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Summary: Oneshot. Sorry for any OOCness. Set during "The Doctor's Daughter". The Doctor reluctantly allows Donna to try out her "womanly wiles", but they aren't quite what he expected…

Womanly Wiles

The Doctor and Jenny peered around the corner of the wall, staring at the guard patrolling the corridor. The Doctor grit his teeth in annoyance.

"That's the way out!" he hissed to his two companions. Jenny nodded in understanding, and cocked the metallic gun in her hand, her intentions clear. Seeing this, her father angrily put his arm in front of her, barring her way. Jenny opened her mouth to complain, but the Doctor cut across her.

"Don't. You. Dare," he snarled angrily. Jenny glared at him, but flipped the safety clasp on the gun and kept it at her side. Then, a hand landed on her shoulder, and the other landed on the Doctor's. They both looked around as Donna Noble poked her head between them, smiling.

"Let me distract this one," she suggested slyly, "I have picked up a few…womanly wiles over the years."

She looked at the Doctor for acceptance, which he grudgingly gave. As Donna bustled through them and strode to the corridor, the Doctor muttered to Jenny, "I am so gonna regret this."

"Hello," Donna said huskily, twirling a strand of red hair around her finger as she leant against the wall. The guard turned and rose an eyebrow appreciatively at the sight of her.

"Hello," he greeted her, stepping towards her, "Who are you?"

"Donna," Donna replied lightly, stepping purposefully towards him, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I think I'm lost. Could you help me?"

Donna fluttered her eyelashes and offered the guard a small smile, making the corners of his own lips quirk.

"Of course," he said, his own voice thickened slightly, "I guess I could…help you…"

The Doctor rolled his eyes skyward and prayed that this wouldn't go up in smoke…like he thought. He quickly reached into his pocket, assured that the clockwork mouse was there to distract the guard if need be. Jenny, meanwhile, was watching Donna, rapt.

"She seems to know what she's doing," Jenny commented, blinking.

"I hope…" muttered the Doctor.

"Maybe you could get me to the exit?" Donna asked sweetly, running a hand up the guard's arm and making him shiver, "Since you seem so smart…"

Her hand reached the crook of his neck and, attitude changing completely, she pinched the guard's pressure point. The man's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed onto the floor in a dead faint. Smiling triumphantly, Donna turned to see the Doctor and Jenny gaping at her.

"What?" the Doctor cried. Jenny let out a shocked giggle.

"That was amazing!" she exclaimed, "How did you know that?!"

"What?" repeated the Doctor.

"Like I said," Donna smirked, "Womanly wiles."



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