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Yes! first day of Junior Year I can't wait to see what will happens!

"Gabriel!" Mrs. Gray yelled up the stairs.


"Yes Mommy I am up!" Gabriel replied knowing what she would ask.

"How's my little Junior?" Mrs. Gray said as she was fixing him waffles in the toaster oven.

"I am not a baby, I can make my own breakfast," he replied.

Gosh, ever since dad died she has been treating me as if I couldn't do anything on my own. I wish I could show her that I am independent and can do things for myself.

"Well you are going to be late for your first day and you don't want that happening, come on I will drive you," she said.

"Mom why can't I just walk to school or ride my bike, everyone else has a car and that is embarrassing enough," he replied.

"Get in the car Gabe I don't want you being kidnapped," she said firmly although she was hurt he was embarrassed to be dropped off by his own mother."Your my special little boy, see you after school."

"Hi students, my name is Mrs. Gladice and I will be your Homeroom teacher, if anyone needs anything or has questions about anything ask me, I am your advisor," said Mrs.Gladice

"Uhh... I have a question."

"Yes Gabriel"

"Not being prejudice or anything, but why are there so many Hispanic students this year?"

"Well, this year our school is holding a foreign exchange student program and these students will stay for the rest of their high school career."

"What's the matter Gabriel, you think you can make a new friend?" Niki teased. "No I just wanted to know because... I- I have an interest in the Spanish language and I think I may take a class on it," stuttered Gabriel. "Yeah, I saw the way you looked at that one Mexican." Niki mocked. "She is not Mexican, she is half Puerto Rican and Dominican!" Gabriel said defending himself, but not very well. "Ha, so now you are stalking her?" she sneered. "No I just know that type of stuff..." Gabriel had just given up since he knew more people would join in.

What are you looking at. Gabriel thought to himself as he glared at Matt. Surprisingly Matt turned away as fast as he could.

Just wait until I get to math class I will make some friends there since most of the students are social outcast like me. Finally I would know what it is like to have a real conversation, unlike the ones I have with my mommy about how my tummy hurts or Star Trek isn't coming on tonight since they are going to have an all night showing of the movie Psycho... Hmm... I should watch th-

"Move out of my way loser!"

"Yeah loser move out of his way."

"What a dork."

A couple of jocks passed by him and knocked his books out of his hand also making sure he fell on the floor. Matt came up to help him since he knew from experience what it felt like to be picked on so much.

"Can I help you with that?" Matt asked. "Sure," Gabriel replied. Just don't talk to me I am already miserable enough without having a slow fat friend. "Well, okay bye... I am sorry for helping you," Matt whispered under his breath thinking Gabriel had said this out loud.

Gosh I am such a dork, I thought I only thought that, how could he hear me?

"El es mono." Maya said.

"Cualquier" Alejandro said while completely ignoring who or whatever his sister was talking about.

Was she talking about me? Because I seen her looking at me... And I heard the word mono, I wonder what that means... Keep dreaming Gabriel.

"I am sure all of you heard of Punnet Squares before right?" said the Science teacher.

"Uhh..." the class hummed in unison.

"Yes, Mr. Gray"

"Punnet Squares is in genetics, a type of grid used to show the gametes of each parent and their possible offspring; a type of grid that can indicate all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross," he answered.

"Correct you are Mr. Gray, Well done! If there was a parent with blue eyes and another with brown eyes, but carried the recessive trait of blues eyes what would be the possible outcome of the two's children eyes?"


"Yes, Mr. Gray"

"The probability of the children having brown eyes is 1/2 and the children having blues eyes is also 1/2."

"Well thank you for that Mr. Gray, seems like I am getting a bit repetitive."

"How about you, Mr. Petrelli tell me something you know about the subject we are on."

"Uhh... I think Einstein was correct about when he made that thingy called electricity??" he said in confusion wondering how far off subject it could possibly be.

"Mr. Petrelli we are on the subject of Punnet Squares."

"Sorry?" Peter asked still confused.

Wow am I the only one in this class? Maybe I should answer less questions...Hmmm...

"What class do I have next..."

"You don't have a class next Gabriel, it is lunch, my name is Mohinder by the way. It is amazing how you have the guts to answer questions on the first day." Mohinder said still amazed, he was always easily amazed. "It seems we both have lunch next, I am new to this school so do you want to show me where the cafeteria is?" Mohinder asked nicely.

Wow I am actually going to make a friend this year, maybe I am special like my mommy told me. Gabriel was so used to talking to himself that he didn't even notice he hadn't answered the question. "Gabriel?" Mohinder asked. "Oh yes I willl show you and how do you know my name?" Gabriel asked. The teacher said it so much how couldn't I know it?

"So this is lunch?" Mohinder asked not seeing the horrified look on Gabriel's face. He had so many bad memories at lunch. I actually thought she liked me, she was only playing a trick on me just so she could embarrass me in front of the entire school. GABRIEL GRAY DOESN'T PEE HIS PANTS! "Okay Gabriel I believe you, you don't have to scream at me." Mohinder said while he backed away.

Frick I did it again! First Matt, then he whole lunchroom!!

"Are you sure GABRIEL you don't because I recall last ye-" Nathan couldn't stop himself from laughing it was always funny, yet disgusting to see a fifteen year old male urinate on himself in front of half of the students and a quarter of the teachers.

"Shut up." Gabriel whispered under his breath, afraid Nathan would hear him.

"What did you say 'mommy's little treki?"

"Uh nothing." Gabriel said trying to walk away as fast as he could. Why do I always have to embarrass myself, with me no bullies are needed people still laugh at me, not with me. "I'll see you this afternoon and if not I will find you, maybe you could make yourself useful and be part of the cheerleaders squad!" Nathan said as he walked away with his jockish friends.

"Gabriel, I am sorry, they are jerks, they only tease you because of their insecurities." Mohinder said trying to comfort his new friend. Mohinder shouldn't have to suffer because I am a dork. "Mohinder you don't have to eat lunch with me I go to the boys locker room and eat lunch usually." Gabriel then left the lunch room without his lunch too ashamed to even look the lunch lady in face. "But." Mohinder tried to say only to be left alone with Elle.

"Hey Mohinder!" Elle yelled and scared the crap out of him. "Where the heck did you come from??" Mohinder asked amazed again that she could sneak up on him like that. "I was standing here the whole time. So you are new here?" Elle asked. Maybe he would like me unlike all the other jerks who call me a freak. Elle thought. "Yeah, my first year since my family moved from India so my dad could continue his research on... Well I don't exactly know what it is on." Mohinder replied happy to see he had just made his third friend of the day, Elle, Gabriel, and Peter. "So Elle, what is your favorite subject?" Mohinder asked trying to make small talk. "Boys." Elle said very creepily until she realized how creepy she was looking at Mohinder. "Okay I'll just be going I have a class to get to." Mohinder said completely lying since class wouldn't start for anouther twenty minutes.


"What Peter?" Nathan moaned afraid Peter would nag him again. "Why are you so mean to Gabe? He hasn't done anything to you." Peter said with a firm look on his face, Nathan knew he meant business. "Peter you have to get that if you want to be popular, you must be funny and Gabriel is he easiest way to my popularity." Nathan said with a smug look on his face. "What you do is not funny it is cruel, he has no friends!" Peter replied. "Yes he does, that little Mexican boy, Mohinder." Nathan corrected. "He is Indian." Peter corrected his brother. "Whatever Nathan. Just go be a jerk to one of your friends and see how they feel, better yet how about I start being a jerk to you." Peter said angrily. "Peter, you couldn't keep that up for one day." Nathan mocked.

"Gabriel?" Peter asked hoping to see him. Oh no someone found me, I always been so careful to make this my secret hideout. "Gabriel I know your in here I saw you go this direction." Peter heard something move behind the lockers and put two and two together. "I am sorry about my brother." Peter said. Say something don't be scared of him he is just as small as you are. "If you don't want to talk I understand." Peter left the locker room. Wait! Gabriel yelled in his head making another mistake.

"?Es este las muchachas vestuario?"

Maya asked but then she noticed the sign on the door had a stick figure with a dress on.

Oh crap since when was this the girls locker room? Elle had entered the lockeroom and Gabriel was becoming more nervous. "Hi, my name is Elle I think I was supposed to be your tour guide or something for the day, but I forgot what your name was, wait are you Maya?" Elle asked. "Si, Yes." Maya answered correcting herself since she knew the whole point in this program was for her to learn English. "I not talk English mucho." Maya said. "It's okay me neither." Elle said cracking herself up once more. Maya looked at her with the most perplexing look anyone could have given, even more than Peter. I have to get out of here! Gabriel thought as he stood up and hit his head on the shelf. Not only was he very awkward, but he also was very clumsy. Ow! He yelped in pain trying not to move but accidentally falling over the lockers in front of him knocking them all down. "I- Oh my gosh Gabriel what the heck are you doing in here you pervert, gym is about to start for us! Elle said enjoying every minute of it. "I- I, I uh... I thought this was the boys locker room, I wasnt trying to see you girls undress, uh I am so sorry..." He said. I am such a dork! Gabriel thought but saying it out loud again. "Gabriel the girls locker room this year is being renovated due to a rat infestation last year and the guys locker room is now in the weight room." Elle updated Gabriel on the latest change of the school. "Mono, El es mono." Gabriel whispered under his breath glad he remember what she said. Maya giggled. "What?" Gabriel asked. Elle's face began to turn red as she tried not to laugh. Gabriel's pants had a huge hole in it from his pocket being caught on one of the locker's hooks and ripped off. Gabriel looked down and when he looked back up he was face to face with Mrs. Gladice.

"Mr. Gray, what are you doing in the ladies locker room?"

"I- I..." He started to panic and he couldn't stop him self he was going to faint.

"Gabriel?" the nurse Mr. Claude asked waiting for an answer to his question?

"Oh my gosh my mommy is going to freak out, I have to fix this where are your needles, threa-" Gabriel stopped and looked up at the nurse. "Are you okay I think you need to calm down before you faint again, I called your mother she is going to bring you some new pants." Mr.Claud informed him. Noooo, Gabriel thought in his head, the last time his mother brought him pants to school was when Niki poured water all over my pants and said I peed on myself, not again! "Gabriel go to the office she will be waiting for you there." Mr.Claude said

"Hey my little special Gabey Bear!" Mrs. Gray cooed at her son. "Mommy!" Gabriel protested "why do you always have to call me such embarrassing names in public."

"Sorry Gabey Bear, here are your pants." She leaned in and gave her son the longest kiss on his forehead he had ever received from her. Oh my, no why is Nathan Petrelli in the office?? "I will see you at home Mr." Mrs.Gray said.

Gabriel walked as quick as he could out of the door trying to avoid the senior in the office. "Gabey Bear!" Nathan mocked. "Hi Nathan can I help you?" Gabriel asked. "You peepee your pants again." Nathan said in a baby voice frowning. "I never peed on myself in my life." He said while remembering his accidents when he was younger. Lie.

"Aww little mommy's boy ripped his wittle pants so he got a great big kiss from Mommy Bear!" One of the jocks teased. Mommy Bear, you can't come up with a better insult than that? Gabriel had already started down the hallway hoping he would escape into the weight room.

"So Gabe... Can I call you Gabe?" asked Mohinder. "Sure I don't see why not." Gabriel said. "What is your favorite sport?" Mohinder asked. "I don't really play sports, but I do occasionally like to play tennis with my da-" Gabriel shivered and looked away from Mohinder. "What's wrong?" Mohinder asked. Nothing, it's just my dad died a few months ago and I really miss him. Matt was eaves dropping from the court in which he 'played horse' with himself. "Your dad... died?" Matt asked. Mohinder looked up at him amazed that Matt would know something like this about his new friend. "How did you know?" Gabriel asked. "Well you did just tell Mohinder right?" Matt asked

"No." Gabriel answered. "Oh, well my dad left me a couple of years ago, I still have the 120 he gave to me. I knew he was ashamed of having me as a son." Matt said.

"Well why is that?" Mohinder asked not noticing it was a sensitive situation since he had always had a father and always would, at least to him. "Never mind," Matt said walking the other direction. "Gabriel I'm sorry for your loss." Mohinder said. "It's fine I have to get over it sooner or later." I can't cry I am already the laughing stock of the grade. Gabriel skimmed the Gym for something to change the subject, then he saw Maya. Wow she is so beautiful I wonder if she laugh at me too. "What are you staring at?" Mohinder asked. "Oh nothing just thought I seen something." Gabriel answered him. Good cover up!

Finally the last class of the day, ART! "Isaac why are you always in art class?" Elle asked Isaac. "Why are you always all over guys, Elle?" Isaac mocked. "That is not true." Elle defended herself. "And it is not true that I skip every subject but art and lunch, I am lucky enough to have art twice, Art Intermediate and Art Advance. I know a guy with computer smarts, you now that paper delivery dude who always wears those horn-rimmed glasses?" Isaac was telling her the reason for his fortune when he was rudely interrupted by Simone. "Hey Isaac." Simone said only to be ignored. "Why won't you talk to me?" She asked. "Maybe because I just don't want to." He said to Simone ten looked in Gabriel's direction. "Dork, what the hell are you looking at?" Isaac asked Gabriel. "Nothing I just was looking at your picture." He answered. That boy looks a lot like me, but why is his nose bleeding?

"Hey Gay Brihl! ┬┐Cazaba al acecho usted a mi hermana en el vestuario?" Alejandro asked. "What?" Gabriel wondered what the heck he was saying. Isn't he the one walking with the girl wh- Before he finished his thought he recieved the hardest punch to his face ever, seeing that Nathan was the only other punch and he secretly didn't want to punch him. "Ow." Gabriel followed his instinct and fell backwards hitting his head on the tree behind him, when he looked up Alejandro was running and the principal was standing right behind him. "Why are you fighting Mr. Gray." the principal said. "What?" He said confused knowing he hadn't participated in the abuse, he was the abusee! "Detention! This friday 5:00-6:00." Said the principal. "But that is when Star Trek comes on!" Gabriel whined. "Oh in that case you can be schedule for during gym class." He said sarcastically. "Really?" Gabriel asked forgetting how gullible he was. "No! Go home I don't want to see your face for the rest of this day, trouble maker." The principal yelled.

Gabriel was walking home when he seen Elle driving in her new BMW her daddy recently bought for her sixteenth birthday. He stared closer and seen that her family was the host family of Maya. Maya would be three houses away from his house. "Mommy?" Gabriel said while his voice began to crack. "Oh my gosh my baby! Is that Petrelli boy bothering you again." She asked. "No mommy this hispanic kid punched me for looking at his sister in the lockeroom." He said trying to choke back tears, but his day was so rough he could cry in front of his mommy. "Oh come here." His mommy said. As he told her about his day she made the worst sandwhich she possibly can forgetting that he was not Mr.Gray, a tuna fish sandwhich!

"Maya what is that?" Elle asked. "A wallet, it say Gabriel Gray." Maya replied. "We should call he and tell him we have his wallet! It'll be great!" Elle said with much excitement. "Huh?" Maya was confused. "Telephone?" Maya asked. "Yeah telephone." Elle said as she picked up the phone and her student directory. Buh Ring. Buh Ring. "Gabe, Baby can you get that I am taking a bath!" His mommy yelled from upstairs "Hello." Gabriel said sadly as he finished his advanced math homework. "Es esto Gahbriel?" Maya asked. "Si". Gabriel responded his heart beating the fastest it ever had, he already had two records for the day and it was his third. "Who is on the phone?" Mrs. Gray asked. "It's just one of my teachers mommy!" He answered. "Yeah this is him." He said. "How to say?" Maya asked Elle. "Say I have your wallet and you can get it from Elle's house." Elle said as slow as she could. "I wallet, you come get, Elle casa." Maya said. "Okay, I'll be right there. Bye." Gabriel said surprised he understood her. What was I thinking going to Elle's house in my Ramones pajamas too, I was in over my head! Ding Dong. "I got it dad!" Elle yelled from her third story running down the stairs to the door. "Hey Gabe." She said with the hugest smirk on her face. "I- I am here for May- my wallet..." He said correcting himself. "Come in follow me," she took him upstairs into her playroom which was filled with unicorns and ponies and sock monkies. "This is... nice?" Gabriel said.

"Gahbriel!" Maya said excitedly forgetting Elle said to 'keep it cool' whatever that meant.

"Hey uh Maya." Gabriel said to her nervously. "What happened to your nose Gabriel?" Elle questioned him with a disgusted look on her face. "Oh gosh is it bleeding?" Gabriel asked. "Yes a lot!" Elle answered. Oh no have no fear Gabriel Mr.Dork is here! He will save you from getting positive attention from those chicks. "Where's your bathroom?" Gabriel asked. Elle pointed quickly in the direction.

"I am sorry for that, that Hispanic boy who is always with Maya punched me in the nose." Gabriel said. "HA HA, oh sorry." Elle studdered. "What he say?" Maya asked quietly. "Su hermano lo dio un pu├▒etazo en la nariz." Said Elle surprisingly. "Oh mi!" Maya yelped feeling sorry for Gabriel. "Are you bueno?" Maya said forgettin the word good or okay. "Yeah, uh si soy bueno." He murmured the little spanish that he knew. Maya sat down next to him and stared at him sadly. At that point Gabriel stood up as quickly as he could and said, "I have to go my mommy is waiting for me." At that point his shirt hooked onto the wall which cause most of the buttons to pop off. Elle giggled in delight. Oh my god, why Mr.Dork, do you torture me?? His undershirt was a little too tight and said Gabriel + Mommy Love 4ever. Maya didn't understand what Elle was laughing at she thought the shirt was cute when she seen the stick figures of Gabriel and his mommy. Yeah Mr.Dork great just wear the same undershirt every night your mommy made!

El es mono means he is cute.