Dropping by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: Written at the request of and the title prompt given by sparklyshimmer2010.

Crash. The stack of data tablets dropped from Rodney's hands as he watched the oncoming person. He stifled a laugh as Radek Zelenka and the affiliated fluffy grey hair angrily brushed past him. Rodney bent to pick up the data tablets and continued on his way to his lab, trying desperately not to burst into a hysterical fit of laughter. But when he got to his lab he the stack was dropped again – the fluffy-haired scientist was sitting at a desk, hunched over and glaring at a screen.

"Radek, for God's sake," he started, but the Czech's eyes were throwing daggers at him. "Just go wash it off!"

"Colonel Sheppard will not let me," he said, pointing to the door of the lab, where John was snickering to himself.

But at that moment Elizabeth walked in, holding a tray of food. She looked up from the tray and promptly dropped it, turning beet red as she stared at Radek. "Oh, my," she said, flustered. John bent to help her pick up the scattered mess of food. "Is this really necessary?" she asked her husband, who snickered again. "Just go let him wash it off!"

"And ruin the fun?" John asked, smiling evilly at Radek. The Czeck sighed and returned his glare to the computer screen.

"Well, that was your lunch," she said, deftly punching him in the shoulder before turning to leave.

Rodney set the data tablets on the table (they were probably damaged by now anyway). "Why is everyone coming in here? It's getting crowded," he complained. His complaint was justified, however, when Evan Lorne walked in with Teyla, carrying gym equipment. Both persons dropped their bags in astonishment.

"For goodness sake," Radek carped, standing and glaring his way over to Sheppard. "Please, let me go wash it off!"

"Fine," John said, enjoying the smiles that were spreading onto Evan's and Teyla's faces. "Don't forget the straw," he added, pointing at the many long, yellow strands of straw that were part of the crown the kids had given him along with a blue face.

Radek angrily brushed past Evan and Teyla, muttering in Czech. "Damn kids," he mumbled. A frustrated groan with an accent echoed from down the hall when another crash met the colonel's ears. Dropping things seemed to be a side-effect of Radek's blue-painted face.