Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I honestly don't have anything to say for this. Just read the fanfic and enjoy. It's a short as short can get.

Episode Fourteen: A Day At The Beach

It was a normal, crappy day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Daisy was doing absolutely nothing yet again. ...And that's pretty much it. Sad, isn't it?

Princess Daisy was eating some nice ice cream as Toadette was playing on the beach with a friendly blue-shelled Noki. Just as Daisy was about to get another ice cream cone, she slipped on a seashell, landing flat on her face in the sand. Daisy groaned as she picked her head up, the sand falling out of her mouth as Toadette and the Noki giggled at her.

"Having sand in your mouth is a bad experience," Sonic The Hedgehog lampshaed as he zoomed past Daisy, creating several signatures of himself in the sand using his amazing speed.

Ignoring the blue humanoid fast hedgehog, Daisy got back up as she headed to the ice cream vendor, only to see it populated with a heavy line. Daisy groaned as she folded her arms, being forced to wait, while Waluigi and Mario were building a sand fort to use against Bowser Jr. and Funky Kong, who were building a sand stadium.