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Prologue- I Should Have Known Better

Rudolph stood before him, brown hair spiked, mouth a grim smile, his skin tanned and his breath smelling of alcohol and tobacco. Wally cringed, anticipating what he knew was inevitable. Mary walked in and saw him.

"Wally..." Her voice trailed at her husband's glare. If looks could kill... "Rudy." She said, her voice uncommonly stern and decisive. "Step away from him. Now." Rudolph turned to her, his face contorted with rage.

"What?" He demanded slowly.

"Now." She repeated, not caring to repeat the actual message.

"He's my son." He said, stepping towards her. "I'll go near him any time I want. I'll go near anyone any time I want."

"Rudy." Her voice was back to it's usual wimpy tone now that his focus was on her, and not on her son.

"No." His soft voice was manipulating and hurtful, and Wally stared at his mother, and then at him.


"No!" He lashed out and smacked her face. A red mark began to spread on her face, and Wally knew it would be brighter soon. Rudolph lifted his arm again threateningly, and Wally felt a tear trickle down his face as his father's hand met his mother's face. He fought away his fear and wiped away the tear, and he stood before his father with the carefree grin he wore.

"Wow." He said, trying his best to sound amused. "Bet you feel like a big guy now, huh, Rudy?" Since he was a baby, he'd been forbidden to call him 'Dad'. 'You're not my son!' The man had shouted drunkenly. It had haunted Wally for years. Rudolph turned from Mary.

"What?" he demanded.

"Just saying," Wally replied with a nonchalant shrug. "I mean, if you were really a man, you wouldn't beat up a girl. That's kinda... you know. Weak." He spoke the last word with superior disgust and his father glared at him.

"Don't get uppity." He warned darkly.

"Why not?" Wally asked. "You can only beat up girls. Real guys don't beat up girls." He met his father's eyes and threw in the kicker: "If you were really a man, you would beat up men. You couldn't take me down in two punches." Rudolph glared.

"How about ten?"

"Ah!" Flash jumped out of his seat and slammed into the metal floor. John, also known as the Green Lantern, eyed the Flash.

"You okay?" John asked between laughs. Flash glared at him.

"No. I had a horrible nightmare." John raised an eyebrow, concerned at the sudden seriousness at which the young hero addressed him.

"What happened?"

"There was a supermodel who didn't want to be with me." John laughed as Wally held his eyes. "Don't laugh." Wally replied. "It was terrifying."

"Don't worry." John said sarcastically. "That'll never happen." Flash smiled and nodded.

"I know. Scary thought, though, right?" Green Lantern, also known as GL, laughed. Batman slid into the room.

"Sleeping on your watch?" He asked, his voice icy cold. Flash stiffened, so slightly that John wondered whether the great detective had caught it. A glance at the content look on Batman's face (Kind of hard to see by most, but John could tell) said he had.

"Catching up on my beauty sleep." Flash replied, with an easygoing grin. John noticed his voice sounded strained, as it often did when faced by the strict rulings of the 'human bat'.

"Gotta catch on it some more..." John joked quietly, hoping to break the tension. He was hoping he could before Batman noticed it, because he knew that Flash was easy to manipulate, since he wasn't that smart, and probably didn't know there were mean people in the world that didn't destroy the world in public. He had seemingly been raised in a perfect world where he was kept oblivious of the true nature of people. If Batman took Flash under his guidance, he could probably be much more effective, but John didn't want his friend to be taught in such a manner.

Flash was intimidated by him, he knew. Even if he covered it up by disrespecting him in front of the group. Every time he did such a thing, Bruce, A.K.A Batman, saw a look of embarrassed fear raising in the speedster. He didn't dislike the child, Wally, but was annoyed by his constant barrage of jokes. He hoped that his conquest for respect from the team would end with him achieving some maturity.

He doubted it would.

However, despite all of his immaturity and 'Not the sharpest tool in the shed' mind setting, Batman truly did like Flash. Even when he was mad at him. And he was mad at him a lot. Sometimes it seemed like Wally was only messing up because he wanted to see Batman's reaction; and that just annoyed Batman a lot. Of course, he never let his emotions seep through when he was in Flash's company- maybe the speedster didn't know how much he annoyed him, which was a lot. Batman didn't feel, however, that he should have to list the reasons why. Of course, he didn't see why not.

"You keep falling asleep when you should be paying attention, and you never pay attention during meetings." Batman accused in a gravely tone. He watched the young man shrink in stature, though he held his grin in check.

"Well, if the meetings included things that interested me-" It seemed he knew that was the wrong thing to say, and John knew it too, for he quickly broke in and said,

"Supermodels and food don't have to do with wars and energy crisis'," He said with a smile. Flash managed a laugh, like he always did when anybody else on the team attempted a joke, even at his expense, then turned to Batman.

"Yea, I get that." He paused and Batman got the rare feeling that the next words spoken by Flash would be sincere. Flash turned to John and asked, "Hey, can you spare a buck and get me a soda?" Even though Flash could get the soda in seconds, John seemed to notice his need to be alone to speak to Bruce, and nodded reluctantly.

"Sure." He left the room.

"What is it?" Batman demanded.

"I think that, yea, wars are important and all, but they get started on smaller degrees." Flash's eyes averted Batman's. Of course, you couldn't see the eyes on either heroes behind the special mask lenses, but the way his head was tilted and the way his body leaned indicated that he was eyeing the corner.

"Yea...?" Batman asked, sounding impatient, though he had a great tendency to wait, and if need be, he could wait for hours for the Flash to continue.

"I think that part of the team should oversee some of those meetings of the you-know... group of people from different countries?" Batman sighed.

"The U.N?" Flash nodded.

"Fine." Batman wasn't in the mood to argue, or to explain anything. The Flash seemed momentarily content, before continuing.

"And I think," He paused again. "And this is just a suggestion, you know..." Batman noticed how much more respect and self-consciousness' was in his voice when they were alone together. Maybe he was afraid that without the others, he would get beaten up? Batman nearly laughed at the thought. Flash's ego was bigger then North America. He didn't think Grodd, or Lex Luther could take him down. He wouldn't be afraid of him, seeing as how he wasn't a mindbending ape or, as far as Wally knew, a billionaire. To Flash, he was just an average Joe with a sulking mood and a clever mind. Batman let himself smirk inwardly. Flash probably thought he was as smart as Batman.

"Yes?" Batman's voice was cold, disguising the smile he had fought seconds before.

"Um..." Tired of the pauses, Batman gave him the coldest glare he could muster.

"Now." Flash blushed.

"Never mind... I was just going to see if we could get video games in the tower, and you are in charge of funds, so..." He paused, then ran out. John returned with a root beer seconds later.

"Miss something?"

"It's okay." Batman replied darkly. "So did I."