Ladies and Gentleman: the last chapter...

I know, I're all crying on the inside.


The End i.e The Long And Winding Road

Superman opened his eyes with a low groan.

"Where are we?" He mumbled, standing up. Batman stood shakily to his right, looking pale and unnerved. He was still wearing the suit Clark had stolen from the shop, except it looked older, and dustier. His hair was unkempt, and he looked extremely tired.

"Metropolis, I think," Bruce replied, rubbing a hand through his dark hair.

"I'd make a reference to the Wizard of Oz, but I wanna make sure we're back in Kansas first," Clark stated with a weary smile, as he walked over to a newspaper stand on the corner of the road. The date was correct. He grinned and turned to Bruce. "I had the wildest dream..." He told him. "And you were there-" Bruce smirked, then sighed, leaning against a wall.

"I'm not gonna kill you for making that stupid joke the second we got back." Clark raised an eyebrow, amused.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm too damn tired." Bruce replied, closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall.

"So, it wasn't because it was so funny?" Clark ventured. Bruce cracked open an eye.

"That might have been stupid enough to kill over." Clark chuckled, then walked over.

"Come on. We'd better get you to the station to get you all patched up and-" His face suddenly went pale. "Flash!" The urgency was contagious, and a flash of fear (A/N no pun intended...well okay, a tiny bit...Flash, Flash- get it? Ha!) rushed over Bruce's face.

"Let's go!"


Wally smiled happily, thinking of the memory that kept him going when things got rough like this. When he was a kid, his dad had gotten one good punch in the head, and had stayed down. Wally had been so confused and happy, he had just stared. His father was mortal. And like everyone he fought, he could go down.

And there was nothing that inspired him more. He doubted he would be able to fight if he hadn't seen that random guy pound into him. If that man, who had ruined his life, who had been impossible to stop, could go down, why the hell couldn't anyone else? He smiled to himself again, then went to fight the thug.

He was just another guy, just like his dad. And just like everyone else on the planet, this guy could go down. And since he never got the chance to knock his pop down, why the hell not beat this guy up and save some folks?

There was nothing that inspired him more.

"Stealing from little old ladies?" He asked, taking the purse from the man's grubby hands with ease. "Kinda cliche." The man stared in shock and fear.


"Why are people always so surprised? Seriously. It's like they're expecting me to be on vacation!" The man began to run away, and Flash ran in front of him. "Okay. Does the title 'Fastest Man Alive' mean anything to you? Honestly! What am I, chopped liver? I won that title off of Superman, you know. Quite proud of it." He then knocked the guy out, got the purse to the little old lady, (who dug some hard candy out from it, and, despite his protests that there was hair and lint on it, stuffed it in his mouth saying, 'You're a good boy!') then got the guy to jail.

"Whoo, man, Murphy! I'm so tired! Mind sparing some coffee?" The policemen smiled as he took the crook (now conscious), who was grumbling and rubbing his jaw, sending dirty looks at Wally.

"No problem, Flash. Help yourself to some doughnuts, too. I know you like them, and no one here wants them."

"If you're sure," Flash replied, his mouth already full. After the baddie was signed in, Flash headed to where he and John were supposed to meet so Flash could get a ride to monitoring duty. When the Green Lantern arrived, he flew them to the station. As Flash arrived aboard, he saw Superman and Batman arriving via javelin. As they entered, he shouted,

"Yo! Bats, Supes! Where've you been? You missed out! You know how I was talking about those hot chicks that robbed a bank? Well, guess what!? And Bats, don't call it bribing, because-" Superman suddenly encased him in a Man-of-Steel brand hug. Flash looked uneasily at John, who was snickering. "Um...Supes?"

"Oh, Flash! I was so worried!" Flash looked at the Green Lantern questioningly, and when he shrugged (still wearing a smirk), Flash turned to Batman. The Dark Knight, looking slightly crimson, didn't explain.


"Batman and I went to the past," Superman explained, pulling away from the hug and allowing Flash to breath. "We didn't know whether you would still exist."

"Well- that sucks, I guess," Wally replied, not really sure how one should respond to such a claim. He paused. "...How?" Superman's mouth opened to say something, but he suddenly turned, looking at Batman with a look of confusion on his face. Flash realized that Batman was whispering, so that Superman, with his superhearing, would be able to hear, but he and John would be unable to. "What are you guys talking about? Latest gossip?" Superman turned to him, and smiled, though it was strained.

"No, Flash. Batman was just telling me something."

"And that something was...?"

"Nothing important. It's, you know, secret identity stuff."


It wasn't exactly a lie, Bruce thought, as Flash made an o with his mouth, nodding in understanding.

"'d you almost kill me?"

"Something to do with ice cream," Superman replied. "I don't want to get into any more detail." And Flash just shrugged, grinning at John, who muttered,

"Only you could manage to be endangered by ice cream." After a biting retort from Flash ('Ever heard of Captain Cold!?') Batman followed the trio, towards, since Flash was leading, the kitchen.


"Jimmy!" Lily shrieked. "Get offa me!" She shoved her brother off, then ran away. Her friend Janie giggled and ran with her around the field, and over the small hills. Jimmy laughed and shook his head.

"Nope- no cheating, Lily. You're it!" She stuck her tongue out, and called back,

"Ladies First!"

"What does that mean?" He responded, looking at his friend Kyle, who looked equally confused.

"It means we're first to ignore the rules! You have to tag me twice!" Kyle looked at Jimmy, then muttered,

"I'm never trusting girls again."


And that was the dramatic ending of a dramatic story. Sorry for all the long waits, and thank you so much for sticking with me.

I'd also like to add, that I'm a horrible person. I lied to you, over and over. I said the next chapter I wrote would be longer (in every single chapter) then apologized that that chapter was short. Well...on that note... if this story had another chapter, it would be 2000 words. Not kidding. Love you all! Peace!

BTW, just to make it clear, Lily and James had a normal life. Well, not normal since their parents probably gave them to an orphanage, but they had a happy life, without, you know, crazy powers or experiments where they were the lab rats. Superman now knows a big secret about Flash, and Flash has no clue. I might make a sequel if I get an idea for it (because I did have an idea for one a while back), but it's gonna be a while, because I wanna finish the other stories I'm working on first. If there is a sequel, there will probably be a confrontation between Flash and either Supes or Bats about their trip to the past. We might get to see what Flash remembers about the fellow who punched his daddy, too.

Thanks again for reading, and may the Beatles be with you!