The streets of Destiny Islands weren't home to anyone.

By day, they were a wasteland of pure nothing. Run-down and abandoned buildings lined the roads, bleak and sulking as they crumbled apart with time. Upon the worn tar of the roads lay streams of garbage and shards of dirty, broken glass; a perfect reflection of the sorry state people lived in these days. The skies were dull and thick with a tinge of grey, the dreary heavens doing no good for those who lived under it.

And the people…the people were horrible.

No one was truly happy. I mean, sure, a smile might appear every once and a while, but no one was truly satisfied with their life. Laughs were rare and kind words were almost extinct. There was very little love, and any love would die rapidly.

Everyone was either sad, or angry. Everyone was hateful. And everyone was scared.

By day, they streets were pitiful.

But by night the streets were a battleground.

The two worst gangs ever known ruled Destiny Islands. There was not a soul who was ignorant to this. The taggings, the symbols, the graffiti…the signs were everywhere. Dominance was fought for in every way possible.

There was the Organization: they donned black bandanas and black numerals etched into the backs of their necks. They hung out on the east side of the island. Their leader Xemnas was strong, stern, and fair. He respected the code of the streets greatly, and made sure his thirteen followers did as well. He was an idealistic man, even if some of his ideas caused others to believe he may be faintly insane.

And there was The Disorder: they wore white bandanas and white numerals burned into the backs of their necks. They were located on the west side of the island. Their leader Xradenom was cold, cruel, and uncaring. She demanded the respect of her twelve followers and they gave it to her…or else. She only cared about one thing and one thing only: absolute control. Rules wouldn't even hold her back from that.

Both gangs were hostile and violent towards each other. Night and day, the sounds of intense fighting would echo off the barren buildings, and their shouts and curses could be heard for hours down the blocks. It was because of this that they avoided seeing each other. But every second not spent in each other's presence was another second used to plan the other's downfall.

The people lived in fear of the aggression and the brutal truth that one day the fights would get out of hand and someone innocent would be hurt.

But some things are simply inevitable.


And there is the prologue to our story. A little boring, I know, but I promise the second chapter will be a lot more exciting. :)

Note: Xradenom is my OC, and is the Heartless of Xed.