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A/N: Just something that came to mind. Set season 4 obviously, when everyone is missing Elizabeth.

Balcony Talk

By saphiretwin369

Samantha Carter left the office – she couldn't even bring herself to think of it as her office – and headed for her quarters. It had been fourteen days since she was given command of Atlantis. And her first two weeks had been horrible.

It had been two weeks of dealing with sad, depressed, and angry people. People who didn't think they would ever see Dr. Weir again and people resented her for taking Dr. Weir's job despite her attempts to make it clear she wasn't trying to replace the diplomat. She knew it would take time for her to be accepted, but the week had left her feeling a little frustrated. She didn't think anyone had smiled even once since Dr. Weir had been left behind on Asuras.

But Sam knew she couldn't blame them. These people had worked for Dr. Weir for a little over three years. They had learned to trust her decisions as their leader and respect her. They felt her loss deeply.

Her thoughts drifted to Atlantis' flagship team. She knew that Teyla, Ronon, and Rodney were taking it hard. And she knew that John was taking it even harder. John shut himself in his quarters only coming out when necessary. He didn't talk to anyone and she knew he wasn't getting enough sleep. Because on the maybe three or four times she saw him during her first week, she noticed the bags under his eyes – eyes that held despair. And she was beginning to worry about him.

She was letting the team mourn. She knew they needed some time off, but sooner or later they would have to get back out there in the Pegasus galaxy and continue on with missions.

As Sam kept walking, she accidentally stepped too close to a balcony door and it whooshed open, startling her. She glanced at the balcony and was going to keep on her way when she noticed a lone figure outside. She stopped, recognizing the figure as none other than John Sheppard. He seemed not to realize the balcony door had opened.

Hesitating slightly, Sam decided to join him and see if she could help. She rested her arms on the railing and looked out at the ocean. Again, John seemed not to realize that she was there, so she didn't say anything.

The silence went on for some time before John broke it. He apparently had noticed her join him. "I miss her," was all he said.

Turning her head, she saw the many emotions written on his face – sadness, grief, despair, regret, and something else too. All together it made for an expression she knew all too well. It was an expression she often wore whenever she had thought Jack was dead. And suddenly it clicked why John was taking this the hardest.

She voiced her epiphany. "You loved her."

"Yeah," he admitted, for the first time aloud. "And she never knew. I never told her. I never will get a chance to tell her. That's the worst part about this whole thing."

A/N: Sorry about ending it there! It might seem a bit abrupt, but I kinda wanted to end it on a sad note like that. Please review and tell me what you think.