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Summer Romance

La Corda d'Oro – LenxKahoko

Chapter 1: 1st Measure

"I can't believe I am here," Len said digustedly as he placed the palm of his hand against the side of his head.

Ryotaro sighed for what seemed to be the 3rd time. "Quit complaining, it's you you decided to come, am I wrong?" he replied as he tied his apron behind him.

Len narrowed his eyes at the green-haired male beside you. "You tricked me," he grumbled.

The opening of the dressing room door could be heard as a familiar head popped in. "C'mon you two! Hurry up! The manager is gathering everyone!" shouted Kazuki with a big smile on his face.

The two sighed together as they resigned themselves to their fate.

Flashback: "We're going to the beach?!" chorused the 7 participants of the concours.

Kanazawa leaned against the window sill as he faced the 7 participants of the concours. "Well, a friend of mine who owns a beachside cafe there is in need of volunteers for the next week, so since you all did quite well in the concours, the principal agreed that you needed a break and thus gave you all permission for a week's leave from school," he explained as he lit a cigarette. "Besides, you'll also be paid while you're there,"

"Really?! At the beach? That sounds really cool! I'm in!" Kazuki replied enthusiastically while the other members seemed rather hesitant.

"Hmm... well I guess if the principal says so, I guess it wouldn't hurt," said Azuma as he brushed back his long violet hair.

Len scowled. "I'm not spending a week there," he countered with disgust as he began to leave the room.

"Is that your reason, Tsukimori? The way I see it, I think our bocchama here will be unuseful either way, seeing that he has never done any real work before," Ryotaro challenged.

Len paused mid-way. The two 2nd years exchanged icy glances as Ryotaro's words struck a nerve. "And you think you'll be able to get anything done? From what I see, you'll be shattering the plates instead of serving them," he countered.

Ryotaro's eyes narrowed. "Is that so? Let's see you back those words up, or are you scared, music-student-sama?" he said with a sarcasm-coated tone.

Kahoko stepped in between the two of them. "U-um, wouldn't it be better if we all went?" she said with a nervous smile.

Len ignored her as he spun around to face the sensei. "Kanazawa-sensei, I changed my mind; I'll also be going," he said cooly.

Kanazawa gave a nod and then directed his gaze to the two first year students. "Now then, you two wouldn't disappoint me by not going, would you?" he said seriously as he loomed over them.

Shouko and Keiichi both shook their heads immediately while everyone else sweatdropped. Kanazawa smiled. "Well then, I take it that you're all going. A hotel nearby the cafe already has been reserved for the 7 of you. You're all dismissed to pack your belongings,"

End of Flashback

"Kaho-sempai," a soft voice called out.

Kahoko turned around as she tied up her hair into a ponytail. Her eyes widened as her mind screamed out 'She's so cute!!' Shouko's face was rather red as she stepped out of her stall in the dressing room. She wore a slightly-above-knee-length light pink skirt and a sky blue spaghetti top while placing on her blue apron. "C-could you help me tie the back please?" she asked as she held up the ends.

Kahoko nodded. "Of course!" she said as she helped her junior. "You look great, Fuyuumi-chan,"

Shouko blushed in embarrassment. "T-thank you," she said with a shy smile.

The two girls met up with the others in the backroom while the cafe manger was giving out instructions. "Like in any restaurant, your job here, as waiters and waitresses is to please the customer, but also don't forget, don't spend too much time interacting with them if there are others waiting to be served," he said. "Other than that, anything goes,"

"The positions that need to be covered are the dishwasher, waiters and waitresses. So please divide amongst yourselves who will do what," he added as he then looked around. "There was supposed to be another boy, a regular time worker, but then again, he does have a knack to be la-"

"Aoi Kaji is HERE!" a male voice announced.

Every head turned to the new guy as a tall blond guy stepped into the room. "Kaji! You're late! You were supposed to be here half an hour ago!" the manager complained.

The guy, Aoi, grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, slept in... Who are these guys?" he asked as he finally took notice that there were others in the room with the cafe uniform.

The manager sighed tiredly as he shook his head in disbelief. "I thought I told you the other day. These students here are from Seishou Academy and they will be here for the week. I asked you to come here earlier today so that you could help them familiarize themselves with the restaurant, but someone was late," he said.

Aoi ignored what he was saying as he blinked. "Seishou Academy?" he repeated as he took a better look at the 7 members of the concours.

His spring green eyes widened with unexpectedness. Immediately, he brushed past his boss and the other participants of the concours and stood in front of none other than Kahoko Hino. "Are you Hino-san?" Aoi asked with amazement in his voice.

Kahoko blinked. How does he know my name? "U-um.. yes?" she replied.

Aoi's face brightened visually. "Amazing! What a coincidence!!" he said excitedly.

Then without warning, he took her hand and placed a small kiss upon it. "I'm so happy to be working alongside you," he added.

Kahoko, out of sheer surprise, screamed as she stepped away from him. While everyone else stared in shock, Ryotaro was the first to recover. He stepped out, grabbing Aoi's shoulder. "Just what do you think you're doing?" he demanded as a surprised Aoi faced him.

"Oh," said Aoi as he studied Ryotaro's features carefully. "Are you her boyfriend?"

Immediately Ryotaro released Aoi as though he had been burnt. "B-boyfriend? W-what?!" he stammered as a blush crept onto his face.

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, the manager decided it was time to step in. "Okay now, the restaurant will be opening shortly, so I suggest you all get to your places," he said.

Shouko went over to her senior's side to help her up. "Kaho-sempai... are you okay?" she asked softly.

Kahoko's gaping mouth closed as she slowly recovered. "A-ah.. yeah, I'm fine, thank you, Fuyuumi-chan," she said as she steadied herself.

"Well, I guess it's best if we now divided the jobs amongst us," said Azuma as he looked at the other 7. "Kaji-san, what is your regular position here?"

"I'm a waiter here, but I don't mind if I change positions," said Aoi with a boyish smile.

Azuma nodded. "Manager-san said that the place becomes rather busy quickly, so I guess it'd be best if there were four waiters out there while the other four can stay in the back. Later on, we can switch so that the four in the front can go in the back. Does that sound good?" he suggested.

No one else had an idea, so everyone agreed. "Well, then, the four of you can go out first and then switch later with the four of us," Azuma decided as he nodded to Kahoko, Aoi, Len and Tsuchiura.

"Are you guys okay with working in the back?" Kahoko asked as she looked at the two first years and the two third years.

"No problem, it shouldn't be too hard," said Kazuki with his usual smile. "We should get into positions now,"

Everyone left to either go into the back or into the front. "If you look closely at each side of the tables here, you'll see a number on it. So whenever you take orders, you should always remember the number of the table or else the food gets delivered to the wrong table," Aoi explained. "That's basically it,"

Shortly after his explanations, the cafe was open and within a few minutes, numerous customers came in. "A table for 3 please," one girl asked Ryotaro.

Ryotaro blinked as he realized he was being called upon. "U-uh yeah! Over here.." he said as he then directed them to a medium empty table.

With many customers needed to be waited on, it was a lot harder than Kahoko had originally thought. Wow.. this place is so busy; there's no moment for a break! She thought to herself as she saw that more customers wanted to place their orders. "Hi, are you ready to order?" she asked politely.

It was a teenage guy and girl. Probably a date.. Kahoko thought as she saw the guy let the girl choose first. "Um, I'd like some takoyaki with a green tea smoothie," she said.

Kahoko nodded as she quickly jotted it down on the notepad that was given to her earlier. "Just lemon tea for me, thanks," said the guy.

"Alright, they'll be here in a moment," said Kahoko as she went to the counter.

"Here, Hihara-sempai... two drinks and a takoyaki snack," said Kahoko as she passed on the order to Kazuki.

Kazuki grinned. "Thanks Kaho-chan," he said before moving quickly to make the drinks.

As Kahoko waited near the counter for the order to be done, she noticed that the majority of the girls were talking excitedly amongst themselves as they kept stealing glances at the male waiters that we here. "That tall one with blond hair looks so cool!" said one of them.

"I know, right! I've seen him here before, but those two other guys are new, but just as hot. Look that that one, with the blue hair, doesn't he look incredibly awesome?" another said as she looked at Len with dreamy eyes.

"Yeah, they all look great with those uniforms!"

Kahoko's eyes drifted over to the guys who were busy serving the other customers. Tsuchiura-kun looks like he's used to doing this type of work, while Tsukimori-kun on the other hand looks slightly out of place. She thought with a small smile. These uniforms are very nice indeed, but they look even better on the guys. Especially Tsukimori-kun, since I would never expect him to wear such clothing.

The guys didn't wear a t-shirt so their backs were bare with a black apron covering the front. For each of them, they chose to wear board shorts with different colors. Aoi Kaji looked very natural in his uniform with navy blue board shorts as he also added a bandana and a wristband. His back was also quite muscular like Ryotaro's signifying that he was also an athlete.

As Kahoko's thoughts turned over to the new guy, a blush crept upon her cheeks as she remembered the incident earlier. I wonder how he knew my name? I'm pretty sure that I have never met him before... Just then a familar voice broke Kahoko's thoughts. "Here you go, Kaho-chan! Takoyaki and the two dr- Are you okay?" Kazuki asked concerned.

"H-huh? O-oh, yeah.. I'm fine. Thanks, Hihara-sempai," said Kahoko as she quickly took the tray as went off in the direction of the tables.

How embarrassing! I wondered what my face looked like to Hihara-sempai... Snap out of it, you're at work now, Kaho! Kahoko told herself. Then without looking where she was walking, Kahoko stepped onto a puddle of half-melted ice and slipped, resulting a shattering of glass to be heard. "Oww..." Kahoko winced at the pain she felt in her fingers as she realized that she had stupidly placed her hands over the shattered glass.

"Hino!" many voices called out in concern as they saw her fall.

Kahoko looked at her hand, which blood ran down her fingers like a red river. Suddenly someone grabbed her hand firmly. "Let me see!" a cool voice said in something that sounded like concern.

Kahoko looked up to meet yellow-sapphire-like yes that looked at her worriedly. "Tsukimori-kun?" she said in surprise.

"I'll take her to the back to fix her injuries," he called out to the others.

Kahoko's mind was a blur as Len gracefully helped her up and quickly brought her to the backroom. He brought her over to a chair as he whipped out the first-aid kit that sat on the shelf. He quickly took off the apron as it was getting in the way and threw it onto the table beside them.

He propped open the first-aid kit and took out some cotton balls. With a tweezer, he dabbed them gently against Kahoko's wounds, soaking up the blood. Len sighed, "I thought I told you to take better care of yourself," he said.

Kahoko's face turned red as she looked at Len, who was kneeling before her. "S-sorry... I-i was careless," she said.

"Seriously, how many times must I tell you that your fingers are important for playing the violin?" he murmured as he threw the red cotton balls away and was now taking out the antiseptic.

Kahoko remained quiet as Len dipped another cotton ball into the green liquid before dabbing them lightly against her fingers. She flinched as the pain of the antiseptic shot up her fingers. Len's yellow-sapphire-like eyes noticed her every movement as he apologized, "Sorry,"

Gently, he took her hand with his left and continued to dab the cotton ball against her fingers, cleaning away any bacteria. This feels like deja vu... Kahoko thought as her heart was beating wildly. Finally it was done as Tsukimori took out several bandages and bandaged her fingers gently. "T-thank you, Tsukimori-kun," Kahoko said softly as she touched her bandaged hand gently.

Len's eyes met hers as he gave a nod before standing up and placing the first-aid kit back onto the shelf. He wore his abandonned apron and turned for the door. But before heading out, he turned to look at Kahoko once more. "When you are ready, come back out," he said before going.

Kahoko nodded as her heart felt as though it was about to burst. She placed her unwounded hand against her cheek as she felt that her cheek was extremely hot. Glancing at the mirror nearby, her face was nearly as red as her hair. Why is my heart beating so fast? Tsukimori-kun's voice, his gentle touch... I felt as though I wanted the time to stop. I don't understand... my mind is a blur. Kahoko thought as she looked at Len's handiwork. She brought her wounded hand up to her heart.


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