+In Love with Two+

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Normal POV (I'll probably do it all in normal POV, unless you guys want me to change it to other ppls point of view? Tell me if you do!!)

Amu lay in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. All she could think about was Ikuto. But WHY?? He's a perverted creep, who passes the time by annoying me, she reasoned with herself. I like TADASE-KUN, don't I?? She quickly shook her head, trying to clear all thoughts of Ikuto away. It didn't work. Yes, he was perverted and annoying, but he made her blush and her heart beat faster in his presence. She scowled. This would be a LOT easier if I didn't like Tadase-kun too, she thought grumpily. I wish I could just forget one of them!!

Meanwhile, Ikuto was doing pretty much the same thing in his room. Well, obviously not thinking of Tadase or himself :P!! But of AMU!! J He really liked her. Maybe, perhaps….loved? When he was with her, he felt happy and accepted. He loved her blushes, smiles, and her "cool and spicy" outer character she tried so desperately to maintain. It didn't matter to him what she was doing or how she was acting. He loved every bit of it. He wouldn't change anything about her.

Amu grimaced. She'd regret staying up this long by the time she had to go to school tomorrow. Or was it later today? Anyway, she couldn't decide! Tadase was adorable, and his cute charm was…..endearing. He was eager to please, and was also kind of weak, but he DID have a strong spirit. On the OTHER hand, Ikuto was older, smoother, more mysterious. He had saved her countless times. Somehow, Ikuto always knew where she was. "STALKER!!" she thought, randomly. Then she covered her mouth. Oops…she had said that out loud. She hoped no one had heard. No one barged into her room, demanding to know what was going on. She breathed out silently in relief. Then she heard, "Amu-chan." She turned. It was Miki, thank goodness.

"Amu-chan, what are you doing?" Miki stifled a yawn. "Why are you still awake?" Amu was silent, praying Miki would give up, go back to sleep, and forget everything if she didn't answer. No such lucky. Miki's eyes gleamed mischievously. She smirked. "Guy problems?" she asked, knowing there was a 95 chance she was right.

Bingo. Amu sighed. "Yes," she said resignedly. "I can relate," said Miki, matter-a-factly, thinking of the time she'd liked Yoru, Kiseki, and Daichi. Amu's eyes lit up and the possibility of Miki being an advisor to her. "Who…I mean…how did you figure out who was the right one?"

"I asked myself who makes me happy to be with, no matter what we're doing? Despite our differences," she said, eyes softening at the thought of Yoru. "The "one" is the person you love no matter what. The one you feel accepted with, no matter what you're doing or how you're acting. When you feel free to be yourself."

While Amu and Miki were having this conversation, Ikuto was wondering whether Amu liked him or not. Does she like the Kiddy King? he questioned. What do people see in Tadase anyway? He's cute and all, but in a little kid way. I doubt he'll EVER grow up. His thoughts drifted back to Amu. Ahh…..she was so cute when she blushed, and when she tried cover up her embarrassment by insulting him. Okay, Ikuto admitted to himself,the insults weren't all that cute. But watching her get all flustered was. Her cheeks became darker than her hair when she was blushing. Did her blushing mean that she liked him too? But…..no, she blushed when she saw Tadase too. Heck, she had HEARTS in her eyes when Tadase talked to her. What chance to I have? he pondered. None, I guess. But that's never stopped me! He shrugged. I've never liked a girl that doesn't like me. (A/N To be honest, he'd never really LIKED a girl, because Utau scared them off…) But I guess I'll figure out what to do eventually. Yawning, he turned and fell asleep.

Yoru, however, was having a hard time falling asleep. He kept getting in and out of his egg. He was restless. He looked at Ikuto. Good. He was asleep. He floated out the window and breathed in fresh air. Then he flew over to Amu's house.

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