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Days passed.

Even with their numbers diminished, the remaining gang members fought as viciously as ever, their violent hate never cooling even though one of the antagonizers of this entire mess mysteriously vanished without anyone's notice.

In yet another bloody corner battle, two more members were killed: Xaldin and Marluxia. Both had engaged the other in the fight, and although Marluxia dealt the deadly blow, his own injuries proved too fatal and he bled to death before he could even walk out. Their deaths only enraged their comrades more, and encouraged more bloodshed.

With the Organization down to only five members, and The Disorder down to four, one would think they would come to realize that this feud was destroying them all. But they didn't, for they were blinded by revenge and hate, two of the most devastating emotions of all. They couldn't see past their feelings and realize that none of this was worth fighting for. The streets? The alleys? The courts? What purpose would they serve if they all died in the process? Pride and comradeship were self-conjured. They weren't prizes to be won by taking another's life.

With Roxas gone, the blame was turned upon Xed. Needing to direct their hate at something, The Disorder resorted to harassing the girl: throwing rocks and bricks through her window, waiting in the shadows for her to leave so they could attack, shouting curses and obscenities loudly throughout the night, and practically making her waking hours pure Hell.

Unable to run away or escape her torture, she had no choice but to hide in her room, trying her best–and failing—at keeping herself from falling apart.


"This is *ucking retarded!!"

The onyx hair teen paced back and forth, bravely in front of the window, glaring and the dingy, shattered glass that barely stayed within it's frame. The most current round of harassers had just left, after promising they'd be back within the hour.

Against the opposite wall sat Demyx, attempting to comfort the brunette seated beside him. "Don't worry Xed…they can't keep this *hit up forever…" he tried to assure her, lying through his teeth. He knew well enough how resilient The Disorder could be.

Just then, a large rock came smashing through the window. Kuxir quickly ducked to the left, out of the rock's path, and glared at it as it skid across the ground and came to a stop.

"*amn them…" He hissed, standing up and brushing the glass shards off his jeans.

"Don't lie to me." The girl hugged her knees to her chest, looking at the floor with a blank gaze, covering the fear they both knew she held inside. Along with the dread she felt, her heart ached knowing that Roxas was far, far away. She was glad that he was somewhere safe, but knowing that distance kept them apart simply crushed her. "They won't rest until I'm dead."

The two boys exchanged a worried look.

"Xed, you can't just give up…" Demyx pressed, giving her a comforting hug, which she didn't return. "Everything will be okay…"

No, it won't. She thought to herself.

"Hey…what's this?"

The two looked over to Kuxir, who walked toward the freshly thrown rock a few feet away from them. Picking it up and turning it over in his hands, he revealed a small, folded note taped to the other side.

"A note?" Demyx stood up. "What's it say?

"Dunno." Removing the note and opening it up, Kuxir scanned it over. After a moment, he made an angry face and crumpled the note. "Dumb *astards want Xed to meet them somewhere."

Confused, Xed asked, "Who wrote it?"

Kuxir scoffed bitterly. "Axel."

"Axel…?" The brunette's eyes widened slightly. "Give me the note."

Demyx raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Just give it here!"

The black-haired teen tossed it to her, and upon receiving it she opened it up with great haste and smoothed it out.

It read:

Meet me seven alleys over in ten minutes.

- Axel

"I need to see him…"

"What the hell?!" The boys chorused in unison.

"Have you lost your *ucking mind???" Kuxir snapped at her, enraged. "You're just going to MEET him?! It's probably a *ucking trap!"

"I don't think so…" she replied calmly, standing up. "He came to my window once and gave me a note…he actually helped me meet Roxas."

"So what?" The blonde crossed his arms. "He helped you once, big deal? He probably got money out of it, or something…"

"And things were different then!" Kuxir added in. "There wasn't an entire group of people trying to attack you!"

"He might be trying to help me now." She looked at them hard, her gaze stubborn and her mind already set. "If I don't see him, I'll never know."

Demyx groaned, running his hand through his hair in a stressed fashion. "And what if he's not trying to help you, huh?" Worry flooded his gaze. "What if Kuxir's right? What if this is a trap and he hurts you? Or worse?"

"And what if this isn't a trap, huh?" She rebutted. "What if this actually saves me?"

There was a brief period of thick, strained silence.

Letting out a deep sigh, Kuxir grudgingly said, "Fine. But we're going with you."

The brunette smiled, and hugged her two friends at once. "Let's go."

After making sure the coast was clear, the three gangsters opened the broken window, quickly made their way down the fire escape and ran carefully off into the dark of night.


Following the written directions, they walked into the seventh alley from the building with caution. Xed lead the way, with Demyx and Kuxir following close behind. It was extremely quiet, which was unnerving, with only the sound of their footsteps on hard concrete echoing in their ears.

"Glad you could make it."

The three teens quickly spun on their heels, seeing a small, hovering burning light within the darkness behind them. As their eyes adjusted to the thick blackness, they could make out the tall redhead, leaning lazily against a brick wall and smoking a cigarette.

"What do you want?" Kuxir snapped, glancing around. "And did you bring any friends? Because we're prepared…"

Flicking his emerald gaze in his direction, he released a breath of smoke into the sky. Ignoring his question, he spoke directly to the brunette behind him. "I promised Roxas to keep you safe, kid."

Blushing faintly, she looked at him. "Really?" A small light went off in her heart, knowing that Roxas still cared about her, even as far away as he was.

Popping the cig back into his mouth and drawing from it deeply, he nodded. "Mmhmm."

"Then if you want to help, tell your stupid gang to lay off!" Demyx said, angrily.

"Can't do that." Axel breathed nonchalantly, putting out his cigarette against the wall. He smirked. "I'm no traitor, afterall."

Kuxir grit his teeth. "I knew it…"

"Cool it, *itch."

"Watch it!" he growled. "I'll *ucking rip that smirk off your face…"

"Kuxir…calm down…" Demyx said, putting his hand on his shoulder. The teen simply shrugged it off.

"You might want to follow his advice, mate."

They all turned to face the source of the new voice, as a certain blonde-haired man stepped out from the shadows. He smirked cockily. "It would certainly be a shame to have to teach you children a lesson about respect."

"I knew this was a trap…" Kuxir muttered.

"A trap? No, never." Luxord assured them. "I've had enough of this war. Things are getting quite ridiculous."

Axel nodded. "You see, I can't do much. Lux here, though, can certainly do something for you, girly."

"What is it?" Xed asked, a bit apprehensively. Luxord grinned a bit, wryly.

"Our Disorder wants you dead. Xradenom especially." He explained, pulling a small white medicine bottle out of his pocket and held it up. "However, they cannot kill what is seemingly dead."

The teens looked at each other, a bit confused.

"You see here," Axel chipped in, "Luxord is the king of drugs. You need a fix? He's the one you go to."

"So you're trying to get her addicted to something??" Demyx asked, confused.

"No, you little twit." Luxord snapped. "If she takes this drug, it'll make her appear dead: paler skin, cold body, hardly breathing. And it lasts for a few days."

"The Disorder won't go after her they think she's dead." Axel finished for him.

The brunette looked at the older men with suspicion. "How can I trust you? How do I know this won't kill me on the spot?"

"You wanna see Roxas again, right?" The redhead questioned. She nodded quickly.

"Of course I do! I love him…"

Axel grinned. "Then you'll have to trust me."

After a few minutes of hesitation, Xed reached out and took the bottle from the platinum blonde man's outstretched hand. She looked down at it, turning it over in her hands.


The skinner man waved her off. "Don't mention it. Seriously. If The Disorder comes after my *ss, I'll come after yours, got it?"

She nodded. "I'll take it tomorrow night…but…"


Xed looked up at him with pale, pleading eyes. "Could you…tell Roxas what I'm doing? So he won't worry?"

Looking back at her, Axel could easily detect the desperation within her. Seeing how much she cared…it amused him. Perhaps touched him, somewhere deep within him. Roxas had caught himself a good one, and he couldn't help but smirk at the thought.

"Sure, kid. I promise."


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