Random Announcer: Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus presents... his weirdest piece of crap ever...

Audience: (strange, mixed reaction of confusion)

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: (chuckles nervously while rubbing the back of my head) Ehehehe, sorry about the strange announcement, ladies and gentlemen. You see, the dumb ol' Disclaimer finally got fed up with being here and left, so now I'm Disclaiming my own stories from now own. Everything in this story belongs fully to Nintendo. Anything else is, well, from me. (sheepish grin) And why am I even saying this? This is just a preview of the pilot of- (gets smacked across the face by a mallet)

As the bright, yellow sun rose high into the yellowish sky and shined its bright rays through the windows of a beautiful yellow-orange mansion, the top resident inside as still sleeping. The only thing that tried to alarm her was her computer clock.

"Oh Miss Daaaaiiiiisssssyyyyy... you got mail!"


"Hey. Cupcakes. You got mail."



"Urgh... leave me alone..."

"But I'm your annoying computer clock! You should listen to me, little girl!"

"Screw you!" Daisy screamed as she chucked her yellow-colored crown at the computer screen, breaking it into pieces. She sighed as she stretched her arms while yawning. "Man, I should really get out more."

The hell you should, her brain spouted to her, seriously, look at yourself. You look like a friggin' pig who sat his fat butt on an eighteen year old couch playing nothing but Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

Daisy sighed, nodding in agreement as she frowned while rubbing her slightly big belly. "Yeah... now that you think about it, my stomach could try and lose some fat..." She then snapped back into some sense as she got angry, feeling insulted. "HEY!! Are you implying that I'm fat!?"

Her brain scoffed. No duh, sherlock, I mean, you have fat written all over your two ton behind.

Daisy moaned again, shaking her head. "Oh, I knew all that pizza last night would get to me..." She then smiled upon saying such. "But at least I got my own mansion, a fifty foot long pool all to myself, a beautiful garden, and all the food I can eat! Oh!" She placed her hand on her stomach, hearing it grumble. "Speaking of which, all this talk is making me hungry. I'm gonna go to the kitchen and..."

So you're just going to ignore the problem and head off to the kitchen to grab some grub? Her brain asked, sighing. Genius, Daisy. Real genius.

"Hey, watch it. I can unplug you, y'know..." Daisy muttered as she left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen down the hallway, only to slip on a banana peel and slid into the kitchen, crashing into the various food utensils as loud crashes were heard. Toadette then popped her head out from the bedroom next to Daisy's.


By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

To Be Started... This September... Fufufufufufu...