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Summary: Naruto is banished from Konoha at a young age, bringing with him a orange haired girl. Along his travels he meets up with an surprising person. Watch as these three go on adventures and journeys across the Elemental Nations!

The beginning

The day was perfect in the country of Konoha. A day that one would enjoy while sitting back on their porch with a glass of lemonade clutched in one hand. To one Uzumaki Naruto it was a perfect day. Naruto had sun blond hair and sky blue eyes, which were lite up with happiness as he mentally tallied up the pay he got for assassinating a business man in the last village he entered. Beside him a younger child by the man of Moegi walked. She had been an orphan in Konoha when Naruto found her and took her in.

Moegi had black eyes with a mischievous glint in them and short orange hair. When Naruto found Moegi she had long hair tied in two ponytails atop her head. When Naruto was banished from Konoha by both the civilian and shinobi councils while the Hokage was gone on a special peace meeting, Naruto took measures to protect his younger companion.

He cut her hair and dressed her in his old boy clothes which were too small for him. He had no choice but to leave all their things behind. Her toys and clothes. His various nicknacks he collected from around the village. Along with the bedroom set the Hokage gave to him as a birthday present.

It had been awhile since they had been forced to leave and ever since then they had been on the move, going from country to country doing odd jobs and even at times assassination work. Naruto didn't like assassination but it brought more income to their little family so he took them when times got tough.

Currently though he and Moegi were on their way to Tea country. They had sufficient enough money and supplies to last for a while, since their last job paid a pretty penny. Moegi had decided that she wanted to try Tea country's tea and see the sights since they had never before gone to Tea country. She had given Naruto the look all girls seemed to have before the blond gave in.

The blond haired boy yawned as he looked up into the reddening sky. Soon it would be night and they wouldn't have any light at all to travel. "Well I suppose we should set up camp." He said to Moegi. The girl in disguise nodded. "Hai!" They slowed their pace and began looking for places to rest for the night. Moegi pointed to a spot along the road where a river ran. "Over there!" Naruto eyed the area. Not too, far from the road he could see a small clearing beside the river. He nodded. "It will do." Moegi smiled at him and followed some ways behind him as the older boy made sure the area was safe for her to walk.

It was something that he always made sure to do. Whenever they were to rest for the night in a wooded area Naruto would scout ahead to make sure there wasn't any traps left over from old shinobi battles.

Naruto chucked rocks and sticks into the clearing before nodding to Moegi that the coast was clear of traps.

Naruto pulled off his backpack and pulled out a small tent. He began to set it up while Moegi went around the clearing picking up the sticks Naruto had thrown before. She put them into a pile before looking for dry grass to start the fire with.

Every once in awhile she would stop and listen for a second or two before going back to her task. Naruto smiled. He knew what she was going to ask him. He too could hear the sounds of waves crashing onto a shoreline. They were near the ocean.

Finally Moegi got the fire going and was setting up the pots and pans for their dinner that night. She looked up at Naruto. "Can we go swimming tomorrow?" Naruto turned to her after trying the last knot in the tent and pretended to think about it. "Hmmm...." Moegi puffed up her cheeks as he left her in suspense. "Okay!" He agreed with a grin. Moegi cheered happily before going back to cooking their dinner.

Naruto sat down beside her. He grinned as he peered into the small fire. He was content and happy with his life so far. He had a family, was traveling the world, seeing sights and sounds he never thought he'd see or experience while living back in Konoha. His smile widened.

Moegi glanced at him before smiling as well knowing that Naruto was truly happy. It was rare to see him be so relaxed. It made her happy to know that Naruto could have peace.

That night the two children went to sleep with smiles on their faces.

The next morning arose just as beautiful as the last. The two children got up and began setting everything up for breakfast before they packing up and heading for the beach. Every once in awhile Naruto would glance up and smirk in Moegi's direction. The girl in disguise was bouncing in her seat trying to cook as fast as she possibly could while making sure the food was cooked enough to safely eat. He packed up the tent and began grabbing all the dirty dishes for washing later. He paused in his cleaning up when Moegi handed him a plate of sausages and pancakes.

After quickly eating he and Moegi cleaned the dishes and packed everything away. They headed in the direction of the ocean. Naruto of course decided to take his time while walking, which made his smaller companion puff up in irritation. "Hurry! I want to see the ocean!!!" Moegi whined as she grabbed his hand to pull him along faster. "What's the hurry muscle? We have all day to play in the ocean!" He asked as he quickened his pace to keep from being pulled over by the surprisingly strong girl who glared at him for the name he had just called her. She hated it when he called her weird muscle-bound names. "Just hurry!" She whined in a high pitch voice.

Naruto immediately shushed her. "Careful Mo, just because you think we're alone doesn't mean we actually are!" Moegi stiffened, glanced around and nodded. She knew exactly what he meant. She couldn't afford to act any part of the girl she actually was even when she thought they were alone and no one was near. She had taken to watching Naruto to match his actions and mannerisms to pass off as a genuine boy. They both knew what happened to girls who had no parents or other family to take care of them. They had seen the brothels.

Though she acted like a boy she was still a girl inside and wanted desperately to see the beach!

When they got to the beach they gasped in awe. It was beautiful! Blue as far as the eye could see in every direction! Moegi whooped shrugged off her bag and took off towards the sandy beach. Naruto followed at a much slower pace. In the distance he could see a small Island in the direction they were heading in. He idly wondered if it was bigger up close. Moegi's demands for him to join her in the water cut him off from his thoughts. He grinned at the girl who was playing in the waves. "Better run Mo, unless you want to be dunked!" He shouted as he ran towards her dropping his bag onto the sand. Moegi yelled as she ran away.

They spent the rest of the just playing in the water enjoying their brief time away from their jobs as mercenaries.


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