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Chap Three epilogue

Flash grabbed onto the hand and felt Shayera's weight shift. Was she falling in?! He felt more strength.

"I'm here too, Wally" A gruff voice shouted.

"We're all here!" A smoother voice called to him, and more weight pulled on him. He heard sounds of struggling, and then,

"You've gotta come back to us!" The voices were now too hard to discern. And then.. everything was slower. He was in Shayera's arms. He looked at her, and wondered, was I right? Did I do the right thing?





Yea! Wait'll you go faster then that, you'll-

"I can never go that fast again." Flash murmured, more to himself then to the others there. "If I do, I don't think I'm coming back." Shayera hugged him closer to her, a smile lighting up her features.



Part II of Chap 3 epilogue

Flash leaned back, his eyes close to closing. Shayera walked in with a drink that Flash could only hope wasn't medicine. She drank it and he relaxed. "Flash," She whispered. His squinted eyes opened to their usual wideness.

"Hey, Shay," he replied. "When's that press conference supes was talking about?" Shayera shrugged.

"Tomorrow. You don't have to go." Flash laughed.

"After what I went through? Ain't no way I'm not getting the glory." Shayera laughed. Then she tensed and turned to him.

"Wally... what you did..."

"Yea," he replied, smiling and sitting up proudly. She smiled back.

"You saved the world, you know that?" he laughed.

"Been there, done that." She looked at him squarely.

"But we couldn't." She whispered. He stared at her and blushed crimson. "Did you have to think about coming back?" She asked quietly. "About risking... everything?" he laughed.

"Leave you guys? I didn't have to think at all." She smiled and stood.

liar liar

"Thanks, Flash." He smiled and leaned back again. "You really are amazing."

"I know." He replied with a carefree laugh. She smiled and left.

What were you expecting? The voice laughed. Tell her the truth? That he thinks everything out? The voice laughed again.

that'd be reason

But I'm not reason, The voice replied. I'm just the one that hides, so no one notices he's a scientist, or that he's a kid... Flash fell into a dream, and finally, Truth shut up.