She smiled softly in the hallway as she walked pass Gabriel, he turned slightly, but went back to his locker as Alejandro walked pass his locker too.

"Can I help you with that?" Mohinder asked as he walked pass Elle only taking one book.

"Sure, these books can be heavy," she said giving him a sarcastic look.

"Hey Mohinder!" Gabriel said from afar. Mohinder turned towards his friend.

Gabriel sounded an imitation of a whip as he pretended to have one in his hand.

For some reason Gabriel was completely oblivious to anything the teachers would say or do, the only thing on his mind was Maya. Gah-briel, he thought, I love how she says my name. His thoughts slowly blended into what his teacher was saying.

"Gabriel!" said.

"Yes Mr.…Face?" Gabriel answered forgetting how to say his name. Elle giggled. "If a 50kg dog pushed on a box with 200N, what is the acceleration?" He asked.

"Uh… can I get my calculator?" he asked. The teacher looked at him with disapprobation.

"Maya?" said. "I think the acceleration rate would be 4m/s squared." Maya answered.

"Good Gabriel you were obviously not paying attention if you couldn't do that in your head, listen." He said.


The bell finally rang, lunch.

"Hey Gabriel," Maya said, "sorry for showing off in there."

"It's okay, I should have paid attention." Gabriel said as he kept his eyes on his feet, being sure to not look at her. He slowly shifted towards the left accidentally bumping into Maya, their hands touching. "Sorry." He said looking up at her as her cheeks turned red.

"It's okay." She said but Gabriel was already halfway the other direction.

"Seriously, I think this lady hates me." Gabriel said taking out another tuna fish sandwich.

"Aw, go easy on her, she only does everything for you." Mohinder said grabbing Gabriel's sandwich and taking a large bite.

"I love American food!" Mohinder said smiling with his mouth full.

"Now what am I going to eat?" Gabriel asked, not really looking for an answer.

"You didn't want it in the first place." Mohinder said.

"Gabriel, you are not eating?" Maya asked worried.

"No, uh, yes, uh, I, uh, don't really eat tuna fish, or seafood period." He said.

Maya then took out a box of raisons and a small, kiddy juice box and laid it on the table.

"Here, that's all of the food I don't eat." Maya said walking away.

"No Maya, I don't want your food." He said, but she was already halfway the other direction, oh the irony.

''See what you did?" Gabriel said to his friend laughing at Mohinder.

"What?" Mohinder said as a piece of bread fell out of his mouth, he looked up innocently.

"Are you going to Niki's party this year?" Mohinder asked.

"Those are for cool people and Matt." Gabriel said glimpsing at Matt.

"Hey, I am cool." Matt said in defense to Gabriel's comment.

"What if Maya goes?' Mohinder asked teasing his friend. "Shut up, just because she's going doesn't mean I am going," Gabriel said, "the only girl that I like is my-"

"A!" Mohinder said, although he knew he would say something along the lines of mommy.

"Hey Gabriel, do you think you can take me to Niki's party?" Maya asked. "Elle's not going because of something I don't really know what something."

"Um… I wasn't planning on going." Gabriel said while scratching his head. Mohinder nudged him with his arm whispering, "Girl of your dreams, party, and your car."

"Shut up'' Gabriel said then looked up at a disappointed Maya. I hate to see her disappointed Gabriel thought.

"I guess so, but I don't know if I will stay." He said barely assuaging her disappointment.

"Okay," she said walking off.

"I told you, you would go if she did." Mohinder said. "Because she needs a ride, and I don't want her to ride with one of those jocks." Gabriel said.

"Exactly my point, for Maya." Mohinder said.

"You are going too." Gabriel said slapping his friend in the stomach.

"Ow, fine," Mohinder said teasing his friend still.

"Wait, I can't go to Niki's party." Mohinder said just remembering what he and Elle had planned.

"Why not, I don't want to just be there standing around, because Matt has a French project to finish."

"Elle and I are going to the movies." Mohinder said.

"Alrighty then, I guess I will just have to face it." Gabriel said turning towards his next destination.

Knock knock Gabriel knocked on Elle's door. Maya came to the door, opened it and stepped out. Gabriel couldn't help but stare when he saw her in one of Elle's dresses.

"Can I help you?" Maya asked trying to get his attention as he unmitigatedly stared.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, you look amazing." Gabriel accidentally said embarrassed.

"Thanks." Maya said as she blushed.

This is fun. Gabriel thought as he nodded his head to the music. I wonder if Maya is having as much fun as I am. He thought, noticing she wasn't with him.

"Maya?" Gabriel called walking through the house, and then he spotted her outside.

"What wrong?" He asked her wondering why she wasn't inside.

"I don't feel so good." Maya said holding onto her stomach.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"I didn't want to ruin your fun and I thought if I came outside I would feel better." She said on the edge of throwing up.

Gabriel walked her to the car. "I will be back; I have to get my keys and jacket." He told her, Maya barely hearing him because she dozed off.

"Niki?" An unstable voice said through the door. Everyone immediately scurried out when they noticed it was her dad's voice. Gabriel looked around confused thinking she was allowed to have this party, he then looked at Niki who appeared to be frightened.

"Dad, what are you doing home so early?" Niki asked knowing every year since she was ten he would go out and get drunk because he was so 'hurt' or 'guilty' over Jessica dying.

"I thought I told no people over when I am not home." He said walking towards her.

"But dad, I don't want my friends over when you are here." Niki said backing into a corner. Her dad then lifted his hand and hit her across the face, Niki began to sob.

"Leave her alone." Gabriel said as brave as he could not wanting to leave Niki here with her dad.

"Oh yeah." Mr. Sanders said coming towards Gabriel.

"Yeah." Gabriel said running up the stairs. When he reached the top of the stairs he jumped for Gabriel, missing him and falling down the stairs. Gabriel quickly ran down the stairs and grabbed Niki's hand, but she hesitated to go.

"I have to stay with my dad to help him when he wakes up." She said still crying.

"No, you can come with me." Gabriel said being the kind and gentle boy he has always been.

"I can't.'' She said.

"I am not leaving without you." Gabriel said pulling her towards the front door


"Why would you help me?" Niki asked as he led her to his car.

"Why not, you were scared and I wouldn't leave anyone alone to suffer." Gabriel answered.

"But, I treat you so wrongfully." She said staring out of the window.

"Niki, I am not going to seek revenge for something you will eventually regret."

Niki looked out of the window ending the conversation. Gabriel looked up at his rearview mirror to a sleeping Maya. She is so beautiful. Gabriel said. Why can't everyone be as nice as her?

He slammed his feet on the brakes noticing the SUV in front of him.

"Mommy?" Gabriel called when he came through the door.

"Yes Gabriel." She said coming down the stairs.

Darn I forgot to drop off Maya. He thought.

"Can a friend of mine stay here, she can sleep in my room and I will sleep in yours." He said.

"She?" Mrs. Gray said.

"Yeah mommy, this is Niki Sanders," he started, "Niki Sanders, my mommy Mrs. Gray. Gabriel didn't wait for an answer he walked out of the door instead.

"Where are you going now?" she asked

"I forgot to take my friend home." He said opening the door and shutting it on his worried mother.

"Maya?" Gabriel said opening the door.

She yawned and turned towards him. "Are we at Elle's house?" She asked.

"No, I am taking you there." He said giving her a hand.

"In your car?" She asked confused about why he was getting her out of the car.

"No, Elle's house is only three houses away." He said forgetting she was feeling sick. She then got out of the car and yawned. He shut the door behind her. She reached out and grabbed his hand and began to walk dizzily. Oh no, she's holding my hand. Gabriel thought nervously beginning to sweat.

"I don't think I can walk any further." She said trying to hold back throw up.

"Uh," he said wondering why and trying to think of a way to get her home. Maya leaned over and accidentally threw up on his yellow converse, which were now a shade of orangish- red.

"Ew." Gabriel said leaning down to look at his shoes.

"Sorry." Maya said sitting down on the grass too sick to think of where she was.

"It's okay." Gabriel lied extremely disgusted. He sat down next to her and felt her forehead.

"You are really warm." He said. She shivered as if she was cold.

"Elle's not at home." She said laying her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her and sat there for a while, forgetting about what happened to his shoes.

"Do you want me to stay with you?" He asked.

"If you want." She still shivered. Gabriel stood up giving her and hand and helped her, the rest of the way.

Ring. Mrs. Gray's house phone rang waking her up from her sleep.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey, mommy, can I stay over a friend's house tonight?" Gabriel asked after sitting on Mr. Bishop's couch.

"Why?" She asked worried that her boy was growing up and making friends, soon he wouldn't even need her.

"My friend is sick and I don't want to leave it alone." He said trying to be as evasive as he could about her gender.

"Okay Gabriel, but this is the last time you are going to sleep over without telling me ahead of time." She said hanging up the phone. Maya came down the stairs from brushing her teeth and sat on the couch beside Gabriel, resting her head on his shoulder again.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked returning his arms around her.

"No." she said closing her eyes.

Great, the one day I have been dreaming of for months and she is completely sick. I hope I don't get sick.

Gabriel slowly got up and turned on the radio to a soft rock station. He sat down returning to where he was before and began to sing along with the song on the radio thinking Maya was a sleep.

Maya looked up at Gabriel and began to smile, his voice was surprisingly pleasant. Maya slid her fingers across his cheeks.

"Gabriel thanks for being so sweet." Maya said staring at his eyes.

Gabriel looked down at her and leaned into kiss her, fortunately she kissed him back.

"Ew, ew, ew!" Elle said when she walked into her house with Mohinder. Gabriel then backed up and fell over the couch's arm rest. Mohinder began to smile complacently knowing he was right.

"Gabriel, are you okay?" Maya looked down and began to gag. I am definitely going to be sick. Gabriel thought moving out of the way of Maya. Maya ran up the stairs to throw up again, but this time from being sick and embarrassed.

"Mohinder, can I go to your house?" Gabriel asked knowing he wasn't going to stay there the whole night,

then wondering why his mother told him he could stay the whole night.

"Sure, but… I told you so!" Mohinder couldn't hide his excitement for himself or his friend. Gabriel smiled slightly looking up and a disgusted Elle.

"Sorry Elle." He said.

"Get out." She said jealous of her friend because Mohinder wouldn't dare kiss her.