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Chapter 1

It was in the heat of battle then... the man... the thing.. whatever it was, was floating in some gooey stuff, and Flash didn't want to know what it was. He just wanted to crack the glass, and make the bad man go boom. But Luther combined with brainiac was horrible... terrible. Flash watched, as one by one, his teammates fell. He dashed left, then right. Why did it always feel like things piled up, then toppled, just like that? He jumped out of the way of the laser that chased him, almost as fast as him, but not fast enough... he WAS the Fastest Man Alive, after al- The laser bit into him, and he collapsed, defeated, like the rest of his team. Except.. as if reading his thoughts, Flash heard Luther/Brainiac/Wierdo mutter,

"Now, where is Wonder Woman?" The woman flew in, then, the javelin held high and proud above her. She tossed it, then succumbed to it: that awful ray. She fell down, and all Flash could do was watch, drifting in and out of consciousness. He felt the building crumble under him, as he tried to stand. Whether he would have retreated or helped his friends? He didn't know. All he knew was that darkness was winning and he was drifting asle...

Flash's eyes fluttered open. He was sitting in rubble; the rubble that had been once the tall building. He tried to rasp a thank-you to Diana, but he could barely think, much less speak. Until he saw HIM. Luther, alive, after all of that. Flash gaped, then shut his jaw as he stood.

"Ha, ha," He said weakly. "You lose." Flash felt his arms wrapped in something smooth, yet rough and strong. He turned and saw two drones, programmed to look like soldiers, emerge from the muck.He slumped in their grasp, no longer having to work to stay upright. The Creature looked at him as though he was pitiful.

"Hardly. Look around you; the Justice League is completely defeated... and so are you." Flash felt a pang of fear and guilt swell in his heart as Luther neared him, a gun morphing from his arm. Was he just going to die- like that? No help at all? Just...there? He hadn't helped at all..."For all your efforts, you have but incovenianced me; a speck." His voice slowly melded back into Luthers'. A cold, businessman's voice. A man simply doing good business."But I'm still just human enough to enjoy taking my revenge." Flash's eyes widened beneath his mask. Luther/Brainiac continued to mock him.

"Looks like the question was right all along," He said, sounding quite pleased. "I kill you... and then... Armageddon...right on schedule." He grinned in the sleek silver. Flash didn't bother to pull his jaw up.

"No." He said, fear leaking into his determination. He shook his arms fast; really fast. The guards shook with electricity, then imploded, exploded... Flash didn't know. His eyes were locked on Luther.

"Are you going to fight me, BOY?" The mocking words dripped with pleasure as the gun melded back into his arm. He was cocky... he didn't think he needed a weapon. And, Flash realized, he didn't. He tore off, fear grasping his heart. He was weak, maybe dying... something was broken in him. If he fought Luther, he WOULD die. There was no if.