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"Yeah, look at this diamond necklace daddy bought me last week, because my bunny died. He and mum apoligized so much for not bringing me on their business-trip to Paris, so they'll probably buy me the bracelet that matches, when they come home. Besides they also promised me they'd take me on a trip to Rome as soon as they get back. I mean, I have to have a new wardrobe before school starts, and what better place to get it, than in Rome, the capital of fashion?" A gorgeous redhead exclaimed, while surrounded by giggling girls. They were all dressed in the same fashions; Dior, Gucci, D&G, Chanel, DKNY, Armani, Louis Vuitton or other expensive designs.

"Gosh, yeah Lily, you're so right! I couldn't imagine having to buy my entire wardrobe in London! It'd be so boring! Speaking of boring; last weekend I was forced to fly to Hawaii with my mum, my stepdad and my annoying little stepbrothers, and let me tell you, if I hadn't had my creditcard, I would have died of boredom in no time! Sometimes my parents just don't consider what I want! It's all about them! They don't trust me anymore. Before they thought, I was this little innocent girl but not anymore! I'm not sure exactly why they changed their opinion about me." Remarked a blonde girl from across the redhead.

"Oh, Dorcas I feel so sorry for you! My parents still think I'm totally innocent, they don't even know about this party!" The redhead, Lily, grinned. "They probably still think I fancy playing with dolls."

"Oh, but Lily, it's a great party! I bet it'll be remembered for years!" A beautiful Brunette laughed from Lily's right side.

"Aww, thank you Marlene, I must say I agree with you, this party is one of the best ideas, I've ever gotten. But do you know what the best part is?" She looked at her friends, who all shook their heads.

"There is no James Potter! I didn't send him an invitation, and even though he's probably heard about the party anyway, I've hired two guards for the night, so he won't be let in!"

The girls all looked at her blankly. "Well he is a pain in the butt," Lily said. "Daddy says I shouldn't have to put up with behaviour like that from anyone."

"Ohh, but he's so dreamy!" A mousey-looking girl exclaimed. The other girls all looked worriedly between her and Lily, a few of them even gasped softly. Apparently the mousey-looking girl also realised what she'd said, she got a scared expression on her face.

"Hestia, I think you should go. I don't want to hang out with someone, who wears fake designer clothes anyway!" Lily stated calmly.

"No, I absolutely agree!" Marlene said. The other girls nodded eagerly.

"Hey James, its pathetique! I know you're completely in love with this girl and have been ever since second year, when she defended some of her friends from a couple of older bullying slytherins, which she probably had a very selfish reason to, but you can't just show up at her party, when she clearly doesn't want you there! You don't have an invitation!" A fifteen-year old boy yelled at his messy-haired friend.

"Sirius, I know, I can't just show up at her party without an invitation! But we're not trying to get in to the party! I just want a glimpse of her, even if I have to stand outside her house till dawn, it'll be worth it, if I see her just one time!" The messy haired boy passionately told his friend.

Sirius snorted, "Man this is bad… you like her so much... it's not even funny any more.

"You don't know what its like," James said stubbornly. "You've never felt this way so I don't expect you to understand. I can't just turn around and say 'sorry, Evans, I don't feel like fancying you today'." He sighed. "Though I wish I could," he added in an undertone.

Sirius smiled at him. "I'm teasing you, mate. I know how much you like her, you talk about it enough."

James blushed crimson red at that moment. "I don't…" he muttered, gazing down at his shoes.

Sirius laughed, "suuuurrreee!" he joked. He stopped when James threw him a firm glare. "Sorry, Prongs."

Sirius didn't understand why his best mate liked Lily Evans so much. She was a spoilt, rude and arrogant girl of fifteen years. It was obvious, to Sirius, that the young girl was overly indulged.

Sirius was a boy in her year at school. He was best friends with James Potter and unlike Lily Evans, knew the harshness of the world. His parents came from a long, pure, wizarding bloodline with a particular love for Slytherin and the dark arts. Sirius didn't hold with this and was therefore discriminated from the family, particularly when he was sorted into Gryffindor house.

James sighed, and Sirius watched him push a bush's branches apart to gaze through the window of Lily's sitting room.

James had liked Lily since second year. He'd long since decided it was everything about her. Her gleaming, luscious red-hair, her sparkling, jade eyes, her fiery attitude. Lily, of course, wanted nothing to do with him. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't the nicest guy in the year either. He had beautiful, soulful hazel eyes and dark messy hair. He was slightly on the scrawny side as he hadn't quite filled out fully yet. He was considered as a loner in school, hanging around with his two best mates, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. They also hung around with a small, chubby, richer kid. He hung around with them as everyone else thought he was annoying. Their group, named the Marauders, for they were, took pity on Peter and allowed him to join in their fun. James had a feeling they might be rather popular in the school if Lily hadn't had such a big influence on social statuses in the school, for they weren't geeks.

"Potter?" he heard the voice and looked up.

It was a mousey-girl from their year. She was the least fake of Lily's group of friends. Her name was Hestia. Shit! Caught! James thought.

"Hi, Hestia," he said hesitantly.

"You want to get in there, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, right," James said, unsure whether he could trust her.

"I'll let you in, the conservatory door is still open, I made sure," she said.

"Why?" James asked.

"She's upset me, no more questions," Hestia replied. "Now go, before someone closes that door."

James didn't wait a moment and rushed off to where he already knew the door was. Merlin, it was too good to be true and it wasn't an opportunity he was going to waste.

"Bugger," Sirius said to Hestia, "I have a bad feeling about this." He ran after James, before his best mate could loose him.

"Never have I ever gone to Paris without at least 200 pounds in cash." Said Marlene McKinnon, the beautiful brunette. At the moment the girls were enjoying themselves playing 'Never Have I Ever' with cherry vodka. At this one none of the girls drank anything, only Lily hesitated a bit, then raised her glass and gulped it all down. The other girls looked up at her, stunned.

"What?" Lily asked embarrassed.

"You went to Paris with less than 200 pounds?" Emmeline Vance, a blackhaired girl, who'd gotten quite pretty after her last nose-job, asked scandalized.

"Yeah, so? It was two years ago, I was 13 and alone in Paris with Gwen. You remember Gwen, right? Mary and Marlene, I know you met her last summer at Rick's party! Well, anyway, Gwen and I wanted to go to Paris alone, but we know that our parents would never allow it. So we convinced her older brother to buy us some plane tickets to Paris. I told my parents, I would be at Gwens place for a couple of days and she told her parents the same, just my place. I only had about 150 pounds in cash on me, but I had my credit cards, so it's not like I only spent 150 pounds in Paris!" She laughed out loud, as though the mere thought was absurd. The others laughed along with her.

"Okay, my turn. Never have I ever slept with a boy!" Lily said loudly. This time three girls had to drink their cherry vodka.

"Oh my god, Mary! You too!?" Asked Dorcas.

"Yeah well, you all know Derek right? We dated a couple of month during the end of last semester? Well, did I ever tell you why we broke up?"

Marlene gasped. "No way! You guys broke up because he was lousy in bed!?"

Mary stared at Marlene for a second, then burst out laughing. "God no! I never slept with Derek! Eww, as if! No, we broke up because I slept with his brother, Daniel!" Mary choked out between giggles.

"You slept with his brother? God Mary, you're such a slut!" Dorcas giggled.

"Okay next! Never have I ever... er... given a guy a blowjob!" Alice Prewett whispered the last part and blushed furiously. This time all the girls, except Alice of course, had to drink a glass of cherry vodka. Alice looked shocked and her face turned even redder.

"Oh, not you too Lily! I knew the other ones had probably done it, but I thought you were saving yourself for someone special!? But you've had to drink every single time, and most of the things weren't exactly innocent!" Alice exclaimed quietly.

"I am! Saving myself that is. I'm still a virgin, Alice! I may have done everything else, but I haven't let any guy get in my pants! And that's what really counts." Lily defended herself.

"Hey Lily, won't your father notice that all this booze has disappeared? I mean you ladies have drunk about ten bottles of that cherry vodka, and you're only 6 girls! How many people are here? About 70? And everybody is drinking quite heavily. He's bound to notice it!" A guy with flaxen hair asked coming up behind her.

"Oh, Caradoc you're so adorable naive! Of course my father won't notice! You haven't seen our cellar have you? It's almost entirely filled with alcohol, what we're drinking at this party is nothing! Besides my father never notices anything that doesn't involve business." Lily tried to stand up, but lost her balance and fell into Caradoc's arms.

"Wauw there Lily! If you wanted me to hold you so badly, all you had to do was ask! You know, for you I'm always willing." He raised his brow suggestively.

"Oh, but Caradoc, why would I choose to be in your arms, when I can get any guy I want?" She asked sweetly.

"Oh, Lily, you want me! You just haven't figured it out yet." Caradoc smirked.

"Maybe you're right. Let's go upstairs to my room, and we can see if you can help me figure it out?" Lily whispered seductively in to his ear.

"Lily, I think you've had way too much to drink! You don't know what you're doing!" Marlene said loudly and the other girls giggled. "Caradoc let go of her! You are not going to take advantage of my best friend!" She yelled the last part and a lot of the nearby students looked at them. Caradoc quickly released Lily, helped her sit down again, and then left as fast as he could. If there was one person he didn't want as an enemy, it would be Lily! She could ruin a person's social life forever.

"Give me some more vodka!" Lily demanded.

"Lily, darling, I think you've had enough." Alice said in her usually quiet way.

Lily sent a glare her way and Alice backed away. "Excuse me, but I do believe it's my house, my party and therefore my cherry vodka!"

"Yes, of course Lily, I'm so sorry!" Alice hurriedly gave Lily the vodka.

"Ohh, and by the way Marlene? Do you think I'm totally incapable of thinking on my own?" Lily asked sweetly, too sweetly.

Marlene looked nervously around. "No? Of course not Lily."

"Well, then I suggest that you don't interfere when I'm talking to a guy again unless I'm kicking and screaming at him to let me go! Am I making myself clear?" Lily asked with a dangerously low voice.

There was only one acceptable answer to that one. "Yes, perfectly clear, Lily." Marlene said quietly while looking down at her feet.

"Good, now where were we?" no one answered, all shocked by her outburst. "Well i'm going to get another pint, i think i brought up one of the 1906 bottles of champange, we could drink that... and some of the stronger vodka." With that Lily left the girls in search of the alcohol. The girls leaned closer together and whispered quietly together, they knew that Lily could be a bitch sometimes, but nomally she only took it out on others, never her friends.

The girls continued to whisper amongst themselves until Emmeline looked up and spotted two uninvited boys. "Oh my god! Girls look over there!" She pointed to the place, where she'd spotted the boys, and the other girls gasped. "Lily's going to freak, when she sees it!"

They heard a loud yelp. "Er... I think she already did."

"Potter and Black! What are you doing here!? Don't you know that this is a private party? And I know for a fact that you don't have any invitations! How did you get past the guards? Oh my god those guys are so not getting their paycheck now, they ignored the most important instruction I gave them!" The last part was mumbled more to herself than anyone else.

James and Sirius froze. Neither knew what to say.

James was the first to open his mouth. "Fuck, you're hot," he said stupidly.

Both boys knew they were dead.

Lily narrowed her eyes, "what did you say?"

Sirius nudged him in the arm, "don't repeat it mate."

"I said 'Fuck you're hot'," James complied with her wishes.

Lily stared at him, fuming, before he realised what he'd said. She strode a step closer to him.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm-sorry, I'msorry!" he exclaimed, quiverring.

Lily giggled drunkenly to herself, so quietly that James didn't stand a chance at hearing it. She grabbed him by the shoulders, hearing him wince slightly with worry of what she was going to do to him. He normally got hurt whenever he said something similar to Lily.

He expected a push or a slap, what he actually got surprised him so much.

Lily moved closer to him and put her arms tightly around his neck. "Hey, Jaaaammmess," she drawled.

He blushed at the overly suggestive way she said his name. "Hi, Lily."

She reached up to his height and placed a long, passionate kiss to his full lips. James' heart fluttered, it was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was like heaven mixed with a gratifying jolt of electricity.

Lily couldn't stop, she wanted this so badly. She increased the intensity of her kiss, desperate animal lust and anger coursing through her veins. She wasted no time in sliding her tongue in between his lips. She began to press her hips against his, James gasping at the motion.

Alice and Marlene looked up from their drinks. "Do you think she knows what she's doing?" Alice asked timidly.

Marlene shrugged, "you know what Lily told us… it's not our place to interfere."