishtail, spinning out of control. He felt firm arms around him as the bike tumbled over and over, smashing more to bits with each blow against the pavement. Edward was in front of him when they smashed against the pavement, sliding twelve feet to a stop. Jacob gaped down at the vampire. Edward's shirt had been completely torn off in the process of meeting the ground. From where he lay there was a trail of sunken blacktop leading to the wrecked bike. If Jacob had been alone in the accident, he'd be a mangled mess for a week.

"You saved me," Jacob said.

"I made you crash," Edward corrected.

"What the hell were you doing in the middle of the road?"

"Alice predicted an accident."

"And you caused it!"

"You would have had one anyway, riding ninety miles an hour in the rain. You're an idiot." Jacob's thoughts wandered to the treaty. He'd risk an accident to prevent that.

Edward frowned. "That's why you were speeding?"

"Of course! I shouldn't have let you go yesterday."

Edward grabbed Jacob by the shoulders, shoving him off the road into the woods. They tumbled into a patch of ferns where Edward began to growl inhumanly. "You scared me!" he yelled.

"Scared you? I heal in no time! You scared me, what with… with…"

"I though you understood," Edward said, his voice calming a bit, "I thought we had an understanding at the beach. I'm not going anywhere."

Jacob's heart skipped a beat. "You're not?"

"Now that I know you feel the same about me, how could I leave you?" They watched each other for a moment before Edward's eyes moved down. "You're bleeding," he said with a frown.

Jacob noticed the gaping wound on his forearm, the blood spread out more than normal as the rain pelted against it. He put the wound to his mouth, noticing suddenly that Edward was watching fiercely.

"Want to try?" Jacob egged.

Edward looked repulsed suddenly. "Absolutely not."

"I think you do," Jacob said, offering his arm to the vampire. "Werewolves can't become leeches, so it's safe."

"I'm not breaking the treaty."

"I'm in charge of the treaty now, Edward. You can break whatever you want with me."

Edward's eyes were glued to the wound, his hands slowly reaching out. "This is degrading," he said, bending down in front of Jacob. Jacob could see his fangs were already long and gleaming as he spoke. Edward said it was degrading, but it didn't stop him from darting out his tongue and running it over the wound. Jacob shivered; the frigid tongue soothing on his cut. Edward's mouth closed over the wound and Jacob felt the pinch of fangs into flesh. Edward's body visibly shuddered; his breathing ragged and unnecessary as he drank the werewolf's blood. Jacob realized that this was probably the first time in decades that Edward had tasted human blood.

Jacob felt the harmless venom tingling inside him, spreading through him like a warm wave. It felt good, felt hot. His temperature rose, if that were at all possible. His sensations went into overdrive when Edward failed to suppress a moan. Edward looked like a god.

Edward pulled away reluctantly. "Wow," he said, his voice cracking, "You're almost healed." Edward's face resembled The Batman's Joker, deathly pale with red smeared over his mouth and up his cheeks. His eyes were a shocking shade of crimson. "They're really red?" Edward asked, seeing himself through Jacob's eyes like a mirror. "How am I going to explain this to my parents?"

Jacob leaned forward to lick him clean.

"Very wolfish," Edward muttered as Jacob ran his tongue over his face, though Jacob could feel Edward's body responding to the touch.

Jacob rolled Edward onto his back, watching his bare, porcelain chest heaving. He kissed the vampire viciously. They began to wriggle out of the remnants of their clothing until they were stark naked in the woods. Jacob watched Edward's curious red eyes raking him with fascination and lust. He couldn't help but relate as he glanced at the bronze hair trailing down from Edward's naval. He indulged to touch it, revering in the fact that it was satin-soft. Jacob laid a hand on Edward's hip, sliding down over his thigh, lifting the leg over his shoulder. He kissed the vampire's knee, not removing their locked gaze as he touched him.

Hours were spent relieving the built-up sexual tension one human could feel in a lifetime. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Jacob rolled to Edward's side. Edward didn't perspire, so most of his response was vocal, a melody Jacob would never, ever forget. Along with the noises expected from a sexual banquet, Edward had a tendency to growl. Jacob physically responded with an urge to transform which wouldn't be pretty, especially if the rest of the pack was mentally tapped in. Who was he kidding? He'd love to show Edward off.

Edward panted, his eyes closed and his arms draped on the ferns above his head. The sun wasn't out but he still seemed to glow with ecstasy. He crossed his arms behind his head, grinning. "Now that's what I call stamina."

Jacob laughed. Stamina made him think of how much longer he could keep this up, and that led to wondering about the future. Just as soon as his smile faded, Edward whacked him on the face.

"Your thoughts are too depressing. If you need me to, I'll keep telling you that I'm not going to leave you."

"Ok, tell me."

"I'm not leaving you."


"I'm not leaving you."

"One more time."

"I'm not-"

Jacob cut him off with a kiss. "Thanks."

They didn't leave the forest any time soon, instead they reminisced about the past. Bella was in both of their minds, but the memory of her didn't stir up guilt. There was only affection.


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