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Summary: ALL HUMAN! Twelve year old, Isabella Marie Swan is found unconscious floating in an abandoned boat. What happens when a secret organization finds her, brings her in as one of their own.

Edward Cullen was making his rounds of the large river near the Oasis as he has been doing since he was nine years old, exactly five years ago. Just that morning his fourteenth birthday had been celebrated, the day he had been waiting for his whole life. Every young member of the Sandhya dreams of the day they turn fourteen, because it's when you really matter to the Sandhya, when you can take part in the legendary hunts, become a legend yourself.

For his birthday Edward had received a special amulet that represented him. This amulet was to help him read minds. He had also received his first dagger. Of course, he had used them before but they weren't exactly his own; they were daggers his family would let him borrow if they had no use for it. But this dagger, this dagger was his own. Unlike all the ones he had borrowed from older family members, this one felt much more balanced in his callused hands. But what pleased him most about it was that it felt powerful, lethal, and precise.

As he made his way down the calm bank of the river he noticed a boat up ahead. He pulled out his dagger and sword he had received from his godfather, Carlisle. He held his sword in his left hand his ceremony dagger in his right. Stealthily he dove behind the thick cover of the trees. He wove in, out and between the lush bushes and made his way closer to the lone boat. There appeared to be no one inside it, but from this distance he couldn't be sure. Edward would stop every now and then to listen intently, his ears straining for any movement. All he heard was the soft gurgling of the river against the bank. Finally, he was nearly in front of the boat, with only the thick vegetation between them. He once again, became perfectly still to listen for any sound at all. And there it was; soft breathing, it was so soft it was nearly unhealthy.

Acting on impulse, he jumped out of the woods, his dagger pointing menacingly at the wooden boat, while his sword positioned over his head pointing at the person inside the boat. Immediately he lowered his weapons and seethed the sword, while moving the dagger to his left hand as he walked closer to the abandoned boat.

Inside was an unconscious girl, a couple years younger than him. She had shoulder length hair that curled gently here and there. She was short and the way she was situated in the boat told Edward that she had most probably fallen in from some height. Her back was resting on a bench of the boat awkwardly, her head hanging off from the side with nothing to support it. Her legs were also resting on the second bench, one looked to be bent at a wrong angle, so if she was to wake up she still wouldn't be able to walk anywhere.

She looked a little too pale for his comfort, so he seethed his dagger and jumped into the boat, he slowly lifted her back up off the bench. Her head lolled backwards and he quickly moved her so that her head was resting on his arm. Edward gently tucked his arm under her legs and brought her out of the boat. He found a relatively dry spot on the river bank and laid her down. He went back to the boat to see if she had any belongings; all he found was a ring. It was a simple silver band with a blue sapphire. He brought it back to the girl and placed it on a finger to be safe.

Quickly, Edward set out to find two sturdy sticks to brace her twisted leg with. He came back to her and placed the sticks on either side of her left leg. He took his dagger back out and ripped two strips from his white shirt. He used these strips of cloth to hold the sticks to her leg tightly but loose enough to keep from cutting off her circulation. He moved to her face where a small cut was still bleeding heavily, and gently wiped the dirt from the cut as to not infect it.

It was then that he noticed how this girl was quite pretty. He swiped some of her hair out of her face and smiled. The moment the smile appeared on his lips it disappeared and a thoughtful frown came in its place. He began to wonder what had happened to her and why. He suddenly felt a burn in his chest when he the question of who had done this to her crossed his mind.

Suddenly her eyes began to flutter, and they finally opened. They were deep brown and at first they looked like most brown eyes: depthless. But then her brown eyes met his emerald green and he realized that he was wrong, they looked almost as deep as the ocean, deeper.

"Where am I?" she asked, panicked. She tried to sit up but the moment she did she let out a whimper of pain and flopped back down. She had a couple broken ribs as well.

Edward shook his head. "Doesn't matter. Don't move. Do you know who you are?"

She closed her eyes in frustration and Edward was tempted to open them again so he could stare at them forever. But he resisted. Satisfaction filled her eyes when she once again opened them. "Isabella Marie Swan."

He couldn't help but smile, it fit. "Do you remember anything that happened to you?"

"No," she answered instantly. "I was hoping you could tell me."

Edward sighed. "Sorry I have no idea. Now don't move." He once again gathered her in his arms, slowly trying not to hurt her. He made his way up the bank and back to the Oasis.

"ah-aay," she whimpered.

"I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hurt you," he quickly apologized each time she would make a pained sound. Finally, they reached the large estate. There were houses connecting to the center mansion, which held the head of the Sandhya. Where Edward and his adopted family lived. The other members of the Sandhya would give Edward an odd look, but the determination on his face made anyone who wanted to question him about the girl in his arms back off. The moment he walked through the doors of the center mansion he whistled for his father, Carlisle. Quickly, Edward made his way across the entrance hall and towards a small chair, softly he placed Isabella in it.

He whistled yet again, getting impatient. He started walking back and forth, running his fingers through his messy auburn hair. After what seemed like an eternity, Carlisle finally came through an adjoining door. He looked at his godson expectantly, but his eyes immediately moved passed Edward and to the girl.

"Ah." Carlisle made his way towards Isabella and began examining her. "Great brace, son," he commented. "Now dear what is your name?" he asked kindly.

"Isabella, sir. Isabella Swan but I prefer Bella."

"Okay, Bella, you will be moved to the hospital wing. Is that okay with you?" he placed a hand on her shoulder softly. She nodded in response. Carlisle looked at his son and Edward nodded. For the third time upon entering the house he whistled, but this time from the lone nurse. The whistle also summoned for her to bring a stretcher.

When the nurse wheeled the stretcher into the entrance hall, and placed Bella onto it Edward gave her a small smile, which was returned from the younger girl. The moment she had left Carlisle turned to his son. "Did you find out anything?"

"No father. All she seemed to remember was her name," he reported.

The leader of Sandhya rubbed his chin absentmindedly, as he studied the marbled white floors. He seemed deep in thought and Edward knew well enough not to speak. After a few moments his father spoke. "This may play to our advantages," he pondered out loud.

Edward cocked his head to the side curious. "What do you mean father?"

Carlisle looked from the floor and looked deep into his sons eyes. "Bella came from the Kali," his voice dripping of dread.

Edwards jaw dropped about a mile, and all he could think of was: This is not good.

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