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Summary: Naruto is banished from Konoha at a young age, bringing with him a orange haired girl. Along his travels he meets up with an surprising person. Watch as these three go on adventures and journeys across the Elemental Nations!

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Incidents and anger

The slightly bigger stopped for a rest after walking for almost the whole day. During that time Tsunade and Naruto got to know each other a bit better.

They both liked traveling, gambling, getting their way, sake, and releasing their frustrations by destroying something or beating the crap out of someone who bothers them.

They both hated, perverts, slackers, people who discriminated others for stupid reasons, not getting their way, and being prevented from letting out their anger.

While they walked Tsunade finally remembered what she had forgotten. They had been talking about their charges and Tsunade had just finished speaking about Shizune when she suddenly stopped prompting Naruto to ask. "Is something the matter Tsunade?" The woman looked up wild eyed and gasped. Mo and Inari hid behind Naruto fearing an outburst. "Tsunade?" Naruto asked again beginning to herd the two younger ones backwards.

"Aghhh!!!" Screamed the older blond while grabbing her head in two hands. "Oh no! I forgot about Shizune and Tonton!" The three children jumped and backed further away.

Tsunade slumped down to her knees and sobbed. "She has my money, now I won't be able to go to the casino tonight"

The three youngsters sweat dropped.

That's all she cared about?


Shizune was pissed! No scratch that she was downright angry! Tsunade had left her! She always did this!

The dark haired woman had finally found someone who could help her. A old lady said she seen Tsunade leaving town with three young children.

She ran through the trees carrying a small pig named Tonton in her arms. Leaping over a river she snarled when she saw a small band of bandits terrorizing a small family. She stopped and put the pig down on the ground. Time to get rid of some of her anger!

After a good beat down she was waving happily good bye to the family she had rescued from the small band of bandits. They were tied and packed onto the families small cart to be taken into the police where they can be properly punished, not that hadn't just been through hell already.

Now that all her anger was spent Shizune made her way through the forest at a reasonable pace. Tonton followed happily.

That night found Naruto and Tsunade at a bar. Inari and Mo was at the hotel they were staying at sleeping.

When Naruto ordered his bottle the waitress objected saying that he was too young and that his parents would be disappointed with him. Naruto rebutted her saying that he was a traveling mercenary and that he was an orphan. The woman had glared at him before turning to Tsunade. The older blond just growled and said. "Look lady I'm not the brats guardian, I'm just traveling with the brat! Now either you get the drink he asked for or I tear down this entire building!" She then crushed the pepper bottle into tiny particles of dust. The woman looked petrified before nodding and running off to get the drinks they ordered.

Naruto leaned back with a grin as he drank his cup of sake. Tsunade sighed happily beside him. "Shizune never lets me do this. She always nags at me to stop drinking, which is why I always leave her behind, so I can get a night of restful drinking." Naruto chuckled he held up his sake bottle. "To a night of freedom then huh?" Tsunade grinned and raised her bottle, clinking it against Naruto's. They cheered and prepared for a night on the town.

The next morning Naruto woke up and found himself in his hotel room with his cheek resting on a really soft pillow. He leaned into it. 'Wow this is really soft!' He thought.

The pillow moved. His eyes shot open. He froze when he saw that he was laying partially on Tsunade's large chest. 'How the hell did she get in my room!? Better yet why is she in my bed!!!" He was about to tactfully move out of the bed slowly when the older blond moaned and open her eyes. She and Naruto stared at each other for a few horrified seconds before Tsunade opened her mouth and screamed.

The last thing Naruto saw was a fist flying towards his head. His last thought was. 'Why do I get punched!'

Tsunade took several breaths as she watched the body of the little blond fly out the broken window and far into the air. She gasped when her thought process caught up with her. Naruto wasn't Jiraiya. He didn't have the shinobi skills to protect himself from a chakra powered punch. She shreieked. "Oh Kami I killed him!" In the other bed the two children were startled awake to see a hole in the wall and Tsunade their traveling companion shrieking in horror. Inari and Mo looked at each other confused. Suddenly before they could say a word Tsunade jumped from the room and hopped over roof tops away from the room. They gaped. What the hell happened!?

Naruto woke up to find himself laying on the ground being healed by a pretty dark haired woman. She looked both concerned and angry. She smiled at him when she saw that he was awake. "Hello there, don't move yet please, you're still healing." The woman told him. Naruto nodded and rested his head against the ground. His head was throbbing and his back hurt. He groaned as his head throbbed painfully. The woman sighed. "Let me guess, you pissed off Tsunade right?" Naruto blinked and looked at the woman startled. "Eh? You know Tsunade?" She smiled gently at him. "Yes, she's my sensei." Naruto remembered Tsunade talking about a apprentice. "Oh so then you must be Shizune right?" She giggled and nodded. "Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you." He nodded. "I'm Naruto, if you wanted to know." Shizune smiled.

They looked up when Tsunade landed beside them a worried look in her eyes. Naruto shivered when he saw Shizune's face turn dark, before she stood up and turned to the older blond. He flinched and covered his ears when the timid and kind looking woman began shouting angrily at the blond who looked fearful. She was being backed away by Shizune who was advancing on her. "How can you do that to a little boy!? He's not Jiraiya or a fully fledged shinobi who could protect themselves from your power punches!!! You could have seriously crippled him or worse! What have you got to say for yourself!" Tsunade felt the bark of a tree digging into her back. This was it! She was doomed!

As Tsunade mentally said her goodbyes to sake and the casinos Naruto had gotten up and decided to save Tsunade from Shizune's tirade. "Ow, my back still hurts! Shizune can you please come and take a look at it?" Shizune immediately stopped shouting and turned to Naruto with a concerned look. "Oh are you still in pain? Here let me heal that for you!" As Shizune healed his back he shot Tsunade a look. The woman was still in shock. Normally when Shizune went off on a warpath nothing could distract her from venting, but somehow the blond brat managed to keep the brunet from killing her! She mentally thanked him and celebrated the fact that she'll live to gamble and drink another day. She nodded to the boy. She owed him one.


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